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  1. Same experience at 44k Mine is a 2015 6 speed that never shifted proper and now shudders Anyone know if 6 speed is included or if a seperate action is started. Thanks
  2. How much for your take-offs? Shipping? Any idea if the bolt patterns would line up with my 2015 SLT?
  3. Range device

    I have used mine for 2 years now. No codes and works great. Fuel economy about the same with AFM disabled. I agree with Jakeandbake18 on the horrible drone sound with the exhaust before installing the Range. I was concerned with doing a full tune and the warranty thing, so this seems like a great product to eliminate the dreaded AFM V-4 nonsense. Give it a try.
  4. R step running boards still available? If yes, how much? I have a 2015 sierra 1500 4X4 will they bolt up ok?
  5. great thread and thanks for sharing what is the window sticker price on the Denali Ultimate? Specifically the one purchased for $52,861? I am considering selling my 2015 Sierra SLT privately with 15,000 miles or trading it in for the 2017 Denali. Knowing the base price is a big help when negotiating for a trade in value. Thanks
  6. Hard to explain issue

    Hey GMC207 I am thinking either one of these 2 programmers in the $400 range will work. Edge EvoHT Programmer EGE-26040 OR DiabloSport inTune i2 Computer Programmers DBL-I2030 Any feedback on this would be helpful
  7. Hard to explain issue

    very helpful info here. i installed K & N cold air intake and cat back flowmaster. The tranny shift issues became even more noticeable very disappointed in v4 shifting was thinking trading truck to a different drive train (only have 5600 miles on 2015 GMC 1500 4x4) I will try the M5 option first then possibly a Diablo tune? (I assume this means programmer)?? Question; will this void the warranty or can I just back out program before any dealer services? I appreciate any feedback on this.

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