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  1. I was losing my mind as I was having the exact same problem as the OP! going to go leaf hunting tonight after work! The sound was driving me nuts
  2. Hey guys, I have a 2015 Z71 with Fuel 20x9 wheels. I currently have 305/50/20 Toyo tires at 40k miles, so will need replacements soon. I want to go taller, but I don't want to rub. Toying between the 305/55 and 295/55. I am wondering what you guys are running and if you like them. tires are so damn expensive!
  3. I have never had the power steering issues, but one time I pulled into a parking lot and did not notice they had triple speed bumps all about 6 inches apart as I was distracted by kids in the back seat, anyway I hit this trio of bumps at about 10 MPH and the truck cut off, same way you are saying as if someone turned the key back so the power was on but the engine was killed. I had to manually turn the truck back on. I checked the dash grounds and they were fine, no sound deadening was under the bolts ( wonder if that was a 14 only issue) and I also checked my battery terminals also good. A few other times after that when going over bumps, all my dash lights and mylink screen would cut out then come back, engine would cut out for a split second then come back. I once again torqued down battery cables and its been a few months now without the issue. so weird. never threw a code.
  4. I love this truck, but my work commute just got further and with my wife having a 2018 Tahoe, which tows my boat just fine, we really do not have the need for two full size GM trucks. I miss my Camaro SS, which I sold in order to get my boat, so I think I want to get an SS sedan as a "daily driver dad mobile" Truck is a 2015 Z71 LTZ Crew Cab. Tungsten Grey with black leather. Absolutely mint, florida truck. Low miles. 34k. RC 2.5 level, and 20" Fuel Maverick Wheels with Toyo tires, BeStop Tonneau cover, AMP powersteps!, Airaid intake and Diablo programmer. I have had the AFM turned off since day 1. LTZ plus package, Bose stereo, heated/cooled seats, sunroof. upgraded the headlights and fogs to LED Had the transmission/TQ shudder fixed under warranty, this truck never had any of the "shake" issues. It does need to have the recall reflash for the power steering. I will provide more pictures for anyone truly interested. Book value is below, that is what I am asking. Tampa Florida
  5. beautiful truck. sorry to hear you are having issues. keep track of all this work being done and issues being logged.
  6. I have the tube and filter from Air Aid for my 2015 Z71. Noticeable sound difference, slight uptick in MPG. No notice on the butt dyno
  7. Every "car guy" I know thinks that Consumer Reports is a pile of trash. Especially when you look at their ratings and compare it with thing that Motor Trend and Car and Driver say etc....
  8. 2015 LTZ Z71. Recently I have had issues with my touchscreen. I have cleaned it and done the touch recalibration. Sometimes when I turn the truck on, the whole time it is on, the mylink screen will respond as if someone is touching the top right corner. It switches screens and you can hear the "beep" sound. I have tried wiping it down, but it doesnt help. If I turn off the truck and then let the screen power down, when it turn it back on it usually acts normal. It is like roulette when I go to drive the truck, 50/50 chance on whether or not the screen is going to be beeping and switching menus and acting all wonky. Has anyone found a fix for this? is there a hard reset?
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