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  1. Londart, the 100XL looks great on your truck! 8 1/2 weeks? A VERY long wait. The raised X31 badges appear to clear the cap fine.
  2. Many reasons why the cap on your older truck won’t fit the new 2019-2020 T1 1500’s. Changes to box sizes, the new spoiler on the back of the cab, new tailgates(especially the GMC Multi Pro) have required totally new cap designs to fit these trucks. Check out the post on this topic shown below. It has a lot of information and photos.
  3. N2HighVoltage- Please post pictures when you get your Leer 100XQ installed!
  4. When I first saw the location of those raised 4x4 logos I wondered the same thing. Took a tape measure with me when looking at ARE Z2 and Leer. On the caps I measured looked like 1/2" to 3/4" clearance. Measured a Leer 100XL, no one had the new 100XQ Multi Pro yet to look at, just hoped it would be the same. I'm attaching 2 pics. One shows the logo without cap, the other with cap on. The logo on my truck passenger side is 1/8" lower than the drivers side. Pics shown are of the drivers side(higher logo). You can see from the pic with the cap installed, there is 1/2" clearance between the top of the logo and the bottom of the cap. Works for me. I added a measurement on the pic without cap as a reference on my truck and logo. When I shopped I had a measurement from the top of the bed cap measuring down to the top of the logo, unfortunately I can't find that now. Every logo location and every cap overhang bottom edge can be different, so who knows? I did ask both the ARE and the Leer dealers if they had run into any clearance issues on these new GMC's with the raised chrome logos and they both said "Not yet". Hope this helps.
  5. Thanks for the follow up pics! That smooth, curved, rear glass looks awesome. ARE did a great design look with the entire cap. Beautiful truck and cap combination.
  6. Here are the pics. Black rubber domed screw holders up against the inside cap carpeting likely have a threaded insert(?), they don't appear to be snap-on covers over a nut, but they could be. Either way, a threaded screw going down through from the top into an underside fastener. My old XL100 just had a flat washer and a nut on the underside from the factory, these new parts are much nicer(and softer on my head). Mounting dimensions: 1) tracks are 46.125" apart on center; 2) actual track length 58.5"; 3) track end caps are 1.5" long each end; 4) cross bars are 56" wide flat mounting surface between the end covers, about 58" with end covers. There is a rubber seal between the tracks and the cap. Cross bars are easily adjustable for width. According to the dealer this is the Thule Tracker system (old style square bars). These old style cross bars are vinyl or rubber coated and are incredibly strong. There may be some wind noise at high speeds, but it was never noticeable in my 2010 Silverado LTZ. The bars remove very easy anyways, when not in use they can ride in the box if wind noise becomes an issue. The newer aero bars are stylish and have all types of accessories that mount to them, but I have no need for any of those. Adjustable forward/back mounting brackets tighten down with 2 allen head fasteners. Appears to be an easy job if you have someone to hold up the inside "nuts" for the track screws. I don't know if they use some type of sealant or not for the screw holes, I did not see any visible sealant on these. Never had any leak issues on the XL100 track screws.
  7. Will post pics of the track mounting, hopefully later today.
  8. I had the same style rack system on my previous Leer 100XL and could not believe how much I used it. The ability to haul so many different items 8'-12' and longer without needing a trailer makes the cap(and truck) incredibly more versatile. When we head to the cabin the box is frequently full. If needed the rack can easily handle ladders, lumber, etc. and the utility trailer can stay home. No question I will use the rack more than ever now with the short box on this crew cab! Just depends on how you use your truck.
  9. Pictures of the Leer 100XQ Multi Pro top views
  10. Leer 100XQ was installed last Friday. First thing I noticed when I opened the cap rear door were the concealed, flat door hinges. Online videos I viewed of the 100XQ showed the "C" hinges, like on the ARE Z2. Those videos were pre-T1 GM trucks. When I closed the cap rear door, I noticed the obvious, Leer has a new mold for these T1 100XQ's, at least this Multi Pro Tailgate model. The top of the cap is no longer smooth all the way across. The contours start at the front of the cap, inline with the two main truck cab contours, and run the full length of this cap to the back. The center section of the cap is lower than the outer sides, height matches much better to the cab/spoiler. The contours run directly over the hinge mount location. That may be why these new 100XQ's have the flat exterior hinges as compared to the previous"C" hinges. Clearance/mounting issues with the "C" style hinges in this contour area. Overall fit is good, the bottom edges of the cap are smooth, no obvious chips or cracks. Paint color match is also good. Rear door closes okay and it fits the Multi Pro Tailgate. Ordered this with the Leer plug and play T connector. A thank you to ShamrockShooter for that advice back on page 2, I had no idea that connector was available. No warning messages or other display screen/electrical issues so far, have not tested a trailer connection yet. I will try to post 2 sets of pics, some with this post showing side and rear view, more on a future post showing views of the cap top shape. First attempt trying to post pics..
  11. Ordered a Leer cap March 2nd. Projected lead time was 4 weeks. Dealer just called first thing this morning, cap arrived late yesterday. Going to get it installed today. So only 17-18 days! Really thought it would be longer with everything that is happening right now! Hoping for the best to all of you guys with caps on order!
  12. Thanks nycen. Will look forward to those pics when you get a chance to post them. I could not find a single ARE dealer in my area who had a Revo in stock so I could look closely at that curved back glass. Seems like most ARE and Leer dealers in the area are happy to handle 2 or 3 cap styles and know very little about the rest of the caps from that company. There just aren't that many choices in caps for these new style GM trucks. But there definitely are more choices available than a year ago. Bought the new truck in mid January. I was shocked at the limited number of caps available when I started looking. Thanks to this forum and the amazing amount of information provided by the members, I was able to find out far more than I could from either Leer or ARE. My thanks to all of you members, this forum rocks! Enjoy that great looking truck and cap of yours!
  13. That is a beautiful looking truck and cap combo! Stylish lines and windows that really match your truck glass! Any chance you can get us pics of the rear curved glass on this Revo? There are no pics that I have been able to find for this cap on the ARE website for these new body style '19-'20 1500 GM trucks. Excellent choice adding the top rack, the items you can load up there are amazing! Extremely versatile.
  14. New member, first post. Found this website and forum while searching the web for photos and information on truck caps for these new style GM pickups. More information and photos here on the caps for the new trucks than all the cap manufacturers put together show online. Beautiful trucks and caps pictured here guys!! I've had caps on my GM pickups since 1987, for me its the only way to go. Bought a new Sierra 1500 SLT CC Short Box in mid-January. My caps have always been Leer, except for one Century. Last one was a Leer 100XL on a 2010 Silverado LTZ installed when the truck was about a month old. Great cap, still in fine shape 9+ years later when I purchased the new Sierra. Only things replaced on that cap were the handle and latching mechanism along with the shocks after 6 years. Narrowed my choice for a new top down to two caps, the ARE Z2 and a Leer 100XQ. I love the looks of the window styling on those caps with the new trucks. Ben Bolte's Dec 31st post on page 5 certainly looks like a Leer 100XQ. My problem on the Leer was I have the MultiPro Tailgate and the Leer website says it is not available. Attempted to contact Leer direct, with no success(as several of you have noted). Two weeks ago I stopped at the Leer dealer and told him I really liked the 100XQ, but they did not offer it for my truck. He picked up the phone, got his contact at Leer, and asked him when it would be available for the MultiPro Tailgate. The answer- It is now available for the MultiPro Tailgate, around a 4 week lead time. Checked out an ARE Z2, really nice cap, and a price to match! Placed the order for a Leer 100XQ last week.
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