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  1. So I just measured the panel at 0.075 inch. The supporting tubes are 0.90 inch AL channel and tubes. I wouldn't stand on it, probably shouldn't even sit on it right in the middle, but IMO it has the sweet spot of low weight vs enough strength.
  2. No it's not flimsy at all. It's around 1/8 inch, it won't flex.
  3. I have the Lomax Tri-fold on a '19 GMC and I love it. It looks good and keeps the bed drier than any other tonneau I've had. I have no concerns keeping my clothing duffles back there when driving in the rain. I originally had some minimal drippage on the cab side corners, but a little heat gun to reshape the rubber than was smushed in shipping fixed it up. Don't expect it to be perfectly dry like a cap, but it's close. It's well made. As for support I had a fingernail-sized paint flake come off after a few months and the sent me a whole new cover (plus shipping both ways) under warranty. The main tailgate opens and closes smoothly with the cover down, and the only negative is the mini-tailgate on the GMC will open, but not close without lifting the rear third flap. If you need the whole bed, it comes off with no tools. I can get it off by myself but its heavy so a second set of hands makes it easier to get off.
  4. My 2019 GMC (7000 miles) started a light occasional squeal in the rear immediately after the free dealer tire rotation. On my old cars I do my own brake work and just deal with any squeal (if its not too annoying), since its a touchy thing to get it right. I usually drive old beaters, and this is my first new truck for a long time, what's the point that most of you would go to the dealer for a break squeal? Or would you at all? And FYI, by rear brakes are showing 90+% remaining at 7k miles.
  5. Look in the bottom of the box for a set of red carpet-grabbers. I didn't see them initially and was extremely annoyed by the sliding around but after googling a little I pulled the box out of the trash and found them. Add them and the carpets will stay put.
  6. ^^^ This ^^^^ After I received the employee code from my family member, I was able to do all the pricing through the website above. It matched to the penny that value of the field "Employ: xx,xxx.xx" on the truck invoice, and to the penny the price that the dealer quoted me. My final out-the-door price was the employee price - rebates + tax/title/license + doc. They only thing to negotiate was the doc fee, and not accepting dealer junk fees. Dealers to not HAVE to sell at employee pricing. I had one dealer who would not offer it, and several dealers that insisted on adding a couple grand in junk fees. The only place that did better than employee pricing was Laura in STL, and they were about $1200 less out-the-door than employee, but I would have eaten that savings up on plane tickets and transporting the truck. Any rebates, or GM credit card dollars, are on top of employee pricing. Current rebates are here: https://www.gmc.com/incentives As a bonus, once you buy with employee pricing the same code got a steep discount on the extended bumper-to-bumper, and a smaller discount on accessories.
  7. Here is one that I bought from Amazon, that is advertised for a 2019 GMC, but it's not a good fit. In the pic below you can see it will balance BARELY on the top lip of the console, and falls inward when you touch it. It is also too big to fit inside to sit on the inner shelves. My choice is to return or trim the sides down it rests on the inner shelves. The title says 2019, but down in the description I now see it only states up to 2018. SPAUTO Center Console Insert Organizer Tray for 2015-2019 GM Vehicles Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, Sierra, Yukon, Escalate - Aftermarket Part Replaces 22817343 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GYLCSJ6
  8. Very interesting and useful thread here to learn that the 90-day commitment is at the dealer level, rather than at the buyer level. I was told by every dealer that if I took the rebate I had to hold the GM loan for 90 days, and then I could refinance it with my credit union. In fact when I called my credit union, the gal at the CU even told me that if I was with GM she believed that I was required to wait 90 days. The CU also said that I had to keep the mileage under 5000 for 90 days to get the best new car rates. I considered turning down the rebate because of that, but didn't. I finally signed papers for a 2019 using GM financing this weekend in NC. My paperwork specifically said I could pay it off at any time without penalty, so I asked the finance guy to to point me to where the 90 day commitment comes into play. He couldn't. Danced a little and said "that's a great question, no one has ever asked that, I'll have to look into that". Nothing I signed had a 90-day clause in it. Great information here.
  9. Very nice! I haven't seen Satin Steel on a lot yet. Does it have a tiny hint of blue in real life? I love the GMC Dark Sky color, and wondering how similar they are.
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