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  1. the idiots did all the "work", and didn't bother to test & confirm the issue was resolved? not surprising I guess.
  2. horseshit, especially if you have the navigation feature.
  3. I know what you're referring to. My kids just say the truck is making sketchy noises. Almost like the internals of a pin-ball machine. Who knows what it's doing. I'm pretty sure it's not the fuel pump.
  4. do you have any traceable information we can provide our local dealerships so they don't go through the same exercise?
  5. I thought it was working yesterday. However, this morning, I backed out of the garage, selected a destination, switched to the audio app, and the system rebooted. The Nav shortcut at the bottom of the screen rarely works either. I think pulling F58 fuse from the passenger panel will reboot the system properly. I've only tested it once. I might need to make a remote wire/fuse/switch to force the cold reboot after it crashes.
  6. I'd like to see if anyone else can reproduce this bug, or if it's just my truck. With truck sitting (cold boot), start truck and select a destination, could be 2 blocks away. When you've reached your destination, turn truck off, get out, perform Chinese fire drill, get back into truck. Start truck, select a new destination, this could be your original point. Wait a few seconds and computer crashes and the radio volume elevates. How do we report this bugs to GM so, maybe they'll give a **** and try fixing them?
  7. the truck will/should download these automatically if you connect the system to a secured wifi network. My truck updated last week, however, I can report that the update didn't fix any of the problems.
  8. We like to refer to the fix as a "Chinese fire drill". yes, it's totally annoying and totally unacceptable, but unless you want to drop $$$ on an aftermarket stereo, I guess this is the quality to expect from GM products. Mechanics at a dealership can't fix it, they're not computer programmers. anything to get you out the door.
  9. Bummer, I got the updates last week, and after a couple of days, I'm still having all the same crashing issues too. so it would appear the update didn't fix anything.
  10. I searched out this forum after I had problems with my new truck. I didn't come here to read about potential problems. So yes, I am very disappointed, frustrated, and flat out pissed that my truck crashes and reboots more often than a Windows 95 computer! The brake software bugs are totally unacceptable, and they need to start taking software development more serious. This forum did save me on that one by the way. I brought it in for the seat belt recall and told the dealership NOT to do the brake recall, after seeing comments on this forum. I'd be surprised if GM shipped a million of these new pickups. I'd also imagine most people don't know how to find these forums or don't use the buggiest features. I was thrilled to see the updates for Infotainment and Nav last Wednesday. It seemed the bugs might've been fixed, but after a couple of days, the crashing is back! HEY GM, how about logging all these bugs in the computer, adding a log screen so the owners can view the errors that are logged, then allow them to be uploaded via the onstar or wifi connection, and display a confirmation message so we know the reports go somewhere other than the dead-bit-bucket! AND, for the love of god, STOP SENDING US TO THE DEALERSHIP! You already know the problems are caused by crappy software and dealerships can't do a damn thing about it! Even better, assign ticket numbers to every report that gets uploaded and send us monthly status reports on progress of fixing this crap.
  11. I drove my truck a few days without using the navigation, and didn't notice any problems. Leading me to believe this flaky software is definitely related to the navigation code. I dug into all the software settings related to navigation, as I already suspected there are problems with the software in regards to accessing the Internet, especially since I don't pay for the Internet service, and my trial is long over. I disabled every option that should've been removed/disabled once the data is turned off; Check for traffic, etc. I've used the navigation for a couple of days since turning off these "features", and have not experienced a crash yet. It's starting to look like the lazy programmers were under the impression everyone would have always-on data, and didn't bother making a global flag to stop trying to access the Internet when the account isn't active. I'm not sure if this is on LG or GM, but if neither can hire a competent programmer to fix this oversight, maybe removing the cellphone computer entirely will fix the problem?
  12. My passenger seat does this. Sounds like crickets. More cheap foreign parts with bad bearings?
  13. yes, I have this happen on a daily bases. I think it's related to the navigation. I haven't used navigation the past couple of days, and it hasn't crashed since. I wish GM would get rid of the electronics in these trucks and drop the price accordingly. They're not computer programmers or designers. They have no business trying to include all this hardware they can't support. This is all related to flaky software, which they should be able to diagnose and fix without a trip to a dealership, but they don't have the infrastructure to manage this like a software company. No feedback hub, no log files, etc, etc. I'm wishing I'd kept my 2002! everything just worked! 1600 miles on a 2019, and I'm ready to rip out all the computer garbage. I finally got an appointment at a dealership, first opening is 3 weeks out! And already 3 recalls on this thing! I'm sure your dealership will just say, "oh well, live with it", but let us know the outcome either way. Other comments suggested they were randomly replacing computer components, until GM admitted they didn't have a clue and it was costing too much just guessing in the dark. I just started taking pictures/videos of the bugs each time. If I ran to the dealership every time this happened, they'd think I lived there. "Climate Off" on the climate screen, as you mentioned, even though the system is still working normally. "No Device Connected", even though a phone is connected with the USB-C plug. just randomly disconnects. "SD Card Error", "SD card has been removed", no, it's never been touched. "Connect Android Auto Phone to USB", the phone is plugged in, the truck just decided to flake out. "Nav SD card has been removed", (0x40000.7703.0132.7703.0x) Android Auto crashes while using google maps. Icon shortcuts at the bottom of the screen quit working after a crash. Software Version 9/14/2019: v805.1 On one occasion of the SD/Nav crashing, I put the card into a computer only to find the truck actually corrupted the drive! the files were not visible, but the disk space was still being used. I saved myself a trip to the dealership since I had created a backup image of the drive when I first got the truck. I restored the image, and low and behold it worked fine again! Why is the truck corrupting the SD card when the software flakes out!? and why can't the truck report these failures when it phones home? Chinese fire-drill usually resolves the problem, but you can't really do that in rush-hour traffic on a busy freeway!
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