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  1. It comes down to what you want. Also need to take some reviews with a grain of salt. I have a Gator bi-fold. Someone on here told me it was plastic and will fade over time.....except mine is aluminum. It’s been as advertised and have not experienced any leaking. No problems full of camping gear a few weeks ago w/storms. After 2-1/2 years now I like having it over a tri-fold w the short bed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hope to see your results since mine is very similar and I haven't dynoed it yet unfortunately. I drove my truck a couple times before my tune was installed after headers and yes the helicopter sound known as v4 was amplified significantly. The AFM delete will take care of it.
  3. Figured i'd chime on on some of my results before/after and E85 vs 92/93. 2 - 9000 miles - 20.3 mpg per the truck display. (Air raid Jr installed around 5000-5500 w/ Corsa same time, 87 oct with 1 or two tanks of 93) I never did any hand calculations to verify. Installed Headers, Blackbear 91 tune (AFM off), l86 manifold, and added E85 capability. A few weeks ago I went to Tennessee and recorded 5 fill-ups, 3 of which were E85. 7/20 - 9472 - 21.459 - 2.189 (second tank of E85 ran through truck) 8/18 - 9719 - 17.526 - 2.179 E85 8/19 - 10071 - 22.042 - 2.199 E85 8/21 - 10388 - 22.7 - 2.959 (93) 8/24 - 10810 - 22.005 - 2.919 (92 I believe) The last two fill-ups include driving through Smokey Mountains National Park although the last fill-up was mostly highway. I did hand calculations for these tanks. I thought I was getting 17.5 mpg after my first all highway E85 and here it was 16 mpg. The last tank my computer said 20.9 (actual 19.2). I see reading a few posts above that it's not just me seeing the computer discrepancies. Safe to say first 9000 miles it was averaging 19. When I arrived home my computer readout was 23.5. I think it is 23.1 now after a few trips around town. Until I actually go to a dyno and can compare power numbers i'm not sure if E85 is worth the hassle for me. While $1.00 cheaper than premium where I live, it's also out of the way. Cost per mile is about the same in terms of highway driving. Jury is still out to see how the 91 tune averages out with my in town driving. I may try E30 mixes down the road.
  4. I figured spray-in liners were about the same. I just went by what was the better deal. Dealership has family that runs a Line-X and for just $400 out the door it has been great so far (March ‘17). This was my first liner and I’m sold on them so far if I were to get another truck.
  5. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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