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  1. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    I don't have a 130k photo of clean valves but at least they're a reference point in my case. Photo was taken @ approx. 8,950 miles (June '19) when I installed my L86 intake (2017 5.3). If it matters dealer oil changes at 5,000 and 7,500 miles. Elite Engineering Catch can was installed w/ my Airraid Jr at approximately 5,500 miles (April '18). Although the Chevy is naturally aspirated, owning a BMW N54 engine introduced me to what these DI engines do to valves. I'd love to some day take another photo after racking up some miles....but unfortunately that could be 10 years from now. I think it's great insurance if you want to hold onto your truck for 8-10 years. If I were planning on only owning 3-5 years then I wouldn't have installed one.
  2. My truck is at 238.1 hrs @ 8931. Now that I see 33 miles per hour is considered high idle my diesel on the other hand looks terrible! I calculate my normal work commute in my diesel car would be 555 hours per 10,000 miles (10 mins for 3 miles) vs my truck which is on pace for 270.
  3. Spray-in Liner Weight

    Since you have a drop-in liner already, weight is a wash. Plastics are about the same density as post above (.040 lb/in^3), according to the 3D modeling software I use anyway.
  4. Long tube headers

    Just installed mine today. I will agree with the clamps. At every joint I could feel a leak and its annoying when driving down the road. I will be getting new clamps. Now to get a tune :).
  5. Mid-sized truck logic?

    My dad looked at some Colorado’s a few months ago. His biggest reason was due to the small garage after moving into his duplex he owns. I also believe pricing is a factor. He has only bought new chevy’s (5 total since ‘76) and his 2007 Silverado was about $22k all-in which is about what the base Colorado’s are. Right now I think as long as the tailgate somehow shuts and the bed doesn’t fall apart he’s going to hang onto his 07 with a couple years til’ retirement. It currently has 220k on the 4.8. Back in ‘17 I missed out by about 2 hrs on a new 2016 5.3 4wd Silverado for only $18.6k that was stickered 32k at the dealer by my house. Hopefully I can stumble on a deal for him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Ohio

    Same. Lived here in Alliance 3 years now. For anyone that may be looking to get a bed liner the Sarchione family owns Line-X of Salem and do lower cash price deals when you call in and say Sarchione sent you. I don't think they care if you actually bought your truck from one of the Sarchione dealerships or not as the uncle has a tiny used car lot in town. I thought $400 out the door was a good price as I've heard they typically run $550 or so. For future reference are there any good GM performance shops around the area anyone has experience with? I am getting ready to throw on some bolt-ons and cant decide to take it for a dyno tune or just get a tune by one of the vendors on here.
  7. Thanks ws6 for confirming the part number. I think I too will be going the HPS route. I went ahead and removed the coupler and can confirm it is 3.875" on the Airraid tube. It fit perfectly around the 6.2 throttle body I have. It was 3.5" on the 5.3 TB end in case anyone is wondering. Update 6/10: Finally installed my l86 intake. The clamp for the 5.3 TB was slightly smaller (you would think they would just use the same size for both ends being worm gear clamps). Not a big deal but worth mentioning.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Mine is aluminum but regardless of material I imagine it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use spray detailer regularly anyway. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. My second mod was my cover after line-x. I didn’t want to shell out bak flip money and settled for a Gator. I think it was $479 shipped to my door on sale (March ‘17) for my CCSB. It’s very easy to remove if needed. Usually if I’m hauling items where I need to open it i leave it in the half position I will say the clips like to hang on you sometimes. If I pull from the driver side the passenger side clip hangs up a little. Outside of that it’s been a good cover for the two years I’ve had it.
  10. Good call I thought I saw it elsewhere in the manual but I must've skimmed over the 5000 km for the accidental reset. Also I think they told me to bring it in after 5000 miles for the first free oil change. Soon enough we should see some guys posting their blackstone labs data as that is why I chose 6-7k for my BMW vs the 15k/1yr the computer said...and their "lifetime" diff fluid interval.
  11. I only consider the computer as nothing more than a guide. The manual recommends 5k or 1 year, whichever comes first. Like air filters, it depends on your environment. Purchased my truck 2/17. Computer was at 34% @ 5k miles (11/24/17). After 1 year 11/23/18 oil life was at 71%. Oil was changed a couple weeks later (12/17) @ 7400 miles overall. Talking to the service advisor at the dealership he didn't believe me that my computer was over 70% overall as time should be a factor in the algorithm. It should be noted most of my miles are highway when I do drive it.

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