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  1. Even with poor mpg it comes down to cost per mile. In my area it’s usually $1 less than premium. $2.00/gal E85 @ 14 mpg is better than $3/gal @ 20mpg. I’ve run a mix attempting to get around E30. I only see about 2 mpg less overall and save $20 per fill-up comparing to premium.
  2. Yep I noticed this first time I tracked a long road trip. I know when I see 20mpg in the summer it’s only 18-18.5. Driving a vw diesel, I’ve gotten used to the “I get 55 mpg” when Fuelly website proves users typically get 40-45 on average with said engine.
  3. If you like to change your fluid early and often, I would vote redline. Why, because FCP Euro sells it and they have lifetime warranty on parts and fluids, including engine oil. (Only other brands they really offer are liqui-moly, motul, pentosin). This can be useful especially if you plan on owning long term. If you’re going to sell truck in a few years disregard and use whatever your heart desires. I’m thinking of this route as my truck is about to turn 4 yrs old and I’m in the same boat where I may change all fluids even though I’m only at 14k miles right now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Surface rust would be considered normal. It can easily be ground off and painted. Most don’t consider a car rusty until it is “rusts through” like when paint starts bubbling and requires an actual repair via adding a patch or welding involved. A salesman will say no rust but the bumper is rusted (see gmt900). At that point they probably already had the body repaired beforehand anyway. That’s why I’d say avoid cars from the north. These body shops do quick rust repairs and don’t properly fix it resulting in the rust coming back. I saw a 2016 ram rust coming through the paint under the rear door that was being repaired on for a local dealership earlier this year.
  5. You can see that aftermarket cat back setups delete the resonator behind the muffler. In my opinion they are still quiet, especially during cruising which is how they are designed. I say this owning a corsa sport. You might as well pull the muffler off and go around the block to see if straight pipe is what you want. Otherwise just delete the resonator to sound like a typical cat back setup. If you decide to do headers down the road, you’ll likely want to still have the resonator.
  6. Cosmoline makes a long list of products. I’d recommend their undercoating spray for the frame. My brother in law uses it, but he doesn’t keep his stuff long enough to see long term results. Fluid film can then be used everywhere else, like inside doors and what not. Summit Racing has a product I used on my car that’s only $25 for I believe gallon can. However it dries fast (10 minutes) and supposedly lasts 7 years on 3 coats. Will probably use it on my truck this year weather permitting. I believe it needs to be 60 degrees out and use a throwaway gun. I think I used some xylene? To clean my gun as normal mineral spirits didn’t work. I did fluid film on my truck in ‘17 but it hasn’t seen winter much. I know it needs coated again since the factory coating has been slowly disappearing. I’d like to do the cosmoline on my frame,use what I have left of my summit inhibitor and then lastly coat everything w wax. Then let time be the judge. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. If I recall there are two resonators. My corsa sport removed both and I didn’t think it was loud at all during normal cruising. However after I added my headers w cat less y-pipe I think I will be adding a resonator back in. Primarily because of the rasp between shifts during normal driving.....and the wtf looks I get from people. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. You’ll be fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Personally I found searching google with “k2xx” works very well for specific threads for our trucks on this site. Maybe it should be proposed to sticky a thread about oil, as it drove people insane on the forum for my car (especially since they found a correlation with excessive cam wear with oil used on one engine). They have a dedicated section for fuels and lubricants. Some stickied threads include “Amsoil only” and a Blackstone thread where it has been active since 06 with users posting their results. Then maybe there could be one giant thread these newbies can scroll through ahead of time before asking more specific questions.
  10. If I recall it was at first only an option for the 6.2’s. However when I went to buy my 5.3 in feb ‘17 I saw somewhere that GM was to start phasing out the 6 spd by March ‘17. But as you can imagine a lot of dealers probably ordered the high end packages w the new available 8 speed.
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