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  1. 1500 MPG highway

    I discovered multiplying by 1.03 (went from 275 55 to 275 60) corrects my mileage. Just divide your old and new tire revs per mile 😊
  2. 1500 MPG highway

    Well said! I have randomly taken samples throughout ownership and have come up with the range ive given. Interestingly my Trip B says 17.2mpg over the life of the truck, 51k miles. Its actually pretty inline with my own hand calc average i suppose.
  3. 1500 MPG highway

    I agree with you. In theory, how wrong can the computer actually be? It should know exactly how much fuel is being used at any given second right? How do we know that our hand calculations are more accurate than the computer. We dont know how much gas is in the tank and have no idea if we refilled to the same exact same full level time after time.
  4. F11

    In my opinion stay away from these Facebook products. I tried Hydrosilex it was nothing it claimed to be. I made a thread on here documenting my experience. This is going to sounds really silly but check out Turtle Wax Seal n Shine, less than $10 at WalMart for 16oz. It's getting lots of attention, even from Professionals - they are admitting it really is a great product.
  5. 1500 MPG highway

    I can provide you realistic numbers. I average between 19 to 20, closer to 19 on the highway going 75mph and even some 80mph. I average 16-17.5 in the suburbs commute to work and back, with speed limits anywhere from 25mph to 45mph and stop lights every mile. Your buddies that get over 24mpg are either 1) being misinformed by computer display 2) lying 3) have an ideal commute of 50 to 60mph with minimal stops everywhere they drive 6.2l 8 speed with 3.42s, max tow package.
  6. Right on! RACE TRUCK!!
  7. daaaang your tow haul mode will downshift to that high of an rpm with no load?? I don't recall mine ever doing that lol although I haven't used it a ton!
  8. I hope they get it right for you! Ive already had a push rod on #1 replaced and lifter replaced on #7 (15 6.2) at around 38k miles. Im at 50k now and its got a knock again but mostly after it was warmed up them turned off and sits for about 20 minutes. Still have warranty so gonna get it in soon. I also wonder if its the vacuum pump.
  9. Im really happy with my Venom 250, it sounds really good through all rpms, in my opinion anyway. So yea I would vote for the black widow. The only part that sucked for me anyway is I opted to cut out my resonator (2015 truck) and the shop had to fab up and weld in a new piece of pipe which is of lower quality metal than the factory used, so it surface rusts a bit after a winter. I imagine these expensuve cat backs ftom borla or corsa wouldnt surface rust just like oem system. I have vids on YouTube, maybe you came across them. Just search "venom 250 sierranick62"
  10. Paint/wax/polish

    do you use a touchless car wash?
  11. Beading looks great. Yea I 100% agree with you on that. I was just so curious to try one of these spray on "ceramic" SiO2 coatings to see if they lasted any longer than traditional Waxes/Sealants. I'm actually going to try out Turtle Wax Seal n Shine LOL I am seeing a lot of positive feedback and for less than 10$ for bottle I'd have no issue giving it a try. As fall approaches I may try Gyeon CanCoat or WetCoat, I forget which, supposedly supposed to be good for 6-8 months and relatively easy to apply. Just would like something that can help get me all the way through winter.
  12. I paid $258 with tax. They replaced both springs per their recommendation. I literally called 7:05am Monday and they were like ok we'll have a guy there at 8:30am same day! Very happy with this business, no wonder they have a few 100 more reviews than any other local place by me, most of which are 5star. He did a couple other little things like oil up components and made a slight adjustment to the opener motor as well. Yikes another horror story! Glad he didnt take out his good eye. I went the Pro route as mentioned above. Thanks again everyone for adovcating for the pros!
  13. thanks both for your feedback. I've decided to for sure just call someone. Did some Google searching last night and found 2 companies in particular I'm going to give em a call today.
  14. Well guys, 30 days later from initial application, 25 days from the 2nd application and there is much more sheeting than beading going on. Not overly impressed with this product. I did drive in the rain several times, none of which was on the highway. Truck is garage kept and parked in parking structure out of the elements at work. Will not purchase it again. Was fun to try the product, sure was easy to use! See video for full review. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YX--cio5Lk
  15. Well one of my garage door torsion springs snapped. Man that door is heavy as hell to get open! Anyone have any comments on whether this is DIY or have a pro fix it? I'm leaning towards pro, partially for the reason I'd like to have someone do a general tune up on it as well. Ever since I moved into this house a couple years ago the garage door has always been making some creaking and somewhat harsh noises as it opens - almost like its getting hung up a bit at certain spots. I don't really know anything about garage doors! Feeling bad for my neighbor already... cold starting with the Venom 250 muffler at 6:45am isn't the quietest thing in the world lol... usually remote start with door shut (detached garage) then 30 sec - 1 min later I open it and walk on out to leave. I was thinking I could manually lift the door in the mornings but like I said it's heavy and if I split or get a bad grip - its a loud bang when it hits the ground lol.

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