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  1. The flapper was removed and I also had the resonator removed. Yes it does drone in V4, at certain speeds it is worse than other speeds. I just kind of live with it or drive in M7 if not on the highway. If I'm on the highway going 75 and it happens to go into V4, it's hardly noticeable.
  2. I've only ever ran Flowmaster prior to getting a Black Widow, so minimal experience. That being said, I have a Black Widow Venom 250 and absolutely love it. Basically 0 drone on the highway. Strongly recommend it. I also like the sound - it has a more clear tone than the flowmaster. Sound is objective to each person obviously. I personally am not a fan of these super loud mufflers but being a Black Widow product i would say Yes go for it. I have interior/exterior videos on my YouTube Channel, SierraNick62
  3. Every time I see a 3.0 post that says low to mid lows on highway, I'm always disappointed to hear, then I find out that was at or near 80mph. Now that is impressive MPG at that speed. My 6.2 would be a couple mpg off its highway rating too if I kept it around 80. The fact that you can do 80 in a truck and comfortably get over 20mpg is impressive - especially with your leveling kit and tires.
  4. What are your plans to repair the chipped paint? Mine are doing the exact same thing I actually posted a similar question just last week. I plan to keep the step pads on but you can remove the bars from the mounting brackets with a few bolts, i think. Part of me wants to try to sand, prime , paint. Other part says bedliner. Other part says just do minimum necessary to touch up but I am doubtful it'll blend and I have some decent sized pieces fall off
  5. Yes Falkens are great!! On my first set so curious to see how many miles I'll get. Mine are P rated I assume yours are too.
  6. I would check a few videos on YouTube with the flapper still installed. I know I heard a couple videos where you can hear the flapper rattling around at idle. Not sure if that is a concern to you or not. I just wanted to mention Black Widow mufflers to you as an option instead of Flowmaster ( I used to be a flowmaster guy myself). I doubt I'll ever get a flowmaster again due to drone and less quality tone. Black widow is also running a 20% promo for weeks now code FUVIRUS. Check their Facebook to verify. Videos of my Venom 250 setup on my YouTube channel SierraNick62. Both interior and exterior sound.
  7. Thanks for the reply and mentioning what I assume is a drain hole. If I can just get the tube off that'll make this project way easier.
  8. My 4in round black assist steps are having the paint peel off in spots. I'm thinking to either repaint or maybe do bed liner. It looks like I may be able to remove the tube without removing the brackets which mount to the frame. Can anyone confirm this? Looks like 2 bolts on the underside of the brackets hold the tube to the bracket. Not 100% sure tho if its all just one assembly.
  9. I'm pretty sure this engine is designed to run hot, especially when NOT under load. It helps with the emissions. When you are towing, you should see temps come down (sounds odd I know). Check out Chad Ivan on YouTube he shows this across a couple different videos.
  10. Hey all. I live on a dirt road. Despite having a paved driveway of about 100ft, it is no where near long enough for the tires to rid themselves of the dirt. Anyone have ideas on garage flooring? Right now I vacuum the garage floor with a shop vac about twice per year (spring and fall) and I have to blow out the filter multiple times because the sand/dirt clogs it up rather quickly. Sweeping isn't really an option as it gets super dirty no matter how careful i try to be = shelves and all items on them covered in dust. I do see that they make these huge mats you can lay down that have a lip to contain water. These look nice but I'm not really interested in spending hundreds on that. My next idea is maybe some outdoor type carpeting? Maybe cut up two pieces to follow the path of the tires. Cleanup would be fairly easy, I think. Could power wash or simply shake it off outside. Not sure what would happen after driving in the rain and parking on it. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this? Also would need to do on the wife's side as well.
  11. Haha I'm bored enough that this is tempting to go drive out to one lol. Sounds like a frickin NASCAR (not really but you get my point) haha.
  12. Your lot size sounds similar to mine . This will be my third season with the Toro Timemaster 30" (not what you're looking for i know...). I have no regrets buying it. Mulches really well with twin blade setup. I mow my front lawn on max height (I'm kind of a lawn nut) and this mower stripes pretty well. Sometimes life gets a little busy and the lawn gets away from me. Already on max height not much I can do and I do not like to bag. Little slower speed, with the side chute open and no issues at all.
  13. Pull the trigger now they've been running a 20% off with promo code FU-VIRUS Thanks!
  14. After working from home for 2 weeks as of today and not really ever leaving the house which means not driving my truck... I went out and made an in cab exhaust video. Now I can sit in quarantine and still listen to the awesomeness of the Venom 250 just letting out the Bald Eagles from the mighty 6.2L (cleetus McFarland reference) In all seriousness - take a listen - there is no drone on the highway! Take it from a guy who has a Flowmaster on my last truck, oye. How's my manual shifting, sound legit lol?
  15. I had a great experience with silverstar ultras in my last truck, lasted for at least a few years before I bought this one. I wouldn't say I did excessive night time driving though besides a 20 or so minute drive to work in the dark in the morning most months of the year (sun up earlier in summer). I'm also one to put parking lights on if the auto switch thinks it is time for headlights but its really not dark.
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