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  1. 2019 GMC Sierra Elevation and AT4

    Drives me nuts how you can't have a bench seat with all the goodies.
  2. Just talked to 2019 Sierra Owner

    I'm starting to see these almost regularly in SE MI now... no pictures as they're either coming the other way or parked in a parking lot that I'm driving by. Seen a lot more GMCs than I have Chevys... interesting. The look still hasn't grown on me yet. I did see an all black Denali in the gym parking lot but failed to take a picture.. laziness lol.
  3. lol pretty sure that is false, E85 is over 100 octane I believe. One of the issues you gotta watch out for (if you are looking to get the most ethanol %) is the actual ethanol content - it varies station to station I guess. You can buy test kits so you can see how much ethanol is actually in the E85.
  4. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/180793-flex-fuel-conversion-everything-you-need-to-know/
  5. Like mentioned above, CJTunes seems like a good place to order from. He had a nice write up on here too. Please follow up on this forum when you do make the swap. I am very interested in this but want to hear from others. Anyway I'm still waiting for warranty to run out.
  6. I bet you'd be pretty happy with that setup quite honestly. I remember watching a few vids on YouTube of trucks (differing brands) which had the venom 250 with a resonator still in tact. Definitely more of a subtle rumble.
  7. I only have this sound clip so far. I will be doing more within a few weeks. https://youtu.be/p7GfTd6LFwM Also Gorske on this forum has a lot of videos of his 5.3L with the Venom 250.
  8. 5.3 Exhaust Suggestions

    Check out my thread on here "2015 6.2 Sierra with Black Widow Venom 250" I give details about the V4 chop and drone. Maybe the Venom 300 would be what you are looking for, it's a bigger version of the 250 so it'll be a bit tamer.
  9. Think you'll ever upgrade the driveshaft?
  10. Hey guys, finally put an exhaust on the truck! Shout out to @Gorske as he's the one who turned me onto this exhaust (without trying lol) and the Corsa tip. Let's get to it! Muffler shop removed muffler, flapper, and resonator. I kept the 3rd cat in place. They installed the Venom 250 (center / offset) 3" version which I ordered directly from the Black Widow website. They used 3" piping to fill in all the gaps. I'm very, very happy with the sound so far. The only thing I can compare it to is the Flowmaster 40 series which I had on my Avalanche. I know that sound is subjective, so take this with a grain of salt I guess, but, the Venom 250 sounds sooo much cleaner than the Flowmaster did. I'm not really sure how else to describe it, just a really great clear rumble. The flowmaster always seemed to have like a resonance sound. I've only driven about 4 miles on the highway so far during rush hour, traffic was moving 65 - 70mph but was really heavy. I was so surprised to hear little to no drone. I purposely shifted it to 7th and even 6th as I was like the drone is gotta be somewhere! But nope - as the RPMs got higher in 7th and 6th, all you hear is literally the exhaust sound, not a mind numbing drone. I'm going to do a little highway this weekend Saturday or Sunday morning just so I can really get a feel for it without traffic around. The AFM v4 mode is not disabled on my truck and I don't have any intentions to get the Range device or tune it out anytime soon. I likely will get my truck tuned once the warranty is out, and at that time I'll most likely have the AFM disabled. It does have quite the helicopter sound especially as you load up the engine in v4 mode. Interestingly, it's really only bad at slow speeds, say 20-45mph. When I was on the highway I noticed it dropped into v4 mode a couple times at 65mph, I don't recall noticing any helicopter sound, I think the higher RPMs must help. The 8 speed is literally lugging the engine as low as 1000rpm in different gears between 20 - 40 mph, so that has to be the main reason it's so bad in the speed range. I've just been driving in M7 through the suburbs most of the time, depends if I feel like hearing the noise or not. Ok, here is a quick video I took. Sound got a little distorted unfortunately. I plan on making a far more thorough video with many points of view, however it'll probably be up to a month before I make it. I'm going to shoot it up north where I don't have to worry about seeing traffic. I'll make sure to that video on this forum as well. Let's see if I can get this right.. I don't know how to embed https://youtu.be/p7GfTd6LFwM
  11. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    Just dropped my truck off tonight, hoping to get it back by end of day tomorrow!! Will create a thread with all the details once i have a video to show
  12. ProCharger update video

    Great video, sounds amazing!! Are you concered at all with the headers etc shes gonna be too loud?
  13. @Gorske sounds awesome great video!! Now we need one where you use manual mode ! Counting down the days for mine...
  14. So, maybe cut out the factory muffler, swap in the Venom 250, then just run 3 inch pipe to where the stock pipe downsizes to 3 inch. I don't think it'd make much sense to have the pipe size changing from 3.5 to 3 for the muffler, then back to 3.5 til the resonator, then deleting that out and running 3 inch to meet with the factory 3 inch.
  15. Yea, I am aware it is 3.5 inch piping. The Venom 250 is a 3" muffler, so, that's why I'm ok with reducing it to 3" for that entire length. I don't feel the 3.5 to 3 inch reduction will really hurt anything especially since I'm stock.

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