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  1. Final update: So did the radiator install and also put a new thermostat in. Got around 100 or so miles so far and no leaks from what I can tell. I notice a difference in temp gauge. It now stays steady at just a hair under 210, no matter the driving conditions... idling with AC on, highway, city, etc. With the original tstat it was always kind of moving around, never stayed in one place for too long of a time.
  2. Diyer02 that is true, saved 1 more shipping operation though haha. Maybe I should have called the dealer first to see if this would all have been taken care of for free even though I'm out of warranty? Eh whatever all seems good now and I have a new tstat arriving tomorrow. I'm in this for about $410 now including tstat, radiator, coolant. If dealer would have covered me I guess that would have been nice because if something goes wrong again in a couple months maybe it would have been their problem instead of mine? Who knows. End o
  3. Rock Auto has it for 335 plus $20 shipped. It was more or less a wash. At that point I said to myself let me get locally if I can instead of having a radiator potentially tossed around by UPS or FedEx. Finished install of new one last night, took on 20 minute test drive. All seems good so far. I need to do a good washing of the engine bay now, there is so much coolant still down the frame and such lol. I think I am going to order a new T Stat, my temp gage always fluctuated a tad but very very recently (last 100 miles) it's doing some big swings, from 210 down
  4. Thanks yep I used RockAuto to figure out the updated number. Called a local "dealer" who has one in stock, about 350$. Had to purchase via their website to get that price otherwise they have to sell for 500+ in person. Something about GM e-commerce policy.
  5. You appear to be the winner! Took some things apart including removing fan shroud. Did a pressure test, the drivers side corner of radiator is leaking. It was a pool in no time. Now to find a new one, looks like GM replaced with a new part number.
  6. Well guys looks wet at drivers side corner of radiator. I'm thinking it is cracked somewhere? Going to try to pressure test. It was pretty easy to get the fans out the way, just took me a while to figure out the clips and such. I need to buy the right tool for the job lol.
  7. Thanks for the tips. Is the drain on the passenger side? As far a checking the sides of the radiator, I swear I've looked at every possible angle top and bottom left and right and I am not able to get a clear visual of the sides of radiator. I watched a video it seems like a pretty quick process to remove the top cover piece, air box, and fans. Thinking this might help my view out.
  8. I will have to take a look to see if it is wet. It didn't cross my mind to check it. I am worried this may be the case lol. There is like a tray or something running under the radiator and it is wet all along it from what I am able to see visually.
  9. Hey guys, 2015 GMC Sierra 6.2 NHT April 2015 build. All of a sudden I've got a coolant leak but haven't been able to pinpoint where from. I see the drivers side frame wet and will drip to the ground. Coolant level already down up to 2 inches from Cold line. It's even wet on the back side of the lower valence. Just noticed this leak after a 200-300 mile trip back from vacation. Dried up the frame, took it on a 3 mile drive, already dripping with coolant. Any advice? I am not sure where else to look - might need to start pulling stuff off the truck
  10. I should have went to this screen right away to see what it was displaying but didn't think to do that until I switched from 2wd to Auto, and then back to 2wd. It was displaying the messages it typically does.
  11. Heys guys. 2015 6.2L Sierra Max Tow. Picked my truck up from Ziebart yesterday, DIC displayed the Service Stabilitrak message, I ignored it as it has popped up several times over the life of vehicle but never noticed anything wrong. This time, I did notice something. As I pulled out of the parking spot, it felt like 4wd was engaged. Felt like drivetrain was binding and tires skipping/hopping from locking up. Whether it was a good or bad decision I kept driving a few miles down the road to a store. When I pulled into a parking spot, I experienced the same binding.
  12. I'm with you, I have a 15 6.2L with Max Tow. The 3.0 has really interested me however I'm not sure I want to settle for less power haha. I'm sure the 3.0 does well towing up hills etc, however I can't help but think our 6.2s will do it all better, maybe a little higher rpms on certain hills but whatever. I'm in MI so no mountains. I keep seeing mixed reports of mpg on the diesel as well. What actually is the mileage of a 3.23 dmax at 75mph vs 3.73 dmax at 75mph? Seems like whe guys put a level kit and tire on these they mpg takes a harder hit than gasser does. If th
  13. I woke up with morning to my phone having a suggested YouTube video notification. It was yours, how weird lol crazy how "they" (I'm guessing) used this thread to determine to push that notification to my phone via YouTube. Anyway great vid - when you were going up that grade were you going wide open throttle ?
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