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  1. I should have went to this screen right away to see what it was displaying but didn't think to do that until I switched from 2wd to Auto, and then back to 2wd. It was displaying the messages it typically does.
  2. Heys guys. 2015 6.2L Sierra Max Tow. Picked my truck up from Ziebart yesterday, DIC displayed the Service Stabilitrak message, I ignored it as it has popped up several times over the life of vehicle but never noticed anything wrong. This time, I did notice something. As I pulled out of the parking spot, it felt like 4wd was engaged. Felt like drivetrain was binding and tires skipping/hopping from locking up. Whether it was a good or bad decision I kept driving a few miles down the road to a store. When I pulled into a parking spot, I experienced the same binding.
  3. I'm with you, I have a 15 6.2L with Max Tow. The 3.0 has really interested me however I'm not sure I want to settle for less power haha. I'm sure the 3.0 does well towing up hills etc, however I can't help but think our 6.2s will do it all better, maybe a little higher rpms on certain hills but whatever. I'm in MI so no mountains. I keep seeing mixed reports of mpg on the diesel as well. What actually is the mileage of a 3.23 dmax at 75mph vs 3.73 dmax at 75mph? Seems like whe guys put a level kit and tire on these they mpg takes a harder hit than gasser does. If th
  4. I woke up with morning to my phone having a suggested YouTube video notification. It was yours, how weird lol crazy how "they" (I'm guessing) used this thread to determine to push that notification to my phone via YouTube. Anyway great vid - when you were going up that grade were you going wide open throttle ?
  5. Probably would be better posted in the general discussion area but nonetheless, I have the Falkens and am very happy with them.
  6. Nice truck - I'm jealous lol. The 3.0 really interests me. Regarding the temp, I mean GM built this engine ground up to operate well in to the low 200s. Yes - I would be concerned just like you if I wasn't informed on this topic. On the other hand as others mentioned, GM did not build the 5.3/6.2 to operate well into the low 200s. I'm not sure how well the dealers, or more specifically the sales people, are informed of these new technologies. Heck, most sales guys probably don't know what engine their own car has ?. Of course on the back end of
  7. Surprised the dealer didn't say that is normal. This engine runs a little warmer than your traditional gas engine. GM purposely has it setup to do so. When you tow, it actually runs a little cooler.
  8. Summary: while ceramic coatings are superior, don't bother unless you plan to put the time in to properly maintain it or plan on paying someone to regularly maintain it. If you haven't, I'd do some research on actual detail forums like Autogeek or Autopia. You'll find that these coatings are not magic and don't last "forever". I personally just tried Gyeon CanCoat myself which is a "coating lite" product. Not necessarily a full blown ceramic coating. I've been super impressed with it but fortunately or unfortunately I haven't been able to test it tough as my job ha
  9. It certainly wouldn't hurt anything to raise the PSI. It will give you a minor stability boost and probably reduce tire ware, marginally. . I run around 40psi in my P rated tires. PS - I think you should be more focused on the Load Range, not speed rating. I doubt you have a tire on your truck that would limit your legal highway speed lol. Regardless if your P, LT, or E load range, increasing the PSI while towing isn't a bad idea by any means. Don't overthink it. Towing is nothing new!!!
  10. Isn't there a difference between a 93 octane 10% ethanol vs 90 octane no ethanol? I'm not a tuner or anything but 90 octane is practically "premium". I think you'd be better off running 90 ethanol free vs 93 with ethanol, but I have no evidence to support this. Generally these ethanol free fuels are noticeably more expensive than 10% ethanol so I always opt to fill with the 10% mix, plus, thats all thats available around me lol.
  11. The flapper was removed and I also had the resonator removed. Yes it does drone in V4, at certain speeds it is worse than other speeds. I just kind of live with it or drive in M7 if not on the highway. If I'm on the highway going 75 and it happens to go into V4, it's hardly noticeable.
  12. I've only ever ran Flowmaster prior to getting a Black Widow, so minimal experience. That being said, I have a Black Widow Venom 250 and absolutely love it. Basically 0 drone on the highway. Strongly recommend it. I also like the sound - it has a more clear tone than the flowmaster. Sound is objective to each person obviously. I personally am not a fan of these super loud mufflers but being a Black Widow product i would say Yes go for it. I have interior/exterior videos on my YouTube Channel, SierraNick62
  13. Every time I see a 3.0 post that says low to mid lows on highway, I'm always disappointed to hear, then I find out that was at or near 80mph. Now that is impressive MPG at that speed. My 6.2 would be a couple mpg off its highway rating too if I kept it around 80. The fact that you can do 80 in a truck and comfortably get over 20mpg is impressive - especially with your leveling kit and tires.
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