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  1. Just talked to 2019 Sierra Owner

    I keep flipping back n forth on what I think about this truck. I wonder how it would look with a slight lift and a bigger A/T tire (Sierra AT4 doesn't count because we all know that thing comes with punny tires!). Quite honestly those wheels and tires look so small, the truck is just like really big lol. The massive front end doesn't help.
  2. Won't burn out

    And here I am all worried about how I squeaked/chirped the factory LS2s about 7 or 8 times over the 40k miles ive driven so far LOL! They need to last me about 10 more months 😊 i want to light em up real good when the day comes I got cash in hand ready to upgrade to a new set of tires.
  3. Just talked to 2019 Sierra Owner

    that's very true, we should take what he said with a grain of salt ya know. At least we can be sure of the frames being wax. That was my main thing I wanted to know, as far as I could recall that was an unknown to us.
  4. Just talked to 2019 Sierra Owner

    Is that a bunch of salt still seeping out the cracks in the parking lot?? OU sure has added a crap load of parking. I graduated from there in 2014.
  5. Just talked to 2019 Sierra Owner

    I do not know the answer to that. I didn't really get into much conversation with the guy. He was in the prep/staging area at the boat launch and was just hopping out of his truck as I was walking by so I just threw those 3 questions at him to see what he had to say. Didn't want to tie him up, he had his family with him and stuff. Definitely was a short bed though. I clearly remember thinking to myself, dumb shortbeds, lol. Oh yea and look, COLOR MATCHED antenna!!!
  6. Just talked to 2019 Sierra Owner

    Ive always liked this red color. I guess these new trucks are already growing on me... i think this was a good looking truck.
  7. Just talked to 2019 Sierra Owner

    come on man I'm S.E MI, no need to question me!! Pics below... Thats got a bowtie on it :-)
  8. At the boat launch. 6.2 SLT red looked real sharp. Guy works for GM. Guy says 10spd is way smoother and agreed with me that the 8spd kinda sucks. Frame is wax. Says engine is very smooth with the new cylinder deactivation. Sorry if we already knew this stuff. Ok time to get on my Spark and enjoy the day!!
  9. Are you saying ScratchX is more abrasive? Ultimate Compound is their 2nd most aggressive compound, only to be led by M105. Careful when using UC by hand, Ive seen pictures of guys that burned their finger tip paths into the paint. Make sure to use your hand and apply even pressure.
  10. Just wanted to give a quick update. I am very impressed with the Toro Timemaster 30" mower. This thing is a beast. Pros: Toros personal pace really scoots this thing along! (which can also be a con until you get used to the sensitivity of the handle) Engine runs while blade is disengaged (great for moving objects like sticks etc...) The mower is a little bit heavier than your typical 21 or 22 inch mower which I like - it feels more planted especially if your yard isn't all that smooth. Despite being heavier, it is still very easy to lift and turn around 180. Mulching power seems pretty good, at least for grass clippings. It was shooting grass clipping 4 cuts over (about 120 inches). Cons: Blue filter in gas tank (supposeivly for keeping gas from sloshing around) makes it difficult/impossible to determine how much gas is in the tank. I've filled the tank 3 times now and am still trying to figure out the best way to do it. Still spilling some gas, or removing the can too quickly which results in gas flying everywhere. That's all for now. Oh yea, it takes me approx 45 minutes to mow my entire yard. Its about 1 hour with weedwacking and cleanup with leaf blower.
  11. Put Truck To Work Recently

    ahhh, a guy with a truck for the job! what ya buildin? good point, a decent amount of the weight was definitely behind the axle. makes sense to me!
  12. Put Truck To Work Recently

    Lol i dunno do they just get tired like that? Yea the payload is just shy of 2k.
  13. Couple weekends ago I loaded the bed up with a bunch of wood to build one heck of a fenced in garden structure to keep deer out. I believe there was around 1690lbs of wood per the online calculator I found on Google. Truck handled it fairly well for the roughly 5 mile drive back to the house. Definitely a little floaty feeling while cruising along at 50mph where the road has a few gradual whoops in it. The ol GoodYear LS2s were able to handle it though. Was nice to finally load up the truck. Usually she's just a daily driven show piece with occasional towing of the toys lol. I thought it was really weird how much more it was sagging when I got it home. Must have been the differences in angels when parked.
  14. Thanks for all the inputs guys. I got in touch with the guy who did my home inspection, after a 10 or so minute conversation he offered to come out one day when he is in the area. I know that sdeeter was mentioning the black mastic could contain asbestos - my home inspector guy is saying yes, it certainly could, however it's in a solid form and doesn't really pose any health risk even when removing it. He had me search for a floor drain, but I don't see any floor drain at all in my basement. He's saying it possible they just tiled right over it, and what I could be smelling is sewer gas. There's just like no way of knowing whats going on under the tile til it comes up. One thing is for sure - the biggest concern right now seems to be whether or not the tile is asbestos.
  15. I was thinking to use a stand up buffer but like you said that would be dangerous I suppose and really stir it up. Better off getting some hand brushes to keep it from flying around. I keep everything pretty wet though that should keep most particles falling back to the ground I would think. The cement is not smooth, the tiles a little bit wavy. I will have to look into this skim coat, the floor is not perfectly smooth in the tile area. The rest of the basement is smooth. (weird?). I am not sure how the water table is. What I do know is I am at pretty much the highest point on my road. What i want to do for now is just get it clean then paint the floor grey with a cement paint and reseal the cement blocks in the basement.

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