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  1. haha thanks for sharing - that totally proves my theory! ahahaha.
  2. Hey, check this guys vid out, maybe one of the first owners on YouTube
  3. Bummer man. Sounds like they are working it out with you so that is good. Im also like you with my paint. At the end of the day, you have to do everything yourself, trust no one except your friends and family who are just like you with their vehicles.
  4. As a 6.2L owner that runs premium, diesel would actually be slightly cheaper for me lol, although it seems that diesel is usually pretty close in price. Others would definitely have to adjust to increased cost of fill up however should be filling up a bit less frequently.
  5. Should have included links to begin with, my bad! I guess Im jjust wondering, would a similarly equipped LTZ vs SLT truck get same mpg or qpuld the SLT get a few mpg less on highway? Even in this linkn its still a little murky whether the engineers are referring to the AT4 or all models. Obviously yes the AT4 will be less than SLT for example. https://news.pickuptrucks.com/2019/08/2020-gmc-sierra-1500-duramax-diesel-comparable-to-ram-1500-ecodiesel.html Quote from link, What the GMC doesn't do is match the Chevy's fuel economy numbers — the best the Sierra manages is an EPA-rated 23/30/26 mpg city/highway/combined for a rear-wheel-drive model, while the best Chevrolet model achieves 23/33/27 mpg. GMC engineers say the different aerodynamics and weight of the Sierra are the cause of the disparity. So if you're looking to maximize fuel economy, you'll want to opt for the Chevy, but if luxury appointments and more conservative styling are instead your jam, the GMC isn't exactly a fuel hog.
  6. Did anyone else read that the Sierra will be 3 or 4 mpg less, I think 4, on the highway vs the Silverado? Im not sure if they meant all the Sierra models or just the AT4. Anyone have confirmations or additional info? If all Sierra models trail behind 4mpg highway... man... that almost kind of defeats the purpose if your primarily looking for efficiency with this engine. My own opinion... Id have to consider a Silverado RST... but realistically my current truck is going no where for a while so Ill keep dreaming haha. EDIT: added link on 4th first. I also checked fueleconomy.gov, the Sierra is rated 3 mpg less on their site vs Silverado. Interesting... now that the designs are becoming more unqiue, i suppose this is to be expected to some extent.
  7. Ive been checking in daily for weeks here... cant wait to hear from owners!
  8. Mine was doing this, where it sounds a few chimes too right? Dealer replaced some module or something, I can't recall. Was about two years or so ago.
  9. Ahh there we go thank you! Geez built an RST 55k didnt even necessary have everything i would want. No max tow package with diesel it seems.
  10. whats going on with this Diesel? Like a week or two ago I thought you could build and price on Chevys website. This morning, I don't see it as an option?
  11. Yea this has happened to me both times I was out in Silver Lake Sand Dunes. I end up popping the hood and restarting it and let it idle a minute or two so it can keep the coolant flowing around.
  12. Verified this morning in a parking lot on my way to work. I took pictures but my phone barely works in the building so unable to get pictures uploaded. I can easily put a finger between tire and control arm, two not so much. Just to clarify again on the 33s, as i mentioned in my original post, these are not "true' 33x12.5 or whatever. They are 275/60/20. I just edited my Title and Original Post for further clarity. I know that when we say 33s on these forums most are not thinking 275/60/20, I think.
  13. Love the lifted look. I'm guessing your tires probably aren't P rated? Sometimes, yes, I do feel that people are embellishing their mpg claims or they travel on a down hill for a while and their last 25 has some inflated number. Sure, maybe then you actually are getting a higher mpg. I've had my truck say 26.7mpg on the last 25, doing 60mph on a totally flat surface in V4 mode for pretty much the entire length. I'm suspicious I actually got 26.7mpg, wouldn't be able to confirm unless I filled up before and after. Maybe next time I do this run I should check before and after, maybe I end up saying "Hmm... those guys are right" lol. Sorry if that comes off wrong in my original post, not trying to hate on anyone! PS - do you have 5.3 or 6.2? Nvm - i see you have the 6.2.
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