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  1. Hmm. I put my finger in there to feel around but i didn't notice anything. I dunno im not gonna worry about it lol
  2. Hey guys, I was filling up today right after being at the coin op car wash. All of a sudden the tank is overflowing because the auto shutoff isn't working on the pump. Good thing I had a full 20oz water bottle to flush away the gas! Anyway, when I removed the nozzle from the filler neck, I could have sworn there used to be a metal/silver flap inside the filler neck... Is there, or isn't there a metal/silver flap inside the neck? I have a 2015 and therefore have an actual gas cap. Not to be confused to with the new capless systems.
  3. It will show up on your DIC between the tach and speedo. I forget which screens it works in. I know for sure you can see it in the Instant MPG screen. I think it may even show up on the Trip A and Trip B screens too. I am not sure if the trim level of your truck has any impact on this. Sorry I am not much help!
  4. Or.... people who buy a high end sports car are enthusiasts to begin with (or a rich YouTube kid who destroys it to make money) and are much more likey to be "involved" in the maintenance of their car. Secondly, for the average vehicle, the average person buys it and will not be looking under the hood, potentially NEVER. Putting a catch can on these vehicles would be a disaster for the OEM as they'd just fill up and who knows what would happen next. Instead, the OEM says "Hey, every 15,000 miles you need to run this BG Top End cleaner in order to maintain a cleaner and efficient engine". I asked the foreman at my dealership before I bought my truck about catch cans. He said "No, don't use those. Instead, we recommend you get our cleaning service every 15,000 miles to prevent buildup". Clearly, something is needed. Now what that is, well like others have said, let's see an engine with higher mileage, say 75k: one with no catch can, no cleaning service ever one with catch can, no cleaning service ever one with catch can and had cleaning service every 15k That is how we will know. Til then, we can just keep saying what we think
  5. Never put much thought into that on a gas engine. I've seen some people do it... especially on old vans like the Astro lol. I personally don't have any motive to run one. Truck heats up fairly quick once I've been driving a few miles. Heat gets hot!
  6. Alright everyone, 22F on the way home. AFM was kicking on within about 2 miles. So yea that colder temp of 6F must have made the difference. Maybe I drove too relaxed this morning @Grumpy Bear and she wasnt able to build up enough heat to actually get "hot" so to speak , haha. Next time Ill have to give er a little more to see if i can get AFM to work in the single digit.
  7. My phone battery stays constant while charging with navigation going, and screen off. I bought one of those 12v cigarette plugs with a 1amp and 3amp outlet, this did nothing to help.
  8. another vote on Falken WildPeak AT3W. Have been running for about 5,000 or miles now and actually just had my first opportunity to use in the snow, we just got hit with 11 inches on Monday. While they are not like driving on cement, traction was noticeably better than the stock Goodyear LS2s. Additionally, steering is much better in snow/slush mix. Stock tires use to push when I made left or right turns. These tires hold the line and I turn with much more confidence now. Another perk of these, at least in the size I run, P275-60-20, they are snow rated.
  9. Valid points. I'm not trying to make mountains out of mole hills. I am just curious about this
  10. Thanks for sharing that list @aseibel . Man ,I hope it isn't a vacuum issue lol! I'm simply guessing which I think doesn't apply to me. I will follow up on this after I drive home. • Engine coolant temperature out of range for cylinder activation • Engine vacuum out of range • Brake booster vacuum out of range • Transmission gear incorrect or shift in progress • Accelerator pedal out of range or rate of pedal application to fast • Engine oil pressure and temperature out of range • Engine speed out of range • Vehicle speed out of range • Minimum time in V8 mode not met • Maximum V4 mode time exceeded • Decel fuel cutoff active • Reduced engine power active • Torque management active • Catalytic converter over temperature protection active • Piston protection active, knock detected • Cylinder deactivation solenoid driver circuit faults
  11. I'll definitely go with BlackBear, they did my last truck. But I am also thinking to just save the money as I have some interest in this new Duramax. I have a lot of time to think on this though. I also remember this same post you are mentioning. I think it was from @newdude a few years back, but I could be wrong!
  12. I came really really close to buying the Range AFM disabler when a member here posted an ebay link or something to someone who had them for sale for like $100 bucks or something. Ended up not doing it. I think I would rather get a tune, however, I am not doing that til out of warranty. I've already had over $3,000 worth of warranty work on this engine and I am happy as hell I didn't have a tune. I know people always say "dealer has to prove it", but, I'm not dealing with that. M7 works for now. 6 more months then I am free
  13. Update: Conclusion - it was just friggin cold! And I wasn't driving hard at all, probably never was able to really heat things up with my putzin to work. Hey all. Drove into work this morning, about a 13 mile commute. Engine got up to operating temp probably 5 or 6 miles into the commute. Tranny was at 132 degrees when I parked. Air temp of 6F. AFM never once activated the entire drive in. It's usually on a lot especially since most of my commute is between 25 - 45mph. I also notice my engine idle speed never settled down to ~500rpm like it usually does. It wanted to stay a tick under 750rpm, probably was at 650 to 700rpm idle. Is there some AFM criteria that the computer never met on my commute in this morning due to the cold temps? Is there some other underlying issue? Will be curious to see if it works on my way home today. I'm not really complaining, it was nice to have all 8 gears this morning and not have the dreaded v4 drone with my Venom 250 exhaust or run in M7 to avoid v4!
  14. Just to follow up on this, went to the Jeep dealership at 7:30am, it went really well. I explained the situation and two service guys (one was a manager) walked out with me to peek under the hood. Immediately the service manager said "We'll get this cleaned up for you and get you a new cap, it will take about 20 to 30 minutes. Also, your next oil change is on us and we'll reimburse you for the temporary cap you bought at AutoZone". I was super impressed by this, I didn't even have to start that conversation. The guy also thanked me for my attitude and understanding as I didn't go in there raging, About 20 or so minutes later everything was all set. I was satisfied with the cleanup job, and it smelt like citrus lol. Love a good smelling APC haha. They are also noting this experience on the service history of the vehicle. So yea... no complaints besides some time out of my life... could have been way worse.
  15. That would be legit you could shower so quickly lol! Heck all that needs to be done is add a canister inline of the water pipe for the shower head with a on off valve and done. Or this!
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