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  1. Rolling hills in the powerlines, I love it! Glad to hear you had a good ride overall despite the rough trails at times. Unfortunately that just seems to be the way it is since the Lower has like hardly any ridable snow and limited to no grooming. Looking ahead to this Friday and Saturday it is going to be 2 degrees and 7 degrees for a high respectively. Looking forward to testing our Klim gear tough that we've bought over the last 3 years lol. Sleds should run great... 2 strokers love that cold air!!
  2. Haha that is awesome! I remember seeing one of those trees but it must have been like 10 years ago. Sounds like you guys did some pretty awesome loops, 175 miles in a day is a real good trip! We haven't ridden the east side of the UP much, mostly because the last few years the snows seem to have been so sketchy. Always just been going to Munising doing the same East loop and West loop for the last 2 years. Each year we have been venturing off trail more and more. I use VVMapping to help out with that.
  3. Ceramic Coating

    Great to hear. Another question - do you use any type of maintenance product to boost the life of the coating and keep it working at its best performance?
  4. Heading to Munising next weekend. Alger SORV club said just shy of 1000 sleds rode thru this past Saturday. New record.
  5. Ceramic Coating

    how is it holding up so far this winter? I am about to pull the trigger on this in the Spring. I'm getting tired of laying on synthetic waxes that get worn out on the side panels from driving a few trips in the rain. I think I am going to go the Kamikaze Miyabi route along with a couple of their other products for additional protection and appearance effect. It will be a few hundred bucks up front but it appears to have great self cleaning and great durability. I'd be happier then hell if all I had to do was wash whenever and then use a maintenance spray once a month to boost the life of the coating and not have to worry about doing a detail.
  6. Correct. I dont use that setting unless I'm fogging up or its snowing. I think if you do just floor, the AC still turns on. Can anyone confirm?
  7. I have the opposite experience to you. In the winter time I generally leave the fan on with AC button turned off with the split vent on (face, floor). I always leave the fan speed on at least the lowest speed so that way I don't ever have to turn the system back on and have to turn off the AC. I don;t have any fogging issues unless its raining, even then, I don't always fog. Like today was about 40F and rainy on my way home from work, no fogging. I keep the temp at approx 71. I find when I run the defroster (AC is on) I have to bump the temp up to 74/75 to feel the same comfort level as having the AC off at 71.
  8. What ceramic coating did you use? Congrats on the truck. I plan on getting the AFE Momentum G2 when I get a CAI based on the results from Black Bear.
  9. Tick

    Let me know what you find out. In January after the holidays Ill probably bug my service guy again. Im just gonna drive this thing WFO til she blows LOL.
  10. Tick

    I think we both had our trucks fixed around the same time a few months ago? I just noticed 2 days ago on cold start its knocking again although not as loud. Its also seeming to come from the other side now. Ugh...
  11. Pics of your truck in mud and snow

    Thank you sir! And YES! One of my fav vacation spots!! The truck did really well, better than I thought it would do with the good ol LS2s with around 30k miles at that time. I almost wanna say it was better than my Avalanche was with KO2s. I'm guessing its the much higher Torque output from this engine. I did not attempt test hill with this lol too scared and too much risk haha. I did most of the other hills though. I believe the steepest hill I did was the one in the picture, "sunset hill" it's pretty steep from the water side. Going back summer 2019, can't wait. We took our quads for the first time on that trip and rode those way more than our trucks. Was not scared to do test hill on those lol!
  12. Pics of your truck in mud and snow

    Ok I'll play. What if she still looks like a pavement princess even when offroad? LOL. I can't afford a show piece and a truck, so, it's an all in one for me!
  13. DETROIT — Dale Earnhardt Jr. will find himself in a very familiar place at the 2019 Daytona 500: at the front of the pack. LOL!! I'm a huge JR fan but come on you've gotta admit that is a very funny statement. Anyway, that is a slick looking truck!! Pretty cool to see this happen!
  14. I measured last weekend and discovered I have 5 or so inches of clearance. Darn, gonna have to go the expensive route! Lol

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