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  1. This x2!! I've ridden in 2 Trail Boss trucks and I can't believe how noisey the Duratracs are... surprised GM would put these on from the factory!
  2. It does NOT drone on the highway no matter if you're going 65mph or 85mph. My truck does around 1700-1800rpm. You get very little sound from it. When I tow my pontoon, a lot of times I leave it in M7 so it's not going in and out of 8th. In 7th it's doing like 2200 rpm I think at highway speed and you hear it for sure then, however I wouldn't say it's a drone as much as it is just the sound of the exhaust under load. My past experience with drone was an Avalanche with a Flowmaster 40 - good lord that was not fun on the highway.
  3. Black Widow Venom 250 is what I have on my 15 6.2L. Also had the flapper and resonater cut out. V4 drone can get annoying when city cruising and also when cruising 55-60mph. Quiet on the highway whether you're going 70 or 85. Check my YouTube channel SierraNick62 for videos.
  4. I didn't see this one! Now if GMC would do away with that darn commercial where the husband gets the wife a puppy and wife gives the husband a AT4... get outta here!!! They must be going for controversy ... get people talking!
  5. I honestly am not sure if it's full or semi synthetic. What do dealers put in by default lol? I'll have to pull up a receipt or check when I go in the next month or so. I only go once a year for the last 2 years since I work from home and only drive it on nice weekends now LOL
  6. I think my dealer charges around 90$ or something for my 15 6.2L with tire rotation. I actually started buying a "3 pack", for like $159.99 through them. It's kind of like getting one free. For ~55$ a visit, I'm very content lol.
  7. I stopped in there today because our Blazer had a coolant leak... ugh! Not even 150 miles hardly. Any way, spoke with General sales manager and he got the salesman on the phone as well, the extra is due to splash guard install ( about 250) and the remainder is a fee the dealer is charging due to supply shortage or something. I did recall in that moment discussing this with the sales guy a week or so ago over the phone. Slipped my mind. All is good...
  8. Lol well this was unexpected . When comparing the window sticker to the sale price, it "seems" correct I guess, essentially 10% off. Not exactly sure how GM Employee pricing works and if it's a set % or not.
  9. Hey all - just bought a vehicle and am back home now and looking through the paper work more closely I'm second guessing a couple numbers on the Vehicle Sale sheet. So, I have a "Vehicle Invoice" for the car I bought and it lists EMPLOY: 37195.10. Does this mean when working a deal with a dealer, the "Purchase of Vehicle (including Freight and Accessories)" line item should read 37195.10? (I do have gm Employee discount). Looking at my purchase paper, it says 38553.40. Is that increase a destination charge which isn't reflected on the Vehicle Invoice? For what it's worth, SUPPLR is 38682.60, which doesn't tie to the 38553.40 either. I gotta call the sales guy tomorrow to find out. I'm kind of having a bad taste right now with my buying experience, we (sales guy or finance guy, whoevers responsibility it is/ should be) did not really go through this at a line item level. I also blame myself for not thinking to do this at the time of purchase. I mean, I seen the numbers but did not realize at the time the 38k should maybe have been 37k. Mostly everything was done over the phone as we didn't deal locally - was a pain to find the vehicle we wanted. Edit: per window sticker destination is 1195. Sticker price 41k.
  10. I might as well give a 3 year update since this thread has come alive again. This was my 4th summer with the Timemaster. I've got no regrets, I'm very happy with how it cuts even when the lawn gets away on me. It leaves a fairly nice stripe pattern too.
  11. Final update: So did the radiator install and also put a new thermostat in. Got around 100 or so miles so far and no leaks from what I can tell. I notice a difference in temp gauge. It now stays steady at just a hair under 210, no matter the driving conditions... idling with AC on, highway, city, etc. With the original tstat it was always kind of moving around, never stayed in one place for too long of a time.
  12. Diyer02 that is true, saved 1 more shipping operation though haha. Maybe I should have called the dealer first to see if this would all have been taken care of for free even though I'm out of warranty? Eh whatever all seems good now and I have a new tstat arriving tomorrow. I'm in this for about $410 now including tstat, radiator, coolant. If dealer would have covered me I guess that would have been nice because if something goes wrong again in a couple months maybe it would have been their problem instead of mine? Who knows. End of the day it was a good experience for me and I have learned a lot.
  13. Rock Auto has it for 335 plus $20 shipped. It was more or less a wash. At that point I said to myself let me get locally if I can instead of having a radiator potentially tossed around by UPS or FedEx. Finished install of new one last night, took on 20 minute test drive. All seems good so far. I need to do a good washing of the engine bay now, there is so much coolant still down the frame and such lol. I think I am going to order a new T Stat, my temp gage always fluctuated a tad but very very recently (last 100 miles) it's doing some big swings, from 210 down a line and back up to almost 210. Also my idle seemed kinda rough yesterday not sure what is up with that. She's going through a phase!
  14. Thanks yep I used RockAuto to figure out the updated number. Called a local "dealer" who has one in stock, about 350$. Had to purchase via their website to get that price otherwise they have to sell for 500+ in person. Something about GM e-commerce policy.
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