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  1. Thanks for your comment! I did check the owners manual but it had a different type of dipstick with 4 dot indicators and no hashmarks so it just made it more confusing.
  2. Just changed the oil on my 2014 gmc sierra 4.3l. It required six quarts of oil which is what i used but now i am afraid if its overfilled or not. Its a completely different reading than what it was before the oil change. Althought its not above the hashmarks there are 2 dots on there which I’m not sure if those are the oil level indicators or the hashmarks are the oil level indicators. The dots are kinda hidden which is why I’m not sure if those even are oil indicators dots. Im really hoping i filled it up correctly and wont ruin the engine by overfilling the oil. I installed a fumoto valve so it could be easier to drain excess oil. I do note there was a metallic ticking noise that was present before the oil change but disappeared afterwards. following picture (2) is before the oil change one of each side of the dipstick The next two fuller looking ones are after the oil change one for each side of the dipstick
  3. Those numbers seem so much better imo. Will the mpg loss be just in city driving or highway as well
  4. Yeah ive somewhat done some calculations for cost per mile and found e85 to be cheaper per mile in the end. So you believe its fine running it despite gas being in the tank for 43,000 miles? No problems with the ethanol cleaning the buildup?
  5. Hello all, ive recently bought a new to me single owner 2014 gmc sierra 4.3 4x4 double cab with 43,000 miles on it. It has flex fuel standard and was wondering wether or not i should run e85. It is available local and pretty cheap, but ive heard that if the truck has ran gas most of its life the e85 would cleanse the deposits and possibly clog the fuel lines or fuel pump. Should it be safe to switch over to e85 ? Or could i just start running 89 since ive also read that its more beneficial running 89 or 93 over 87 due to detonation
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