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  1. 2017 HD Hood Conversion

    Hey hizzo did u get the full HD front end to do the swap?
  2. 2017 HD Hood Conversion

    Along with that has anyone ever swapped the hood over to a sierra 1500 without doing the HD grille, bumper??
  3. Post your 2014+ wheel/tire set-up

    Man love those wheels!! Thats the same setup I would go with - what price did you throw down on the setup?
  4. WTB summit white door molding

    Hmm good thought Martha now I'm curious.. anyone have a pic of your truck without moldings?
  5. WTB summit white door molding

    Thanks Martha ya looking for crew cab. Just saw they are out of stock . Plus 170 is a lil salty for me. Was checking if anyone had a used set that they took off or wanted to swap
  6. WTB summit white door molding

    Looking to buy summit white door molding for 14+ sierra 1500. Would be willing to swap my factory chrome. You can contact me on here or cell at 717-629-8442 thanks
  7. Got for sale a set of summit white door handles that came off a truck that a dealership switched to chrome handles. One endcap is missing (I think its technically called an "Escutcheon") I believe the dealership kept it by mistake. Online the color matched ones can be found for around $15 (thats on gmpartsdirect). They are in mint condition. Looking for $230 shipped. You can PM me on here or text me at 7176298442 Thanks!
  8. 14 sierra slt. Both caps
  9. Depending on price I am definitely intrigued. Got white plastidip now which i must say hold up decent. But eventually im looking at sanding chrome and painting. Im in
  10. FS: 2014/15 Sierra led headlights oem

    Yes thanks! Edited

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