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  1. Thanks for that scrapen! I wonder what the difference would be if placed after the muffler instead of before.. any idea?
  2. thanks Jon for the input! Man would love to hear those cams on your truck.. so you would recommend going with 12909 over a resonator? Im sure the muffler would bring the tone deeper but how about total sound at cold start and idle?
  3. Btw anyone know the difference between the bottle style and the ultra quiet resonators?
  4. Gotcha thanks guys! I might have to look into the vibrant resonator.. il proly have a hard time deciding between a magnaflow and the resonator tho might just ask the shop guys wat they think.
  5. Hey guys just looking for some good and informed opinions on quieting down the exhaust. 14 Sierra 6.2 with Kooks LT headers and y pipe with hi flow cats. Thats connected to Corsa sport catback. Sounds great but just too much at cold start, its too wicked. I'm hoping now to get maybe half the sound at least on cold start. Anybody have experience with this and doing some trial and error? Maybe even just putting stock muffler on catback on? Or i saw something about just adding a muffler before the Corsa, or just swapping the corsa muffler out with a magnaflow.. maybe 12909? any feedback would be appreciated!! Dont wana sell this nice setup but might have to if theres no good options. thanks!
  6. Looking to ideally trade my Corsa Sport catback for something quieter. Had it on my 14 Sierra 6.2 for around 2 years. Had put headers on and now its just a little too much. Not really sure what other catback systems are out there that are quieter (especially on cold start) but let me know if you have something. Here is a link to the actual setup https://www.lmperformance.com/660482/14866-corsa-silverado-sierra-1500-62l-35-cat-back-single-side-exit-twin-45-polished-tips-sport.html . To sell outright I would look for $800. Located in Lancaster, PA . Any questions text me at 717-629-8442 thanks
  7. I'm also interested in trading my chrome for black if anyone is into that leme know!
  8. I have chrome door molding on crew cab just looking for summit white. Thanks
  9. I would definitely consider bigger than 33s but only reasons against would be power loss, mpg loss, expense.. Im not sold on 33s. But all those small reasons add up when pulling 7k trailer. Thanks for all the input guys I appreciate it! It doesnt seem worth it to me for that amount of cash to regear, even to 4.10s. Barman84 to answer your question I have a 6 speed. For the amount of money that it takes to regear, I might as well save up for a used supercharger. I only put on 5-10k miles a year and 95% of that is daily driving or non tow. For that reason I believe the 6.2 with 6 spd tranny and 3.42 will be sufficient with 6" lift and 22s with 35s.. Lol now Im just trying to reason with myself to not spend that extra $1500+ for new gears...
  10. What made you decide to go with 4.10s? From doing a little reading, the 6.2 with just 33s and 4.10 might be a little overkill. The 3.73 not enough? I dont know much about these details.
  11. Thanks for the input man. What was the cost putting in the 4.10s?
  12. This is for the guys with 4" lift + with upgraded wheels and tires.. Does anybody tow a significant load or trailer while lifted? Reason I ask is I have a 6.2 with the 3.42 gears and pull a 7k travel trailer several times a year. The 6.2 obviously is more than adequate even with my level and WD hitch. But eventually I was looking to go with 6" lift and 33" tires with 22" wheels. It does have headers, catback, cai, and a tune from Lew. Will a 6" lift be a problem pulling a 7k trailer and the 3.42 gears?? Thanks guys!
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