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  1. WTB- long tube headers

    I had the Texas Speed setup on my 2014 Sierra it is truly the best bang for your buck. No fitment issues or anything. I have a set of Doug Thorley headers for sale that fit perfect they just are not a catted setup.

    This one allows you to disable the DoD at speed right?
  3. Doug Thorley Headers

  4. Leveling Kit and Tire Size

    How is the rubbing affecting the tire wear? I have Toyo Open Country A/T 33x12.50R20 and had a RC 3.5" lift but dropped to a 2.5" level and now have rubbing most notably in reverse. Any input would be appreciated.
  5. Doug Thorley Headers

  6. Elite catch can

  7. Interested but it would need to be shipped. I currently have a Corsa sport catback. Thinking of changing it up.
  8. OEM Z71 Badges

    Where do the two smaller ones go? Do you have the placement measurements?
  9. 2016 Denali instrument cluster

    Does it have to be programmed to your vehicle?
  10. FS: GMC NZP Chrome 20" Wheels

    I am interested in these wheels as they were the stock wheels on my Sierra which I sold when I lifted my truck. Now that I have removed the lift and leveled on 33" tires I have some rubbing and think the offset of the factory wheel will help me out. Can you tell me what the offset is? Should be on the inside spoke. Thank you.
  11. Doug Thorley Headers

    Augusta, GA
  12. Doug Thorley Headers

    Motivated seller.
  13. 2018 All Terrain x sport bar

    Ahh ok.

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