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  1. Yeah they replaced my first set a year ago and it came back so fingers crossed for ya.
  2. Thanks for posting that will help us all, thats the same part number thats on my existing leafs, wonder if they just started putting the rubber in there? If you look at the pictures I posted they are the same part number. Did it fix your issues?
  3. Well the lower control arms didn't fix mine....haha shocker. But they did order some of the insulators for the leafs. Seems the fix is to install the rubber insulators on the existing leafs like the tech on here said. Will let you guys know if it works for me. Guess I at least got a new set of LCAs and a free alignment out of the deal. Fingers crossed it works. Alot of the problem is that GM will only allow the dealers to perform approved repairs, they wont let mechanics be mechanics and troubleshoot on their own to fix things.
  4. Yeah its normal just not very common. I notice it mostly after using tow/haul.
  5. I agree but unfortunately we are kinda stuck with what GM decides to repair. Im gonna try and talk the out of the front end work because they will probably mess that up too.
  6. Anyone have a squeaky gas pedal? Like the squeak in a scary movie when its all dark and the bad guy sneaks in....only its scarier because your new truck sounds like its 80 years old. Only happens in drive or reverse, doesn't squeak in park or neutral or when the engine is off. Dealer says they cant do anything until it fails......seems like sometimes GM wants these trucks to just go away. Any help is appreciated. Tried WD40, didnt help. Tried the paint-stick trick, didnt help. Read all the stuff on here and it seems like there is no real fix just curious if anyone else had any luck.
  7. Got mine back after 2 days.....made it worse, now they are trying Lower Control Arms.....doubt that will fix it but at least they are trying.
  8. Did the replacement axles help reduce the vibration?
  9. No kidding.... I dont know about all the composite they are claiming. I took a magnet and it stuck to every leaf. I know in a Aviation when we talk composite there are no metals involved.
  10. Would be interesting if its the same part number from the 19s I posted.
  11. Try 65,000....hence why I shouldn't spend anymore money for something that could fix it and at the same time void the rest of the warranty on the piece of shit rear end. They dont have a choice but to fix it or buy it back.
  12. Yeah my dealer actually suggested I call GM because there is nothing else they can do. GM called me back and said they cant make the district rep do anything. To which I responded well fix my truck, don’t care what you have to do but telling me there is no fix isnt going to work. Its amazing to me that they cant fix a leaf spring? All the senior advisor is going to do is call your dealer, not sure whats going to happen next. Keep me posted if you get any traction.
  13. Well the “rep” refused to put 19 leafs on mine. They performed the procedure per the bulletin. Made the same noise before I got out of the parking lot, pretty incredible.
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