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  1. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/186-2014-2018-silverado-sierra-troubleshooting/
  2. Revolver X2for 5’8 bed. Its in good shape I am in Versailles KY. Will meet, wont ship.
  3. $125 bucks I am located in Versailles KY.
  4. Mine shudders and hard downshifts. Been flushed 3 times, right now its better but still there. Hopefully the new Tundra is nice because this is probably my last GM. Not because of this issue because I know stuff breaks, but because of the way they have handled my repairs. Its like pulling teeth to get them to do anything.
  5. Look on the post where you told me this ”you guys are better off spending $1000 for tuned rear leaf spring packs from a suspension shop. all the time you waste fighting with GM and dealerships makes no sense, shit you just spent $38,000 on the truck , what's another $1,000 in improvements.. the springs are not designed correctly but they are what they are . fix it yourself or live with it. GM cant legally admit guilt” I posted a picture of the new leafs with the part numbers.
  6. Don't count on that, I did it and had to take it back off because it made it worse. I did send it back to see if the driveshaft was still balanced and the performance driveline has been great so maybe it was damaged in shipping. What helped mine the most was having a dealer do the torque converter flush. It was the third time for mine but I recently switched dealers because the dealer where I purchased my truck is a joke on the maintenance side. I think the people performing the work are the key ingredient to finding the peoblem.
  7. Cant argue with your reasoning there.....
  8. Dont waste your money on those pads....get some rubber from amazon or bicycle tubes and stick them in there, pads were useless. I dont know about the tranny stuff, mines been flushed 3 times by the dealer and it still shudders.
  9. Seriously? I thought those Denvers looked like they would fix it. I thought about putting a set from the 19s that are supposed to be composite....but my magnet thought otherwise. Did the Denver leafs make a difference in the ride quality?
  10. They havent made enough zip ties to fix all the problems with these trucks. I still love mine and cant imagine driving anything but a Gm, but man it would be hard to ever give them anymore of my money.
  11. Dealer had mine for a month....new lower control arms, which we all knew wouldnt work, new leafs....didnt work, new inserts....didnt work. I finally did the rubber between leafs trick, took 5 minutes and now its as quiet as a church mouse.
  12. Yeah its not handy, that was sarcasm but sort of true. My 14 did the same thing, my 17 does not.
  13. You get waze to diplay in the small screen on the left?
  14. What a difference wheels make.....looks good. Did it effect ride quality any?
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