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  1. Hahah man that is right on. All your missing is the tire shine on that Cub.
  2. I priced them from GM and they cost more than the wheels. I wonder how long plasti dip would hold up?
  3. 2019+ T1 Truck Topics

    Maybe we should refrain from posting about where we should post.
  4. Turn on the hotspot on your phone, go to wifi in truck settings then connect to your hotspot. All data works like a champ, it will even let your truck run like a router with your phone being the modem.
  5. Magnafliw 12909 on 6.2

    No flapper here no drone, I actually think its not as loud when cruizing but louder when its wide open.
  6. They send you a USB/HDMI port to plug into for mirroring and reading thumbdrives or any usb storage. You factory USB ports remain unchanged. You have to plug into the provided ports for video. These guys are awesome at what they do! You will love the carplay.
  7. Im sure Kate Galbraith's theory on climate change is on the top of his family planning list.
  8. Kzinge1 is GTG

    Drove a bakbox 50 miles away and dropped it off for me, looked great when I got it!
  9. Damn kicker install

    Jeez.....sounds like something I would get myself into. The amp installs over the fuse box in the footwell?
  10. Damn kicker install

    That tough? I was thinking about gettting one...
  11. Need some help from any of you guys with a 2017 Denali. It may be the same for Sierra and Silverado owners to but just wanted to compare apples to apples. Im working with MVI (awesome by the way) and I am trying to troubleshoot my aux jack. So what I need is for someone to connect a 3.5 mm cable to their aux jack and then switch to aux for their media, then turn it up a little bit to see if they hear static or if its interference free. I appreciate any help anyone can offer and you may save me a trip to the dealer to try it myself haha.
  12. You could take them off amd plasti dip them, I thought about it but worried it may create some vibration and we all know the last thing we need to do is give these trucks a reason to vibrate.
  13. We were talking about the inserts not the center caps. You need 7 per wheel and the dealer wants about 76 bucks per insert.
  14. I talked to my dealer about them and they were 1200 bucks!!!! I would like to get a set as well.
  15. 2017 Tuning

    Whats the total cost of the process nowadays, around 600ish?

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