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  1. Driveshaft doesn't help much with vibration, at least it didn't for me.
  2. Still have the box and all cables. Got my 17 dyno tuned and no longer needed. Great for turning off AFM and the canned tunes are pretty good. Works on 17-19 for sure, not certain about newer. 285 shipped.
  3. No problem, its easier to talk with him through text. If you want to go the handheld route I have a Hypertech Max Energy 2.0 that Im going to be selling soon. Let me know either way.
  4. Dkgoodrich.com in Frankfort KY. He does HP tuners and really knows his stuff.
  5. Yes it has happened to me. There are two variations of the shakes. The one that the flush helps is if you see the rpm needle moving at cruise. The other one is at cruise and I think its the TQ converter locking up and trying to hold the gear. I am far from a mechanic but I have read and contributed to the the nearly 900 pages of the shakes on this forum. I dont mean to be a downer on these trucks because I still love them but I feel like someone should let you mnow what your getting into. Handhelds cannot do anything to the tcm and thats where the troubles at. You have to mail the tcm off to hp tuners ($217 with shipping) then pay for 8 credits to tune ($400) and then find someone who can do it. I found and awesome guy here in KY who did it for $600 which included 4 hrs worth of dyno runs and tuning. Mine is ALOT better but we are still going to do some interstate driving while he tries to figure out what its doing. The dealer will hit you with a flush and quick re-learn for the clunk and the drive home will be awesome but unfortunately these things re-learn fast and the 3-2 and 2-3 clunk will be back. Sorry I know this is alot of info but I think it will help you make a decision.
  6. It does for about 1000 miles and then it comes back. I would look for a 10 speed truck, haven't heard of the issue with them. Sorry I just cant imagine buying it knowing that the shake exists and waiting for it to reappear. Find someone that can tune it or I promise it will shake….and clunk.
  7. Tune is the only thing that will fix both….many have tried and failed. Sucks because they are awesome trucks but GM tuning is pathetic.
  8. I have had a 2014 bought back due to shakes and I’m in a 2017 now that has had the transmission tsb done 4 times, about 10 re-learns, aftermarket driveshaft, about 500 dollars worth of alignments, tried the spring clamps, rain danced and all kinds of other wastes. Finally I found http://www.dkgoodrich.com/contact.htm in KY. He did a dyno tune with HP tuners and so far the shake is 96 percent gone. So is the annoying downshift clunks that are embarrassing when driving passenger who thinks your u-joint just went flying. If your around KY you really need to give DK a call. Save yourself the agony of trying all that other bs. If it shakes and clunks find someone near you to tune it. None of the handheld stuff can get close. I know firsthand how bad it sucks to be unhappy with a shaky and clunky truck. I cannot understand how GM send these vehicles out to customers with such a garbage tune on them.
  9. I have no idea....Black02Silverado could probably answer the spec stuff better. What I do know is my 8 speed had been flushed 3 times with the “new” mobil 1 stuff and all of its bad manners returned after about 3 thousand miles each time.I finally found a dealer that was useful and they did a quick re learn and then I had the fluids swapped and it worked for me. Before doing this it was embarrassing to have passengers because it sounded like the transmission fell out every time I slowed down to a stop.
  10. Flush with Amsoil ATF, worked wonders for mine. Still get the clunk on the initial start and takeoff but it the clunks have been 90 percent eliminated.
  11. Ahh just a creative bump for a good cover.....have the X2 on my 17 for over 4 years now and its been a great cover good luck selling.
  12. Seriously? Never heard the Warrant Officer insignia being called a squash bug?
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