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  1. No I don’t, took mine in for the coasting clunk and they told me there was an ECU update that they completed and it really helped.
  2. There is an ECU update that I had done to mine today that makes it run muuuucccchhhhh better. I had a hypertech tune on mine that I will not be reinstalling. They also did a fastlearn on my transmission that killed the coasting clunk too.
  3. Yeah I have the 6.2/ 8 speed. Mine clunks but not every time, I was more posting that article so everyone knew not just complaining about mine. I would like to find a place that could tune it but its great WOT and 90 percent of the time, just when slowing down the clunk has started for mine. I have 44,000 miles, also makes a loud clunk when I go from Drive to Reverse but again, thats just life with these trucks. Just thought I would share what I came across while doing research.
  4. You have the 8 speed? Last I heard nobody could tune an eight speed, well I know you can send off your ECM and have it swapped but I’m talking as is factory tuned.
  5. Crazy stuff....I have had the flush numerous times for the vibrations but the downshift from third to second is new. I just wanted to post so others knew, that was news to me. I am still under warranty but I am sorta exhausted with the process. Thanks for the input though.
  6. Guess my hopes of Amsol or a quick learn on the transmission may not fix my clunks afterall........ https://gm-techlink.com/?p=7962
  7. My 14 they threw everything under the kitchen sink at, new tires, wheels, LCA, rear diff and axles. Finally after 6 months of being on their rack and numerous phone calls with BBB they offered me less than I could get in trade, threatened them with a lawyer and they bought it back. Used that for the 17, it developed similar “peach seed tremble” at about 30 thousand. Took it to the dealer, they tried but after the last one I wouldnt let them go much further than telling me it had a shake. Transmission has been flushed 3 times for that shake which is different, gonna try Amsoil next instead of the new magic Mobil 1. I did recently switch to Michelin’s that have helped alot. I have the 22’s and it seems they are always out of balance, Im starting to wonder if I should get new wheels. Im going to check the balance on these at my next oild change and see if they hold.
  8. Only the ones that shake....apparently they also make a model that doesn’t. I however am 0-2.
  9. Very technical explanation I know......love that Centennial Edition by the way.
  10. Nah......just want a truck that doesn't shake my kids in the back seat like they are sitting on a washing machine or have to be in the shop 5 times a year. Embarrassing when someone rides in a 65 thousand dollar Denali that trembles like a dog shitting peach seeds. I still have mine just because its finally paid for and I cant bring myself to buy anything else and I do love alot of the features but it would be nice to have more confidence in the build quality.
  11. Just wanted to update you guys....l replaced my factory Bridgestone's with Michelin Defender M/S and 90 percent of my vibrations are gone. I had a 2014 bought back due to vibration so I am very familiar with the vibes in these trucks. I had tried spring clamps and replaced the D/S, and the 8 speed has been replaced with mobil 1 multiple time (thats a completely different and very noticeable vibration). I do have the 22’s and something I am going to keep an eye on is the balance that these tires keep. I was going to buy a new Tundra if this didn't fix it but for now the tires have really helped more than anything. I will say on my 14 they tried different wheel/tire combinations that didnt help, but at that point the dealer had thrown so much at the truck that it was to far gone. Im sure this wont help everyone but it sure helped mine. If the tires dont stay balanced I am going to try some of the new black 22’s from the T1 trucks or maybe go to 20s. Glad I dont have to buy a new truck!
  12. That why you just posted how your truck sounded like it was coming apart in February?
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