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  1. @Pearl2017 thanks for the info. I googled "trans pill flip" and Google pulled up a ton of "transgender" stuff LOL. So, that being said, can you tell me what that means? @ray2005 what was the total cost having it tuned locally? I'm assuming you had to pay $200'ish to unlock the TCM module first + whatever the tuning itself cost?
  2. @High Country 6.2L/8 @Pearl2017 to clarify, are you guys saying Trifecta CAN tune the 2017-2018 8 speed transmission without it being physically unlocked/modified? Everyone swears it can't be done from any tuner without it being modified first. And if so, is it worth it? I'm so sick of my 2017 Sierra with all the 8 speed issues, looking for a resolution.
  3. Can anyone vouch for the Trifecta tune for the 8 speed? It would be worth it to me if it makes the driving experience better. Sure beats buying a new truck. The newest fluid change TSB definitely fixed my shudder issue but the delayed engagement when doing a rolling stop then hitting gas is awful, as well as the clunks.
  4. Hey guys, So I've had my truck for a little over 3 years and it's been nothing but a nightmare with this POS transmission. I went the Diablosport i3 handheld and even custom Lew ECM tune not long after owning the truck and that didn't go well at all, actually made my tranny more clunky for whatever reason (mainly downshifts got worse over stock tuning). I ended up selling the Diablosport and picking up a Range AFM delete device which has served me well. Lew was awesome by the way and very responsive to emails, it's just the ECM tune alone did nothing for me since the Tranny was so bad, and
  5. Welp dropped off the truck at the dealer today and was told it was normal and other trucks on the lot had it too.... I had the service guy show me some other trucks to prove it, even multiple 2018 models, and all of them had it in varying degrees.. unreal. He said with the humidity we’ve had in TN it’s fairly common and hard to argue with that since all the other trucks had it too... even my co workers 2016 has it. So that’s the update... and it’s not the answer I wanted. But idk what else to do, it’s obvious gmc doesn’t coat this crap good enough, even my back s
  6. @L86 All Terrain What vent on the back are you referring to? I want to check that out. Thanks for the input. I have a call out to the service dept at my dealer now, waiting on a call back. I have a Roll'N'Lock bed cover installed on my truck but I don't think it allows any water to get in my vehicle, at least not that I've noticed. I still have 1 year left of B2B coverage. @NCPGMC Yes please do, get some pics! Thanks bud.
  7. @2016 Sierra Owner Not that i'm aware of! But heck who knows? I just got to work this morning and checked out my co-workers 2016 model. Same *exact* truck as mine, same trim and features, just one year older and a different color. Guess what? his looks pretty much as bad as mine. He could care less, but I was dying to know myself. Wild... pretty frustrating to say the least. I'm a bit worried dealer will just tell me "Oh that's normal" but that is such BS. I'm scared to see what it'll look like in another 2 years... heck 5 years. @bkesting You're probably r
  8. @Flameout put some good light on the areas i circled in red and lemme know. @Donstar I agree! I'll be paying them a visit this week I believe.
  9. Thanks for the pics, keep em coming guys and state if you have cooled/heated seats. I'm pretty anxious to check out my co-workers 2016 Sierra tomorrow. It's identical to mine spec wise, just one year older. @Flameout it looks like your last pic has quite a bit of the same type surface rust top right corner and back left area. It's blurry because it wasn't the focal point in the pic. Also your middle pic looks like it too on far left bracket. It's hard to notice during the daytime, gotta shine some bright light right on it. @Eddie 70 Yes please do look! I'd love to see s
  10. Hey guys! 2 year old truck here. Bought brand new with 7 miles two years ago today actually. My wife dropped something under her seat last night and I had to get it out and noticed TONS of surface rust already!? The truck has never been wet inside, ever. I have the all weather floor mats and I've never left the windows cracked/down or even left a door open. What gives? I live in TN and it's only been thru two very mild winters so far. I have power/heated/cooled seats if it matters... Does anyone else have this rust present as well? Is this actually normal!?
  11. I too would like to know if anyone has had long term success with just a flush? My truck doesn't shudder but the 3-1 downshift is super clunky most of the time! I wonder if a flush alone would fix that problem.
  12. @SEAN Handyman I have the same truck as you with the same issue (Clunk when coming to a slow stop / AKA 3-1 downshift clunk). @wildlyfe200 Did either of you guys ever get it fixed? I'd love to know!! Thanks!
  13. Hey @MD11G200, what year/engine truck do you have? I have a 2017 Sierra SLT with 6.2/8speed... only issue i've been struggling with is a rough/clunky 3-1 downshift. Other than that... tranny has been great. Dealership has tried the fast relearn... that didn't work. I'll be taking it back in again soon to have them look at it again.
  14. @BlackBearPerf In your honest opinion, how effective is the 'engine only' tune compared to a engine/tranny both tune? Just curious if it's truly worth it to only tune the engine.. aka how much of a loss is it not having the tranny tuned as well? 2017 GMC Sierra 6.2/8speed owner
  15. I know you can have the TCM physically changed so it can be tuned, but how does Blackbear do it then?
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