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  1. Look up auto stop eliminater on this site. I put one in and it works great. Cost is about $100. About 1 hour to install. Comes with instructions. Plus they have a video.
  2. You can try looking for parts at www.car-part.com This is a salvage yard search engine.
  3. Thanks for the link for the auto stop eliminator. I am going on a trip Friday so I think that I will invest when I get back. Thanks again.
  4. 2021 3.0 L TD AT4 I have a check engine light code P3196 " Intake Manifold Tuning Valve 2 Actuator Control Circuit Low Voltage" and code U067C . Not sure what that one is?
  5. Try changing the tranny fluid. I had a 2017 Colorado. developed shutter shift at 50,000 miles. Dealer wanted to charge me $500 to change tranny fluid. Did some research and found the new fluid is Mobil 1 Synthetic LV ATF HP Dexron. Bought the fluid and took it to my local garage. total cost $185.00 Shutter shift gone imediatly. Do some research online. Find the correct fluid for your truck. Good Luck.
  6. Currently getting 20-24 mpg on short trips and 26-28mpg on tirps over 40 miles. Towing my boat on a 3,000 mile trip averaged 18 mpg. Currently have 8,900 miles on the odometer. Tires are Bridgestone Dueler AT 275/60R20 Do you think that the mileage difference on a Denali is because the Denali's are full time 4wd. 2021 GMC AT4 3.0L TD
  7. I just bought a 2021 AT4. It replaced a 2017 Colorado with a 2.8 L TD. So the Colorado didn't have any kind of guage on the DEF tank. It was truely a guessing game. If you let the tank get low, the check engine light would come on. What a pain in the ass! So I was excited that my new truck had a guage. From past expierience, Yes you will deffinetly use more DEF when towing. So far I am seeing that the guage isn't very accurate but simply a guide. I filled the tank when I got it and I have the trip odometer set to see about how many miles that I can get on a tank of DEF. Just a starting point. I also get a message saying how many miles left on DEF. I recently towed my boat on a 3,000 mile trip and got 18 mpg average for the whole trip. I have noticed that the mpg is matched to the mph. At 60-65 mph I would get around 20 mpg, and at 70-75 mph I got 17 mpg.
  8. Yes, It's happening to me all of the time. At least 3 times per trip. Allso does anybody know how to turn off the onstar message that comes up at every start up? I also want to permanently turn off the engine stop switch. Dave
  9. Just Sold my 2017 Colorado with a 2.8L Turbo Diesel. It developed shutter shift at about 50,000 miles. My dealer didn't want to take care of the problem. " You don't have the transmition that is under a service update, It has a 75,000 mile warrenty though." So I did some research and found that the tranny fluid was mixing with condensation and ruining it's viscosity. Dealer said that it would change the fluid for $500! Nope! The fluid that I found on the internet that replaced the oem fluid is Mobil 1 synthetic LV ATF HP Dexron. So I bought the fluid and went to my local service garage. He did a tranny flush and put in the new fluid. Total cost $185.00. The shutter shift problem was gone instantly. Just saying maybe look in that direction before taking everything apart. I replaced the Colorado with a 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 3.0L Diesel. I am noticing some shifting irregulatitys. About 8,000 miles. Fuel mileage is about 21-26 MPG. Yesterday I noticed that my check engine light is on and mileage suddenly dropped to 15 mpg. So the mileage drop I think might be a regen cycle. My last truck did that and my mileage suffered a big hit too. I have a reader for the code so when I plugged it in it gave me a code P3196. and U067C Anyone know what those are? I have a guy that can figure it out but I hate bothering him because he is always busy. Thanks Dave
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