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  1. I have a 4 core radiator from a 1982 Chevy C20 that needs to have a replacement tank put on the drivers side. I live near Waco, TX and work near Houston during the week. Can somebody recommend a good radiator shop that can supply and replace that radiator tank? I tried Bellmead Radiator with no luck. I have found a new brass/copper replacement radiator from Summit Racing, but it's $450 plus taxes and shipping. I don't really want to put a plastic/aluminum replacement on it because of originality. There's nothing wrong with my radiator except that I ruined the one tank by trying to braze up a leak around the inlet tube and melted large holes in it. I'm willing to ship it somewhere if it's not too expensive. This seems like an easy repair for a good radiator shop. It doesn't even have to be a new tank, just a good used one would work.
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