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  1. Had my engine oil/filter changed and tires rotated today. The tech who usually deals with the transmission issues was out today so I have another appointment. Luckily the hard shift occurred when the service writer brought the truck around for me to pick it up. She said that she could definitely feel the hard shift. When I asked her what they are going to do she said that for now GM advised them to flush the fluid and reprogram the TCM. Then she told me that it is common and that they done the procedure to at least 50 trucks with mixed results. She also told me that GM is coming out with a fix early 2019...….I am anxious to see what that is. I am just glad that it happened when she drove my truck.
  2. Sierra as a Daily Driver

    If you trade your truck now or sell you'll loose a lot of money because of the initial depreciation...…….that would buy you a lot of gas.
  3. HATE My High-Beams

    I am actually impressed with the LED projector lights on my truck. But then, my last truck had halogen projector lights (Ram 1500 Laramie).
  4. Little update on my post. We just returned from a 2800 mile vacation trip and I now noticed that my truck has the 1-2 and 2-1 shift clunk, more pronounced during down shifting. It only happens under very light throttle and is intermittent. I am going to my dealer tomorrow to schedule an oil change for next week and will express my concerns about the shifting. When I bought the truck I asked the salesman what was done to it in the service department (I always ask) and he told me that among other things they changed the transmission fluid (at 15K miles). I am not to concerned as I bought my truck as a CPO and a 100K mile powertrain warranty. I'll keep you guys posted about the transmission issue. Besides the above issue the truck runs perfect. It didn't use a drop of oil since I bought it. My average fuel mileage for our trip was 21.3 MPG (hand calculated), cruise set at 77 mph....not bad for a big V8. We also found the seats to be extremely comfortable. I even got used to the stupid auto lock function that can't be disabled and to the fact that the nav system doesn't have an address book and everything has to be saved as a "contact". GM just had to be different from any other manufacturer???
  5. I'm Out!

    I had a 2018 Tundra for a while. Mine was a loaded Limited and a pretty nice truck after I color matched the front end. They do use a little more fuel but in the end it is a truck and you don't buy one to save fuel. What I didn't like were the cheap interior materials and how easily the plastic got scratches.
  6. BakFlip Mx4, I am on my 3rd one and really like it for two reasons: 1. Almost waterproof (except the occasional water drops right where the tail gate is). 2. You can open AND close the tail gate without opening the cover due to the new gasket design.
  7. I like mine because it definitely sets it apart from other Sierras. To each their own.
  8. To give customers a choice; not everybody needs or want the 6.2L engine. I test drove both engines (both with an 8-speed) and picked the 6.2L. With that said, the 5.3L was in no way underpowered, I just like the 6.2L better for the additional torque......there was less downshifting on the identical route (with hills).
  9. I am sure of that, but at your own risk.
  10. You do not have a warranty anymore, not from GM anyways. The Magnusson Act is all BS because you do not have the financial resources, unless you recently won the lottery big, to fight GM in court. The Callaway Sierra is covered by a separate 3/36 warranty from Callaway, the 5/60 powertrain warranty from GM is void.
  11. Except nobody in their right mind put that kind of (very obvious) stuff on a brand-new truck and voids the warranty. Besides that it will cost more then the up price of the 6.2L engine. What others said, the 5.3 will be enough for what you do. If you want to up the fun factor get the 6.2. You should testdrive both and then make a decision. I did and bought the 6.2 truck and love it.
  12. I will look at that when and if it stops raining here. Thanks for the info.
  13. Not me. Best I have gotten so far was a hand calculated 23 MPG driving like grandma on a secondary road. That was over a 200 mile + stretch. I do get a lot of fun per gallon though if I put my foot into it.
  14. I neither got a ball cap or cookies. Seriously, I don't like to dicker around or any of the nonsense back and forth. I buy if I think I have a decent deal and can live with it. I am also OK with the dealer making money because I sure don't work for free. Is live and let live. Glad we all have an understanding of that and that the thread is civil, its OK to have different opinions. Great forum and I like being around here......lots of GM specific stuff to learn for me.
  15. I also have the adjustable pedals which I keep al the way forward since I am tall. I don't know if my accelerator pedal has the flex issue but it didn't feel right, in my opinion mostly because it is to far forward in relation to the brake pedal. I found that the acc. pedal will move forward almost 3/8" before the brake pedal starts moving. I saved that position as one of the memory settings and have been using it ever since. To me it made a huge difference in feel because it also change the acc. pedal angle. Give it try if you have the adjustable pedals and usually have them forward.

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