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  1. ^^^^ Exactly ^^^^ Save your money and put the truck in Tow/Haul mode.....same effect for free.
  2. Nice unit. My questions is does it play well with the steering wheel controls? Also, my truck has a lot of programmable features which are controlled through the head unit.....will that still work the same?
  3. Did you hand calculate? My truck's MPG readout is off by almost 2 mpg and my hand calculated average is usually in the 19 to 20 range driving "normal" which isn't bad for a big heavy truck with a 6.2L engine.
  4. Well, since you asked...…….both look gaudy and I wouldn't put them on my truck if they were free. Maybe on an old beater but not on a Denali, very unbecoming of the truck. Now you have my opinion. Its your truck and your money.
  5. I have to weave over the lines at least twice before the seat vibrates and then I also get a message to "Take Steering".
  6. I had a 2015 F-150 King Ranch 5.0L and a 2016 F-150 Platinum 3.5L EB, both were great trucks, had plenty of power (especially the 3.5L EB) and were mechanically sound. What I didn't like was the constant dealer visits for the electronics, I guess that is the prize you pay for the high end gizmos. Now I have the Denali and all I do get the oil changed and put gas in it; I like it that way. I don't understand why people always bash Ram trucks. I had several and they were always trouble free for me. One thing is for sure, they have a much better 8-speed transmission then GM has; no clunky shifts!
  7. I had Katzkins installed in a F-150 a few years ago, bought the covers off eBay for 500.00 and paid the same to get them installed (was to lazy to do it myself). The quality of Katzkin is great.
  8. 2018 Denali or SLT

    Exactly! I always like and buy the high end trucks because they already have everything I want/need. Makes no sense to me to retrofit later and still just have an SLT or XLT (Ford) and you never get the money back when you trade or sell. Before the Denali I had King Ranch, Platinum or Laramie Longhorn.........just better trucks in my opinion.
  9. I have both. Really like the LKA but rarely use the heated steering wheel, the heated seats are a different story as they are on all the time now when we drive the truck.
  10. Best cover in my opinion, have one on my Denali and had the same cover on my last two trucks. Almost 100% waterproof except for right at the tailgate (maybe 10" into the bad).
  11. I bought my truck 3 month ago. 2017 Denali 1500, 6.2L, 8-speed, 4WD, one local owner, 15K miles, CPO for 43K. I don't know if that was a great price or not but so far I put about 7K miles on it and really like it. My first GM truck ever after driving Ford or Ram.
  12. I also have a 18 Denali 1500 with the same feature (LKA), the warning works in two ways: 1. The light in the cluster changes to orange and you eventually get a message to "Take Steering Wheel". 2. Depending on your settings it either beeps or your seat vibrates on the side where you run over the line. The setting for the alarm type is in the radio under Vehicle. Took me a bit to figure it out, whatever setting you pick will also apply to the Park Aid.
  13. Well, my truck still has the occasional clunky shift despite two transmission flushes. I guess I wait until GM comes out with the "official fix" early next year. It really doesn't present an issue right now and it is well documented with my dealer. Other then that it is probably the best truck I have owned up to this point.
  14. Had my engine oil/filter changed and tires rotated today. The tech who usually deals with the transmission issues was out today so I have another appointment. Luckily the hard shift occurred when the service writer brought the truck around for me to pick it up. She said that she could definitely feel the hard shift. When I asked her what they are going to do she said that for now GM advised them to flush the fluid and reprogram the TCM. Then she told me that it is common and that they done the procedure to at least 50 trucks with mixed results. She also told me that GM is coming out with a fix early 2019...….I am anxious to see what that is. I am just glad that it happened when she drove my truck.
  15. Sierra as a Daily Driver

    If you trade your truck now or sell you'll loose a lot of money because of the initial depreciation...…….that would buy you a lot of gas.

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