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  1. Does anybody have the installation instructions for the GM bed cover in the title line? It is the one that has the front flip up panel. I looked on the GM accessory site but there is no documentation. The photo is from GM.
  2. Can you tell me some more about the keyless entry pad? Is it a GM part and similar to what Ford uses?
  3. Yes, I have but didn't even came to my mind because I thought you were commenting on my ad. And yes, retired W4 here.
  4. Not sure what you mean by that.
  5. I would ship but don't have the box anymore. I guess I can probably get one at UPS or FedEx.
  6. I bought this cover new in December 2020 but going back to a tri-fold hard cover. BAK Part # BAK-39131. Been on my truck for 6 weeks so it is basically new. Fits the new body style Chevy/GMC 1500 with the standard bed (approximately 6'6"). One photo from BAK, the black truck is mine and has the actual cover on it.. Complete with all mounting hardware, instructions and receipt for warranty. Below is the link for more information: 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 BAK Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover | BAKFlip I live in central Missouri and really don't want to ship because it is
  7. Your first oil change, tire rotation and DEF refill is on GMC, so, why not. I plan on having mine changed at around 2000 miles. Also, you second oil change will be almost free as well......when you bought your truck and if you signed up for MyGMC you 20K points which equal $100.00.
  8. I just traded in my 2019 Ram Laramie last month and bought a 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Duramax with the SLT Premium Plus package which is comparable to a Ram Laramie or a Ford F-150 Lariat. I bought the GMC for the engine and I really like the outside looks after adding stainless steel side moldings. As far as the interior is concerned, yes, Ram is a little more refined and/or plush. With that said, I have no regrets and really like the GMC, especially the engine/transmission combo.
  9. Just an update to my last post. Banks replied to me and told me to go to settings---vehicle selection---and then select "GM Standard". After doing so the DPF SL became an available option.
  10. It is under the Emissions section and is called DPG RG ((DPF Regen Trigger). I attached the parameter listing for the 2020 Duramax trucks which also lists the DPF SL (Soot Load) as an available parameter to display. Unfortunately that option will not show up for my 2021 despite updating the iDash to the latest firmware. I did send an email to Banks support but haven't received a reply yet. iDash Parameters.pdf
  11. I just added a Banks iDash 1.8 Super Gauge to my new truck because I wanted the ability to monitor when the truck is in DPF regeneration mode. Main reason to me to know that is that I don't want to shut off the engine but rather keep driving to complete regeneration. I know there are other choices from Edge or Scan Gauge but I had Banks products in the past and was always impressed with their features and quality. I also did use the Banks gauge pod. I also like to thank fellow member BurnsMax who answered a lot of my questions through PMs.
  12. Update on my initial displayed MPG. Today I filled the tank for the first time after putting a little bit over 500 miles on my new truck as follows. The first 100 miles between 65 and 70 on the Interstate, then 150 miles local (city and secondary roads), yesterday 250 mile round trip with 3 passengers, adaptive cruise set to 75. DIC showed 24.4 average, hand calculated it was 24.7 MPG. Not bad for a new engine; I am not sure if the truck went through a DPF regeneration cycle or not. On my list is a gage so I can monitor DPF soot level and when regeneration starts.
  13. Congratulations on your new truck. I used to own a 2017 GMC Denali with the 6.2L engine. What a beast and surprisingly fuel efficient.
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