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  1. I have had the rears in for 500 miles and it makes a big difference. I don't feel I'm going to lose it on some of the bumps. Still waiting for my mechanic to get back from vacation to get the fronts in.
  2. With COVID-19 it will probably be awhile. Tune will probably be awhile since they are having hard time breaking the encryption on the ECM
  3. I went with Bilstein 5100 series. Won't look back. The stock shocks suck. They don't handle well over bumps at all, I felt completely unsafe. The Bilsteins don't do that
  4. No I purchased from shockwarehouse.com. They were just shipped directly from Bilstein. I'm assuming there were out of stock at shock warehouse and just sent direct
  5. I'm assuming you have a 3.0L duramax? Me personally I wouldn't drive it especially pulling a trailer with that weight. The adding weight could cause the leak to become worse. Plus the leaking could cause the control module to fail unless you redirect the leak. I had an oil leak and immediately stopped driving until they fixed. You never know when the leak could become worse and I wasn't risking it. It sucks with covid, because it seems like it takes forever to get the parts or get the truck fixed.
  6. 24-309516 is what I ordered for the rears
  7. They arrived today. No they didn't but I have an account with ups and ups sent the tracking. They come direct from Bilstein. If you don't have a ups account, I would sign up since it's free and they automatically send you tracking that's linked with the email.
  8. Ordered mine on July 18th. They are supposed to be delivered today
  9. You're welcome. Try the other FOB and make sure there isn't an issue with that one. Mine starts instantly. May need to bring it in to see what is going on
  10. I'll see if I can find a diagram. The heater works when plugged in, but it isn't recommended until below 0F cause it can cause issues where it turns on the fans full speed all the time(I believe there is a tsb fix for this). You don't need a bra because your shutters will stay closed to keep the engine hot. They will open and close to keep your engine at optimal operating temperature. When does your truck act like that when start? Cold or warm temps. May want to drain the water out of the fuel filter
  11. Yeah I had an oil galley plug go on mine and was leaking oil all over. Said 3-5 days to get it. Took two weeks to get the part. Anything engine related with these trucks are going to be a problem since they it is a new engine. Parts are going to be in short supply. It's not like the other engines they have been around for awhile and with COVID-19 it seems everything is on back order.
  12. Welcome to the forum! Not sure what your question is. The Mobil 1 is approved by GM for the truck. You will want to keep documentation with receipts if using that to keep warranty intact. I plan on using Mobil 1 for my oil changes.
  13. I ordered one from Bem-Auto. It's a solid cap.
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