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  1. I have found that my 2020 is using about 2 quarts per oil change. I am about to take it in for bulletin PIP5762 for excessive oil consumption.
  2. I also have a data plan for my truck. I'm not sure it that matters. If you don't have a data plan you might want to connect your infotainment system to your home wifi and try to update that way.
  3. I used my block heater for the first time this past weekend since it was below zero. I had it plugged in overnight and pulled the plug and started it and the fans went at full speed. I have a banks iDash as was able to reset it and get the fans to turn off. Code was P0111. Next day I pulled the plug about 15 minutes before I started and the fans didn't come on
  4. You live in a cold weather state? I live in Minnesota and with this very cold weather I notice a burning smell from the DEF
  5. Neutral and parking brake will let it keep running. Just take the FOB and lock the doors
  6. Try shock warehouse.com. Mine came in a week but that was in the summer. I went with the Bilstein 5100s
  7. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. I have started unplugging it when I shut the truck off.
  8. That maybe the sensor on the bottom. It was usually on the mirror itself, but they may have changed that.
  9. It should be a different color on the mirror. I didn't have one but put an aftermarket one in and has a button to turn it off. Can you take a pic of the mirror. They're usually at the top of the mirror in the middle
  10. No they are programmed to dim. You could put some tape over the sensor
  11. The dealer had a ready lift kit in mine when I bought it, it was ok. I have switched to Bilstein shocks all around and removed the level kit, since you can adjust the front up to 2.5". Way better ride and handling with this setup
  12. The gauge is in inaccurate, mine has been all over the place. It was half full and there was a pop up message stating I only had 625 miles left until reduced speed. I have also had it go from full to half and then a day later 3/4 full. I have almost 8k miles and have added 5 gallons. When it had the pop up message I aded 2.5 gallons and it stayed at half full
  13. Probably want to post this in this from and not the half ton forum. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/240-2020-silverado-hd-sierra-hd/
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