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  1. Neutral and parking brake will let it keep running. Just take the FOB and lock the doors
  2. Try shock warehouse.com. Mine came in a week but that was in the summer. I went with the Bilstein 5100s
  3. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. I have started unplugging it when I shut the truck off.
  4. That maybe the sensor on the bottom. It was usually on the mirror itself, but they may have changed that.
  5. It should be a different color on the mirror. I didn't have one but put an aftermarket one in and has a button to turn it off. Can you take a pic of the mirror. They're usually at the top of the mirror in the middle
  6. No they are programmed to dim. You could put some tape over the sensor
  7. The dealer had a ready lift kit in mine when I bought it, it was ok. I have switched to Bilstein shocks all around and removed the level kit, since you can adjust the front up to 2.5". Way better ride and handling with this setup
  8. The gauge is in inaccurate, mine has been all over the place. It was half full and there was a pop up message stating I only had 625 miles left until reduced speed. I have also had it go from full to half and then a day later 3/4 full. I have almost 8k miles and have added 5 gallons. When it had the pop up message I aded 2.5 gallons and it stayed at half full
  9. Probably want to post this in this from and not the half ton forum. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/240-2020-silverado-hd-sierra-hd/
  10. I just took my 2" lift blocks out my truck and did the 5100. They are way better and it kept the same height. My engine is 463lbs(3.0 Duramax) and yours is 403lbs. Don't do the blocks, I had them and it drives way better with these. It will be more expensive but worth it
  11. It is probably a bad battery. I have seen a lot of people with a bad battery causing an issue with starting and a CEL. I would have the battery load tested. It probably has some dead cells and needs to be replaced.
  12. Gotcha. Yes they all do come with a 10 speed. I wasn't thinking about the hard to find 3.73 gears. Mine has the 3.23s, I think I have only seen one person with the 3.73s
  13. I'm sure some it has to do with the 10 speed. Not sure on the tires. I don't have stock rims or tires on mine.
  14. I want to do the front since that is still bouncy, but the rears make a huge improvement. It takes 15-20 minutes to swap out yourself. It's DIY, and you don't need a jack. Just pull the old ones one side at a time and replace with the new ones. It's $94 per shock from shockwarehouse.com and free shipping
  15. Thanks for the info, it's plugged in securely. This was the first month I had it, and plugged in when it pulled the monthly report. I have no lights on. Basically Chevy locked me out of the app until I unplugged the device. I guess I don't truly own the truck, since chevy locks your account that you pay for the service and the truck. I guess I must be renting it
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