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  1. There’s other posts and reviews on many sites about leveling kits on the diesels not working when the kit mounts on the bottom of the strut instead of the top. It will work but there’s pictures of people boot on the cv shaft rubbing the shock and then ripping open and throwing grease all over. I’m taking leveling kit not lift kit.
  2. It might but I’d just google a leveling kit. There’s a ton out there. The issue is the diesel motor with 99% of the kits. Some come with shocks and there’s different styles so I’d research it yourself.
  3. I got it figured out. Rough county makes a kit that works apparently that’s either new or somehow looked over it and the dealer also couldn’t find it originally. It’s the RST trim package.
  4. Most trucks have a lower front end or a “rake” and a leveling kit raises the front end to make the truck level or closer to level depending the size you get. 2” is the most common I’d say. I did find the answer to my question because the bottom strut style leveling kits don’t work with the diesel. Rough Country makes one for the diesel so going with that. It’s to get it level and help fit bigger tires without a full lift. I can’t do a lift or I void my lifetime powertrain warranty.
  5. I just got my new truck and the dealer is leveling it to keep my warranty. I did a bunch of research and there’s a few out there that won’t work with the 3.0 apparently. They’re using readylift and mine will be the first they’ve done. Anyone have issues? Heard the CV shaft and shock can touch with the wrong kit. If you have what size tire are you running?
  6. I found a local guy willing to trade. If that falls through I’ll let you know.
  7. The truck is an RST but those tow mirrors are the basic ones, manual and then just have the marker lights on the front of them.
  8. If it’s possible and they swap straight across I’d like to trade my tow mirrors with the smaller style. Located in western Washington state. The one thing I don’t really care for about this truck.
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