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  1. You're generic. Read the first post. Its not just about an air filter.
  2. Unfortunately it seems as though FB has more "instant" feedback. I'm on that page but I go here also just in case there is some info here that I need.
  3. It's here but I'm not going to install until Sunday.
  4. Some people just like modifying their vehicles and some dont. Anyway.. I'm looking at this also: https://afepower.com/afe-power-77-44014-scorcher-hd-power-module That combined with the S&B CAI, might get me closer to 300hp and 500tq at the motor. not bad for towing my travel trailer or Camaro on a trailer. Another option for tuning also and its out: https://www.agdieselsolutions.com/product/21800/
  5. Strictly speaking for AFE? Or also the S&B?
  6. Did you order it direct? Says backordered on their site.
  7. So here are the two CAIs. One avail and one almost ready. Any input on which to get? https://afepower.com/afe-power-50-70064t-momentum-hd-cold-air-intake-system-w-pro-10r-filter https://www.sbfilters.com/cold-air-intakes/silverado-sierra-1500-duramax-3-0-intake-75-5137?variant_id=712 Is this programmer decent? Seems like the only one available. https://afepower.com/afe-power-77-44014-scorcher-hd-power-module
  8. Looks like they didn't install the harness. Lol. Parts will be in next week.
  9. I ordered part 84776100. Are the blinkers and the side light things supposed to work? What about when the lights are on at night, do the marker lights stay lit? None of that works.
  10. Looks like trash. *Stock *15 HP - Heavy Tow *30 HP - Best Mileage and Tow *45 HP - Mileage and Light Tow Heavy towing, lets add 15hp. LOL. Am I reading that right?
  11. Sounds about right. I'll need to check when pulling my 33' TT. Average was around 17mpg but I'll need to do a proper reset and drive.
  12. I hear mine but on the highway I dont. TBH, I like it. I'd rather hear it. If it sounds different, then I know something is wrong (assuming no regen is going on).
  13. Take her out on a longer trip. I do that..head down 45 minutes, then back. About 120 mile round trip. Enough for a regen. I have about 15k-16k miles on her. Went to the coast, towed my travel trailer etc. You have to make some time for that regen process.
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