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  1. Buy it and drive it. I've been working from home, lots of small in town trips, no issues.
  2. I have 3.73 gears, 4x4 and at 75mph I get 24mpg. If I've been driving city more than highway the mpg is less than 24. The only time I get 17 is towing a boat. Not sure what an AT4 is supposed to get. I only have a z71 offroad & towing package.
  3. I wouldn't mind hearing a little bit more turbo.
  4. There was another company making one. I forget the name.
  5. Other than the pedal commander. IMO, I wouldnt want to waste my money on that. I'll just press the gas more. I'm also waiting on the Banks programmer. Anything else out?
  6. 2020 3.0 Duramax, 2/1 level kit, 275/65/18 Duratrac tires (kept them since I only have 11k on them). Fuel wheels. Going to install helper bags in the back also.
  7. I have the off-road package, 10spd and 3.73s. i ordered some Fuel wheels, 18x9 but will keep my Duratracs since they have alot of tread left.
  8. Yea, I thought that was it. Just wanted to confirm. Thanks!
  9. I ordered Fuel D645 with blue tint. I'm going to run the same tires since they're Duratracs and are brand new. 275/65/18. Before pic attached. Only change is the level kit. I'll put different tires on it after these wear out.
  10. I wasn't specific enough, my bad. I guess fitment, do I need an offset with just a leveling kit? I'm not going to change wheel size, keeping it at 18" and using my original tires for now 275/65/18. Shouldnt rub I'm assuming.
  11. I have a 2020 3.0 z71 with a level kit. Anyone here have that done and also changed the wheel & tire combo? Post pics...
  12. I'm going to wait until a programmer comes out for the 3.0. I'd rather just save the $300 and press the pedal down a little more when needed.
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