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  1. I currently have a 2020 GMC 1/2 ton 6.2/10spd and I want to make the the jump to a 3/4 ton diesel. the only experience I have with a diesel was a 2000 Ford 7.3 powerchoke. Had it for a few months and then it died with 500k miles. I drive over 100k miles a year towing an enclosed trailer cross country 2x a month. Currently towing a 16x7 enclosed trailer that averages 5k lbs. my half ton tows it well but I don’t think it’s the best solution for constant towing. I feel the HD would be better for my application. I would like to eventually upgraded to a larger trailer after I get my truck situation figured out. with that being said, how many of you guys have over 100k miles on your L5P? I put 100k miles on my 6.2 in 10 months and will likely do the same with the duramax. i saw a few people had re-gen issues on their HD, I’m wondering how common this is? any other things that could happen that will leave my stranded?? Being that I drive across the US monthly, I spent most of time in the middle of nowhere. The cost of towing a broken down truck with trailer in the middle of nowhere is a valid concern, as well as the cost of being out of commission for days or weeks. I’ve heard horror stories with newer diesels leaving people stranded, and while I know that can happen in any vehicle, I’m hoping it’s just blown out of proportion due to the nature of the internet. Any advice based on real life experience would be helpful.
  2. Zip tie is holding my solenoid off of my original magnaride shock. I switched to a spring/shock and to bypass the “service suspension” warning you can remove the solenoids from the original shock and plug them in and trick the sys. I will probably go back to magnaride soon lmao.
  3. I’ve added more photos. Everything I’ve circled has oil on it. The arrows represent the direction at which the oil is being flung. Looking at the shield over the fuel tank is a give away. And then on the bottom of the bed. It all correlates. also; I’ve also been experiencing a shutter at times on certain on some interstate hills. Doesn’t do it all the time. Im hoping this is related to low diff fluid and nothing more serious so we will see.
  4. It definitely smells like gear oil. Has lubricity like gear oil. Everything around the pinion is oily. The tank is only wet on the side where the gear oil is being flung. Above the pinion is the bottom of the truck bed and that is wet. Dirty is sticking and making a mess.
  5. I did a quick search and I think my pinion seal is going bad. I’m having fluid flung onto my gas tank. Also getting a shutter sometimes on certain hills pullin my trailer. I’ve attached fluid
  6. I’m looking for some guidance for the 10spd transmission flush. I did a quick search and didn’t find much. Seems like most people are taking the truck to the dealership for this - which is not an option for me. I already bought the bolt kit for the one time use stretch bolts that hold the transmission filter. I have 20qrs of ACDelco transmission fluid and a new transmission filter. It would greatly appreciated If anybody has done this and can shed some light on the process. Or if there’s a well written write up on the procedure that I over looked. I checked Amsoil website for the capacity and it reads “10 speed With Cooler 10L80 Total Fill 12 quarts 10 speed Trans Only 10L80 Total Fill 12.6 quarts 8.1 quarts Initial Fill” my plan was to drain the fluid from the trans and then replace filter and bolts and refill with the same Amount of fluid that was drained. thanks in advance
  7. Hello, I am looking for information or a service bulletin for flushing the transmission fluid on my 10spd. I saw somebody posted a service bulletin for the 8spd - hoping to one for the next 10 speed. thanks in advance
  8. Helloc ant chance you have the service bulletin for the 10spd? Looking to flush my 6.2/10
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