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  1. Just wondering why all the truck leveling? Is there a practical reason or is it just aesthetics ? If it is actually better does GM or any other truck manufacturer offer it as an option?
  2. What are leaf screens? No idea what you are talking about
  3. I found the same thing when I picked my truck from the dealer. The tires were about 3-4 PSI over recommended but the ride was great. I dropped the pressure to the specs but I feel the ride is not as smooth as when the pressure was higher. Going to give them a try again at a PSI and see if I still feel the same
  4. So today my safety alert seat stopped working. Truck is almost 3 months old and it has worked every day up until now The front and rear sensors are working as I can see them activate in the DIC. The vibrating seat also works as when I deselect in the vehicle systems and then re-select it the seat vibrates momentarily just to let me know its working. The problem appears to be a glitch between the sensors and the computer activating the seat. To me it looks like some kind of software issue, that all of a sudden decided not to work any more. Other than taking it to the dealer anybody else experienced this and came up with a solution? Its a nice feature to have to let you know how close you are to an object without having to monitor the DIC
  5. I have the exact same truck you are looking at except mine is Pacific Blue. I have had it for about 6 weeks so far and no issues. With the premium plus package you get adaptive cruise control. This gives you everything a Denali has and more for less money. The ride is pretty smooth even with the X31 addition. I think you will be pleased with this purchase
  6. So GM has informed my dealer that Canadian trucks do not have this feature even though the dealer found some trucks on his lot do in fact have it, and some don't. GM has determined that they need to reprogram the Body Control Module or BCM to enable this feature. My question is has anybody had their BCM reprogrammed for any reason and had any negative results. My truck is operating great right now everything else works as it should. I am just worried that the reprogramming my screw something else up just to get this one feature working.
  7. I have what looks like the same cover installed by the dealer on my SLT. Mine is made by REV. So far we have had some pretty hard rain storms and has not leaked. I have not seen any water in the box, so I guess it depends on the installation but so far I am pleased with this cover.
  8. 2020 SLT Pacific Blue with premium plus package and x31
  9. The door open indicators do work. Went to the dealer today. They tried reloading software, no luck. Waiting for GM engineering to come up with afix
  10. Just bought a new 2020 Sierra SLT. The rear seat reminder is supposed to be selected by default. I noticed it wasn't coming on. I went the setting menu and under vehicle the option to select it was not even there. Somehow its missing from the menu even though its supposed to be part of the included features. Its on the window sticker. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what the fix.is. The dealer is looking into it now but they have not seen this issue before.
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