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  1. All vehicles are painted using electrostatic equipment and the paint will not get into areas such as the stake pockets. However all areas that are exposed will be covered. The truck bodies also get totally immersed into a rust proofing bath where every nook and cranny does get coated. The same process is used by every manufacturer so I would expect every vehicle to have the same results not just GM
  2. I believe the spare tire that comes with your truck sits on a 17 inch steel rim so you should be good to go with 17 inch wheels for the winter
  3. Like a lot of owners one of the things that ticked me off was having wireless charging capability but still having to plug my phone into a cable to have access to Apple Carplay on my screen. I ended up buying the CPLAY2air wireless dongle. I have had it for about a week and so far works great. Every time I start the truck it takes about 15 seconds to boot up and gives me full wireless functionality to the built in Apple Carplay. Easy solution for those that want it.
  4. I think I have discovered the problem with this website. There needs to be more advertising as I can still see some of the forums when I log on. I'm sure just a little bit more and it will completely block out all the good stuff we come here for.
  5. What is going on with this website. I used to be able to hover the cursor over a topic to see it before clicking on it, now its useless. What ever they have done please go back to what it was before. At least it worked. As it is now its too bothersome to use
  6. I agree with Gary . People can find fault with anything. What happens if you are speeding and the boys in blue catch you, It must be the trucks fault because the design allowed it to go over the speed limit. Take some responsibility for your actions and realize anything made by man is never going to be perfect.
  7. I owned a 61 Vette with a 283 cu in motor that was known to have a problem with overheating. GM over the years of production of the C1 vette made various changes to cooling systems , fan sizes and more blades etc. but the problem never went away. One of the guys I worked with who was a real gear head was also a distributor for Amsoil. He suggested I try it. It made a huge difference in how my engine performed. On really hot humid days my car would get so hot if I stopped for any reason it would stall. Anyone who remembers driving old classic cars knows how the temp gauge would change with driving conditions. Going up steep hills the gauge goes up to max , coasting down hills the temp gauge goes down. Long explanation but real world results from using Amsoil in my engine made me a believer. The motor ran much cooler and smoother. I also put Amsoil transmission fluid in my baby and never had to double clutch again. My 2 cents
  8. I have not tried this yet. Will let you know when I do. On a side note have you noticed all the extra channels available on the Sirius XM app on your cell phone? I have tried to access them on my truck app but could not find them . Anyone here have any luck with that?
  9. The last couple of times that I started my truck there was a message on the screen that "Update failed" When I try to update manually it says "no update available " Anyone have any ideas what is going on here?
  10. Got this from the owners manual. Apparently if you are not driving aggressively it returns to normal after a short period. When you enter this mode you will immediately feel a down shift. In this mode, the vehicle also monitors driving behaviors and automatically enables Performance Shift Features when spirited driving is detected. These features maintain lower transmission gears to increase available engine braking and improve acceleration response. The vehicle will exit these features and return to normal operation after a short period when no spirited driving is detected
  11. I found this on the Husky website. Looks like it might be what you are looking for. https://www.huskyliners.com/Wheel-Well-Guards-Wheel-Well-Liners/2020/gmc/sierra-1500
  12. I had this same problem in my 2017 Acadia. I did not get it every time but was always worse when I parked on an incline .The dealer replaced a transmission sensor and the problem went away.
  13. I have a 2020 SLT with a block heater. There is no thermostat in the cord. It must be in the block heater itself. I checked the cord with and ohmmeter and it always conducts. Plugged my heater in when it was -15 C and no current draw. The other day it was -21 C and the current draw was 3.5 amps. So the thermostat must be set somewhere around -20 C.
  14. Today it was -20 C . Plugged in the block heater and it worked. Current draw is 3.5 amps. Glad it works but still not impressed that its has to get so frigging cold before I can make use of it
  15. Welcome fellow Canadian. I am also from northern Ontario, although not living there now. I have the same model truck as yours but I have not experienced the problem you are having. Hopefully your dealer can do something for you, keep us posted.
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