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  1. I got 21000($100) points I can redeem for accessories through chevy. I'm gonna order the full cab rear floor mat its only $80. The front came with the floor mats already. The back has mats but not the whole length of the cab, which is a must with the two boys. Gonna get my trifold from Amazon like always lol..the markup through chevy is nuts for the trifold.
  2. Hey everyone new member here. Brought home my 1st silverado, 2021 LT all star edition with Z71 package. I've had the RAM, didn't like it too much..had a vibration and unbearable wind noise that no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get fix it.. My trade in was my 15' F150 xlt 302a ecoboost..loved the truck but had the itch for something new. I'm hoping the silverado won't let me down and so far I'm enjoying it. Have to get used to not having the turbos, but I am liking the more linear progression of power the 5.3 provides. Any suggestions or tips and tricks for me?
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