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  1. Have the intake and exhaust installed from the factory. Noticed the air filter was picking up a good amount of larger debris (bugs, leaves and such), so I decided to add a FilterWears pre-filter, as I have them on almost everything else I have. Took some measurements (5" diam top, 6" diam bottom, 7.5" long). Closest fitment I found was P/N K265 for K&N RC-5100 filter. Rolled the dice. Ends up fitting snug, but perfectly. They did send me the wrong color (ordered red to match the filter), but I'm sure they'll make it right. https://filterwears.com/products/filterwears-pre-filter-k265-for-k-n-air-filter-rc-5100-57-1058-63-9023-57-9020?_pos=1&_sid=9bb52f367&_ss=r There are other companies that make pre-filters for RC-5100. Obviously can't speak to fitment of these, but I'm guessing you'd be alright.
  2. FIXED. After trying many things, I came up with the idea of ONLY having SXM favorites, as opposed to some FM favorites and SXM. Kind of a kludge solution, but it works. Luckily, there's only one FM station I listen to, so not really much of a problem.
  3. Bumping this. I did try out the On Demand SXM stuff. Pretty cool. That part works like a champ.
  4. Been lurking for a while. Have a 2020 AT4. Can't seem to get my SiriusXM Tune Start working. I found the option in the settings, but regardless of whether it's on or off, Tune Start does not really work. It does record in cache memory, so if I'm already on a station, I can rewind up until the time I tuned into that station. But Tune Start is supposed to cache your favorites and start from the beginning of a song (assuming the radio has been powered on for the start of a new song to have happened) for anything marked as a favorite. So when you're scrolling through your favorites, you always start at the begining of a song (again, assuming it's had enough time to acquire a new song beginning). This is exactly how it works in my FCA vehicle and my other GM vehicle with aftermarket SXM. Is anyone else having any luck with Tune Start?
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