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  1. No doubt slowing down for every bump I travel over will solve the bottoming out problem. If i was driving a sports car or something similar, i would bottom out if i drove too fast over the bumps. But, i didn't buy a sports car, i bought a truck with an off road package. Off road means lots of bumps so why build a suspension like a car??? In any case, i am going to solve the problem myself, as i give up on GM doing anything about it. I've been driving trucks for 50+ years and this is the first truck i buy that bottoms out all the time with no load in the box.
  2. Thanks for your input. I suspected the shocks all along given that its getting worse especially in the cold weather. When the temp is below -30C (like it has been for a while now) its extra bad.
  3. Oh, its not just a noise. I can feel it in my bones when it hits. There is less than 3 inches of travel so it doesnt take much to take up that space.
  4. i just got my truck back from the dealer. They tell me that this is normal for these trucks. They took a similar new truck for the same ride and said the new one is the same. So now, besides contacting GM directly to complain, I am going to install a real suspension under the last GM truck I ever buy.........
  5. I just went under my truck to have a look at my suspension. I have maybe 2 1/2" between my springs and the bump stop. Small wonder I am bottoming out. I have another appointment in the morning to see if they can duplicate my problem. I already "warned" them to not come back after a test drive and tell me they couldn't get the truck to bottom out or that they cant do anything about it. If this does happen, I will make the necessary changes to fix the problem myself and end my streak of buying GM products at 43 years.
  6. I have a 2020 Sierra 1500 SLT with the X31 off road package that has a rear suspension problem. This truck has only 13000 kms on it and the suspension is getting weaker and weaker. I should mention that the only weight on the box is a tonneau cover so weight is not an issue. At first the rear suspension started bottoming out on the larger bumps. Now the suspension bottoms out on even the smaller bumps. I live in Northern Ontario where the roads are notorious for being bad. I have been buying GM/Chev trucks for 43 years and this is the first time I have any issue like this. My local dealer has always given me good service but their hands are tied when it comes to warranty at times and this is one of those times. I took my truck to the dealer last week for service and I asked them to have a look at my rear suspension. When I picked up the truck after they were done I asked about what they found. They said they took a test drive and the truck did not bottom out. The service advisor agreed to go for a drive with me so I could show him how easily it bottoms out. We only went for a short ride and I was able to give him a demonstration of what it feels like when the truck bottoms out. He said there is nothing that they can do as they said they checked the shocks for leaks or any damage to the springs and everything looked normal. He indicated that at this point there is nothing they can do but he would watch out for any bulletins regarding this issue. This morning on my 20km ride to work the suspension bottomed out 4 times. Has anyone else had this issue and did GM do anything about it.
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