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  1. I purchased purolator PL22500 . It states on their site that it’s rated 22 psi.
  2. I have decided to buy a pressure washer and deal with it. Thanks to all.
  3. Yes, that’s the only way to get clean.
  4. Thanks to all the replies. Haven’t decided what I’m going to do just yet. Mine are definitely hard to clean, used car wash pressure wand and it looked good until it dried. After drying it still was gritty. Again thank you all who took time to reply.
  5. Any information on ordering factory wheel well liners. I have a 2020 GMC SLT that has the felt or carpet type wheel liners on it. I despise this new type liner, so hard to clean, and it’s a dirt magnet. I would like to have the plain hard plastic ones. Is there anyone that can locate part numbers for the old style liners. I prefer to have factory parts as I’ve read that the after market ones sometimes takes a lot of fabrication to properly. Vin number attached
  6. Sorry about your truck. I had an oil pump failure on my 2020 Sierra 6.2. dealer kelp truck 4 weeks for the repair. I’m with you I’m a little shy about how it’s going to perform from now on. Engine survived , but it’s had open heart surgery.
  7. Update on repair service. Driven around two hundred miles since pump replacement. truck drives and operates as before oil pump failure. only complaint I have is dealer wasn’t as careful with cleanliness as I am. I had to spend a couple of hours detailing the inside of truck .
  8. these are my oil pressure after new pump installed. 52.5 oil pressure high RPM Idle pressure is 30 PSI arrow indicates my highest oil pressure. if I understand this correctly each mark is 7.5 psi.
  9. Ask dealer for additional warranty? I bought an extended warranty when I purchased truck. if you have experience with this please explain the process.
  10. Picked up truck just a few minutes ago. Everything seems normal. Oil pressure 40 psi hot, cruising almost 60. Fingers crossed, and thanks for all the replies.
  11. Just back from dealer. Truck still not ready. I did walk to where they are working on my truck to take a look. Truck is on the lift, and it’s looks like the front axles are out plus oil pan radiator and so on. It must be in a hundred different pieces. Said may get it back together by this Friday. I m beginning to think this truck will never be right again. today starts 5 weeks it’s been in their shop.
  12. Oil pump arrived at dealer 11-07-20. Dealer says they will start the repair Monday. Stay tuned.
  13. Thanks for the replies, makes me at ease about my truck. I was concerned GM might have a problem with pumps. Glad to here that’s not the case. If I may ask another question about replacement of pump. Is this job assigned to just any tech , or is this job better served by a seasoned tech. The reason I ask is the tech assigned to repair my truck is fresh out of mechanic school and is 20 years old. I will keep this post updated.
  14. I checked oil before I left dealer. Truck never ran bad at all. Just check engine light was on by the time I arrived home. I cleared code and drove truck to dealer the next morning. I spoke with service rep and discussed oil weight and possibly wrong filter. Mechanic ran test while I was there and told me filter was right and all testing suggested oil pump.
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