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  1. So question for you guys but in a different direction. My truck came with the tow mirrors and I do not like them. I do not tow enough to ever really use them. I want to move down to the standard mirrors. My current tow mirrors are manual fold, power adjustable, heated and have the task lighting. I have seen the standard size mirrors with the perimeter / task lighting, heated and power adjustable. Only difference is the lights are on the front of the mirror. Can I install them and everything work properly? Hope that makes sense! Thanks in advance for any advice on this!
  2. Hey guys quick question (if this has been covered, can someone post a link)? I have a 2020 GMC X31 1500. It came from the factory with the tow mirrors. They are power adjustable and have the led task lights. Here is my question. Can I swap them for standard power mirrors with task lighting? Will the task lights, heated mirrors and adjustable power work? Btw, my current mirrors are not power fold. So I am not worried about that option. Thanks!
  3. My GMC X31 came from the factory with the tow mirrors. Cannot decide if I like them or not. I don’t tow anything major. Just a small bass boat and utility trailer. I feel like they look a little oversized for a 1500.
  4. Hello sir. I wanted to check in and see long term what ended up happening with your window. I just bought a 2020 GMC and it’s already leaking. I am trying to find out if anyone has had any luck with fixing this issue long term. Thanks!
  5. Saw your truck tonight browsing. Looks great. I just bought a 2020 GMC X31. After having this size for a while, do you like them? I was planning on installing a 2in level kit with this same size. I wanted something a little larger than the factory tires but nothing huge. Also didn’t want a tire that would negatively impact engine / transmission performance. Last question do they set outside the fenders? Thanks man! Oh one more thing. I had those same exact Cooper tires on my old truck. When I sold it, they had 55k miles on them and I swear I think I could have gone another 20k+. Gr
  6. So I bought a new Chevy Z71 in 2004. It ended up being one of the best trucks I have ever owned. Last month it turned 380k miles. Original engine and I didn't replace the transmission until around 360k miles. The truck was unbelievable. I sold it just last week and bought a new GMC X31. So far I love the new truck. Really hated to sell it but it was time. The family needed something a little bigger for trips (Z71 was an extended cab, new GMC is crew cab) and it was just time after 17 years. Here is my question. Do you guys think these new trucks can last as long as the old GM truc
  7. Hello everyone! Quick question. Is it possible to get cloth bucket seats with the center console in the LT model? Or must you move up to the LTZ and leather is the only option for the bucket seats? I’m not interested in the RST because I’m not a fan of the no chrome package (painted bumper and grill).
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