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  1. Added a few things in the past couple weeks. Almost done, hopefully!
  2. Beautiful color. Congrats.....LOVE the color just couldn't do a dark color again!
  3. I really feel like GM and other manufacturers will start doing an online build to order and pay/finance through GM...FORD...DODGE etc.....cut out dealerships. Which is unfortunate because as bad as dealerships can be sometimes there is a use for them and some people there care and want to put a face to a vehicle.
  4. So I went to the dealer that I picked up my truck from last Monday. Apparently there is a huge chip issue (I've heard other of you fine fellas I think say this too) Because of this, they are also cutting the finish date at the bowling green plant for the 21' corvettes. My father in law just picked his up like a month ago and our dealer had 8 allocations.....now they have 2 because they are starting the 22's. in July which is early. I gave him a build for a Tahoe for my wife. 3 people ahead of me and per allocations he assumes (in my opinion) it won't be here (WV) till may...July. This doesn't make sense to me because it doesn't solve the chip issue. Don't look for any rebates from your dealer unless they REALLY like you because they don't need too. Supply and demand unfortunately. Why would they rebate something when they don't need too. Hope this helped anyone who was wondering.
  5. Ordered this on Nov 18th from a trusted dealer and it was delivered Mar 1st. From what I understand it has a lot to deal with a chip issue. As well as options you choose with limited availability. I as well ordered factory steps and they were later on back order. Also not on the build site anymore. I'm a firm believer that if you are patient enough (definatly during covid) to wait a month or 4......order your truck. You ABSOLUTLY save money. Get what you want. You defiantly pay for it.
  6. Just got delivered.....picking up Tuesday. Any suggestions for favorite mods is appreciated!
  7. Finally came in....ordered November 18th. The build starts.
  8. Thanks for all the feedback! Guess we'll see how they look after it comes in....
  9. I've "ordered" a 21 trail boss exactly the way I wanted. I sat in the general managers seat and selected all of the options. Need to say that it was weirdly optioned. But I'm downsizing from a 2012 6.0 2500 which has been an awesome truck. But its beating the hell out of me. I got tow mirrors because it makes me see better also i think they look cool. How do they look in person? Anybody have any experience with these? Do they look shitty? PS...I bought my truck in Oct of 2011, it has 143 sum k on her and I've had less that 5k in repairs after factory warrenty
  10. Some salt not much, I'll keep it 4-5 years. Honestly out of all the videos I've seen (which is hard to tell sometimes) I like the sound of it the best. Not too aggressive
  11. Anybody have any experience with the rough country exhaust?
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