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  1. Ordered this on Nov 18th from a trusted dealer and it was delivered Mar 1st. From what I understand it has a lot to deal with a chip issue. As well as options you choose with limited availability. I as well ordered factory steps and they were later on back order. Also not on the build site anymore. I'm a firm believer that if you are patient enough (definatly during covid) to wait a month or 4......order your truck. You ABSOLUTLY save money. Get what you want. You defiantly pay for it.
  2. Just got delivered.....picking up Tuesday. Any suggestions for favorite mods is appreciated!
  3. Finally came in....ordered November 18th. The build starts.
  4. Thanks for all the feedback! Guess we'll see how they look after it comes in....
  5. I've "ordered" a 21 trail boss exactly the way I wanted. I sat in the general managers seat and selected all of the options. Need to say that it was weirdly optioned. But I'm downsizing from a 2012 6.0 2500 which has been an awesome truck. But its beating the hell out of me. I got tow mirrors because it makes me see better also i think they look cool. How do they look in person? Anybody have any experience with these? Do they look shitty? PS...I bought my truck in Oct of 2011, it has 143 sum k on her and I've had less that 5k in repairs after factory warrenty
  6. Some salt not much, I'll keep it 4-5 years. Honestly out of all the videos I've seen (which is hard to tell sometimes) I like the sound of it the best. Not too aggressive
  7. Anybody have any experience with the rough country exhaust?
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