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  1. Been using the GM chat to track my purchase too. Some dealers are useless and apparently can't be bothered with sold or completed orders. I purchased a truck at the end of last month that was still in transit - asked the salesperson to keep me updated. Complete silence from them for the past three weeks, but I've been contacting GMC every week for updates and found out today that it was delivered to the dealer yesterday. No one from the dealership contacted me about it. I called today and asked my salesperson when I could pick up my truck and he tried to argue with me and tell me it hadn't been delivered and they would call when they get it. I just about blew up. He acted shocked when I told him that GMC confirmed dealership delivery and insisted that he needed to go find my truck. I got a call back a few hours later telling me the truck was indeed delivered and there were a few options that needed to be installed and the usual PDI and I could pick up the truck on Monday. Unbelievable! I'm excited to be getting my truck in a few days but the level of apathy from the sales team at this dealership just irritates me. I sold Chevy's for a few years in the late 90's and customer communication and satisfaction were a big deal where I worked. Maybe things have changed in 20 years but there is no way this dealership is getting a 5 star review from me, and I plan to tell them that when I take delivery in a couple days. Still excited about the new truck and fingers crossed that the service department is better managed.
  2. That's the opposite of what my dealer told me when I placed my order at the end of November. They told me sold orders are getting prioritized over stock orders. I placed my order with them and was told the next week that it was accepted and in queue. Thankfully, with the GM employee pricing sale going on last month, they were nice and let me get a truck they already had on the way to the lot instead of waiting for the one I ordered - which I'm sure would have been at least another month or two, given the 2 week Christmas break at the factories. I did the same thing. Took a truck that showed in transit on the 28th and bought it with the sale and the Costco $1k. Hard to beat an $8k+ savings, although it does feel a little weird knowing I bought a truck I still haven't seen. When I was doing the paperwork, the finance guy told me that almost 75% of their sales in December were on vehicles that still hadn't arrived at the lot at the time of purchase. What a crazy market right now.
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