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  1. Weird it started leaking after a couple thousand miles. Avoiding dealership here on out. Truck has 6,000 miles on it.
  2. Have you done the LED blinkers/brakes? I love that the elevation has the led C lamp, but I wish my others would be led as well.
  3. Just bought a 26ft 4500# pound travel trailer. We have a thread about showing your truck towing, but I haven’t seen much about hitches. I like the Andersen hitch on paper but curious if it lifts enough weight to the front. What is your preferred hitch for towing with your T1?
  4. I ordered mine 22nd of December and got them January 9th.
  5. They just slide over the existing knob. Fit well.
  6. They are light weight, but do seem to give them a better feel when you turn them.
  7. Just released covers via American Brothers Design.
  8. Here they are. They look even better in person. The tin foil look is finally covered up. ??
  9. For those that hate the chrome knobs in the Sierra, American Brothers Design finally released their new knob covers for 2019 models. Also I got 20% with code happyholidays. I’m excited to see how they turn out and will post a photo. They come in the color paint codes for the actual truck colors. Mine is white so I ordered onyx black to try and compliment the black console. I think the discount is only good for one more day. https://www.americanbrotherdesigns.com/GMC_Sierra_Interior_Knob_Kit_p/abd-1444kc.htm
  10. I swapped out my license plate bulb lights but the LEDs shine half way up the tailgate. Looking for suggestions on how to isolate them to just the plate area.
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