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  1. I swapped out my license plate bulb lights but the LEDs shine half way up the tailgate. Looking for suggestions on how to isolate them to just the plate area.
  2. Looking to buy first family travel trailer. 2020 elevation with a 9200 tow capacity. I want something easy to pull. Thinking about a Jayco SLX7 with slide. 3,240 weight with tongue weight at 360. Should this be easy to pull and no squat? Also it’s travel length is 21’6” will I be fine without a weight distribution hitch? Feel free to add any advice you have learned about travel trailers for a green horn.
  3. I did not have to remove the letters. The vinyl lays over the top and tucks in the groove between the red letters and chrome outline.
  4. I took mine to my local sign and vinyl shop. They put on a black vinyl that is great quality and came out great. I tried to install once myself and struggled with fit and bubbles. Wrapped front and back GMC emblems for 20 bucks a piece.
  5. After a failed personal attempt I paid to have my front and rear GMC vinyl wrapped.
  6. I have the SU4 axle in a 2020 March build. No noise noticed at 600 miles.
  7. Can’t get rebates with 0% 22% off sticker with credit union rates. Bought at the end of may.
  8. Elevation X31 and convenience packages MSRP 55. After taxes and whatever other fees 43.
  9. Forum seems to be be full of negatives regarding our trucks. Let’s hear some good! I’m coming from a Toyota Tundra and love my March 2020 Elevation. Much more refined truck and it’s a head turner here in Boise, Idaho. 5.3 10 speed is a joy to drive.
  10. Nice! Can PPF be re applied down the road. I want to do it, but worried about discoloring down the road. What parts did you ppf?
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