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  1. I ordered in May. I got my 6112s for the front right away, but still waiting on 5100s for the rear from 4 wheel parts. Crazy delays.
  2. Hoping to put one Honda 125 dirt bike in my bed and close the tailgate. Hoping diagonally it will fit. I have the 5.8 bed. Any pics of people fitting them?
  3. Saw these online. 295/65 I can’t imagine them not rubbing but man they look good.
  4. Added Bilstein 6112s with coils. Waiting on 5100 for the rear. Truck feels better especially when braking and turning. Setting 5 for a 2 inch lift. Left me with 1/2 inch higher in the rear. Once they settle I’m hoping for a 1 inch rake. 2020 elevation. now I’m itching to put some 285/65/20 tires on and fill out the wheel wells!
  5. I just put some Bilstein 6112s on the front and it feels much better. Braking and turning are much improved with less nose diving and lean. I have some 5100s coming for the rear but the front was very noticeable for me.
  6. 6112s on the front. 2 inch lift. Waiting for 5100s in the rear.
  7. https://youtube.com/shorts/f71GTxAYoyo?feature=share Well I had some Bilstein 6112 put on the front today and now have a noise. Hoping it just needs a better alignment. What do you jingle experts think. 2020 Sierra elevation x31 with 8,000 miles. SU4 notice once I get a speed of 15 MPH. BTW Shocks feel amazing over the ranchos. Can’t wait to get the rears delivered and installed. Would warranty give me a hard time about the new shocks “causing it”
  8. I decided to go with Bilstein 6112 instead. Let’s just hope I’m not waiting 6 months for them.
  9. Wanted to level with Bilstein 5100 but they are back ordered everywhere. I would like to buy the eibach pro set up, but it only shows the Silverado option. Has anyone installed the eibach on a Sierra? Is there any difference between the suspension components of the basic Silverado vs Sierra? I’m driving a 2020 Sierra elevation.
  10. My B post trim between the doors was scratched from a bad car wash. When the sun hit the glossy black it drove me crazy. I had them polished and covered in Xpel PPF. look brand new now and should be much more scratch resistant.
  11. Anyone figure out how to keep the pads from bowing out in the middle. The lip of the tailgate is fat in the middle. This is a raceface T2 pad. Great quality if anyone is looking at pads.
  12. Weird it started leaking after a couple thousand miles. Avoiding dealership here on out. Truck has 6,000 miles on it.
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