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  1. Mine doesn’t and the dealer doesn’t know why. They called the tech line and still no answer. My fog fog lights work. The dash indicator does not. The tech line figures it wasn’t installed properly. The jumper (brown/white wire) from the brown BCM connector to the green connector under the hood was already factory installed and I only had to install the one wire that was part of the harness going to the lights and goes to a second location in the green connector. I’ve tested the brown/white wire for continuity and it is the correct wire and tested good. Also when you turn the fog lights on, the brown/white wire on the BCM connector sends a negative signal which is what turns the fog lights on. That tells me it’s installed correctly and it is not programmed correctly. I may talk to the owner of the dealership and see if I can go program it myself cause it doesn’t look like they know how.
  2. The green base can come up also which will give you more room to separate it and have more room to work. I think there are 2 tabs holding the base down.
  3. In the attached pictures, the small brown connector is what is in the BCM under the dash. Mine already had a brown/white wire so the instructions said I didn’t need the jumper. In the other pictures, the green connector is what you open and the wire gets installed from underneath. I had to remove a wire from B3 position to be able to install the wire from the kit. I did not have to remove the wire from C3 since that is the brown/white wire already installed. Also I just tested the pre-installed brown/white wire and I have continuity. So I do not need the single jumper wire provided in the kit.
  4. I have the same problem. During install, it mentions if there is a wire on the bcm connector on circuit 10, then there is no need for the jumper. I went to the dealer twice now, first time for the initial program and this time for them to verify the programming. The tech line doesn’t know why the dash icon doesn’t light up. I’ll be verifying the pre-existing wire on the bcm connector and under the hood for continuity tonight. At at least the lights work though.
  5. Before I go ripping apart the Acadia harness, do I need the female ends or male or both? As you can see, I should be able to find enough wires to complete the mod.
  6. Ok thanks. I'll go through the harness first to see if anything is useful. And if so, I'll go trough the info I can find and get it done. I have one of my good meters at home. Actually I have 2 good meters at home. Backup meter is always a good thing, lol. It seems pretty straight forward. Hardest part might be getting some useful wires from the Acadia harness.
  7. I'm going to have a look at home. I just remembered today, I still have a complete front wiring harness for the 2016 Acadia I had. Goes from under the fuse box out to everything in the front, headlights, sensors etc. I might be able to find a few wires out of that to get the mod done. I'm just guessing that I will only need to run the wire for cargo lights and marker lights? So 2 wires? Plus re-pin the passenger mirror to adjust properly. If I can't find any of the connections with proper terminals then I'll have to order the DIY harness. I'm not worried about damaging the connectors on the Acadia harness since that vehicle is gone.
  8. Not sure the link will work but here it is. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/142431734978 The truck is a 2017 Sierra SLE crew cab. Moving the pins in the connector should be easy for me, can probably do it with my eyes closed, lol. I was looking at just adding the required wires to get the lights working. I know you said you have a DIY option. What options are there for those lights. The rear facing LEDs are tied in with the cargo lights I believe. The front facing lights, are they marker lights or signals? That I'm not sure of. I think stock they use them as marker lights, but I'm am not sure if that is an option with my truck, or if the harness only allows it to be connected as a signal. I have weather tight connectors with all the pins and crimpers here at work that are commonly used on vehicles, but they all have round pins and I'm not sure if they are compatible with the connectors on the truck.
  9. My mirrors came in today and I didn't want to wait till I get what's needed to get everything functional. I'll pull apart the doors again later. Driver's side mirror, power direction works properly. No cargo lights and no marker/signal lights on front of the mirror. No big deal for now. Passenger's side mirror, power direction is a bit off, Up is actually right, Down is left, Left is down and Right is up. Once they are set, I don't move them anyhow. No lights on that mirror either, but again I expected that. Once I know what's needed, I can order it and fix them. But for now, I have my visibility back, that I'm used to on the trucks I own.
  10. 2017 Sierra

    Misc pics of my daily driver
  11. Mirrors have been ordered and should be here by the end of the week. Currently have DL8 mirrors and the new tow mirrors have heat, power adjust, cargo lights and parking/marker lights. They are manual fold, manual extend and do not have the signals in the mirrors. Once you are back, you can let me know what changes are needed and what do I need to purchase to make the conversion. Not looking fir complete harnesses, it will be DIY.
  12. Once I get the mirrors I will get a hold of you to see what kit I need to buy so I can modify my harness. Cost wise, power fold is out. I'm in no rush, just bought the truck yesterday, lol. I'm guessing within a month I should get the mirrors.
  13. Looking at available mirrors, I'm leaning towards some tow mirrors that are heated, power, have the rear facing LEDs I'm guessing for reverse and led on the front of the mirror that I'm not sure if they are only signal or marker or both. I don't think I will bother with power fold.
  14. I just purchased a 2017 Sierra SLE today with DL8 mirrors. On my last 2 trucks, (2012 Sierra and 2014 Silverado) I've installed tow mirrors and want to do the same on this truck. I just read through this entire thread and there is lots of great info. I originally wanted to get tow mirrors with the signals in the glass. But reading all the work that has gone into this conversion, I'm tempted to go further and get power fold. Now, having DL8 mirrors and looking to get tow mirrors, what DIY kit options do I have for mirror options. Can I go all out with power fold, heated, and all the lights, or only able to go manual fold, but heat, power and signals in glass or on the outside of the mirror. I realize I have to change the mirror switch which is no big deal. On my last vehicle (2016 Acadia) I replaced the entire front wiring harness of the vehicle which went to headlights, sensors, horns etc... from fuse box and spidered across the engine, all to get factory fog lights working. So I'm not afraid of doing as much DIY as possible.

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