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  1. My previous truck was a 2017 Sierra SLE and I find it ride better than my 2019 Silverado LT Z71. I’m finding the rancho shocks make my truck ride like it’s a boat on waves. I hit a dip in the road, not even a big dip, more lime a bump, and it’s almost like the shocks are almost finished. Same roads I drove everyday with my 2017 Sierra, 2014 Silverado Z71 and my 2012 Sierra. This 2019 is the worst for soft, undampened, suspension. My 2014 Silverado Z71 wasn’t as soft as this one. Im looking for options to replace the shock
  2. Thanks. I was planning on getting that one if I get the blade.
  3. Sorry for off topic, but is that the Blade tailgate bar? What harness, if any, did you use as an adapter to tie it into the factory wiring?
  4. I installed the the same ones. I had them in my 2017 Sierra and loved them. So I ordered them for my 2019 Silverado too.
  5. The wrap may come off. I need to leave it on a few days to see if I end up liking it or not. I do agree, the truck looks good on its own.
  6. I had some leftover vinyl wrap, it’s raining out and I was in the garage anyhow. So I decided to try something. I did something similar on a SUV I had. Not sure what I think of this yet.
  7. Thanks, everyone. Tomorrow, I’m going to try covering the mesh screens on the RFPs to see if I can get a bit better sound without changing the muffler. I’m also still looking around for ideas for graphics for the truck. It looks good already, but I want to do something else. I came across this one, but it reminds me of the raptor. But this colour looks good on its own too.
  8. The kit was from the dealer, come with the lights, wiring harness and headlight switch. I replaced the headlight switch, ran the harness for the lights, installed the lights, and I only had to add one wire in the UEC under the hood. After it was all installed, I gad to have the dealer flash the BCM. I just had to ask the dealer to print me a copy of the instructions, since the kit doesn’t come with them.
  9. I lost a few options, like the rear parking sensors which was no big deal, lost the rear sliding power window and SiriusXM. But I did gain a heated steering wheel, lol. Being a Z71, the ride is a bit different. I do find that the truck seems quicker. Could be the 8-speed vs the 6-speed in the Sierra, or the 400lbs weight loss in the new body style. I like how it has some curves on the body and not just a flat side.
  10. I previously had a 2017 Sierra and decided to get a 2019 silverado. Below is the day I went for a test drive and came home that same day with it, which happened to be my birthday also. Dealership threw in the tailgate lettering as a birthday gift. Also is what it looks like after having it a month. I wasn’t supposed to touch it, lol. Front windows tinted along with the top of the windshield, GM fog light kit, painted the tow hooks, Aeroskin II hood protector and some new wheels. Kept the stock tires for now.
  11. RTX spine, BLACK WITH MILLED RED SPOKES, 10mm offset, 18x9 I kept the stock tires for now, 265/65/18 Goodyear Fortitude AT
  12. When I purchased my truck, I also purchased the GM fog light kit from the dealer. I installed it myself, brought the truck in to have programmed, and gave them the page with the code on it that comes in the kit. My fog lights turn on, but the dash indicator does not come on. Also, I’ve noticed that if I turn my marker lights on, my headlights also come on. I cannot just turn marker lights on. I tried to tell them they programmed it wrong, but they don’t think so. I was reading in a different thread, how there is a different number for the dealer to call for the programming. Is this correct and if so, what is the number?
  13. Do you happen to know the number they are supposed to call? I’m betting my dealer is still doing it the “old” way, which is why my dash light doesn’t come on.
  14. Mine doesn’t and the dealer doesn’t know why. They called the tech line and still no answer. My fog fog lights work. The dash indicator does not. The tech line figures it wasn’t installed properly. The jumper (brown/white wire) from the brown BCM connector to the green connector under the hood was already factory installed and I only had to install the one wire that was part of the harness going to the lights and goes to a second location in the green connector. I’ve tested the brown/white wire for continuity and it is the correct wire and tested good. Also when you turn the fog lights on, the brown/white wire on the BCM connector sends a negative signal which is what turns the fog lights on. That tells me it’s installed correctly and it is not programmed correctly. I may talk to the owner of the dealership and see if I can go program it myself cause it doesn’t look like they know how.
  15. The green base can come up also which will give you more room to separate it and have more room to work. I think there are 2 tabs holding the base down.
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