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  1. DGstarr63 Agreed they are not all that bright. Thanks for the info. If you could post a photo of your installed indicator light I would appreciate. Sounds like the best option.
  2. Rami2096 it sounds like you might have a connection problem with your BDM connector (x5 Brown) under the dash. I would recheck that it is fully engaged and completely secured in the mount.
  3. Guess I am lucky mine still runs! I should probably quit while I'm ahead.
  4. I have a 2021 Silverado LT with the same issue. Fog lights installed and working properly. Dash indicator is not working. Dealer spent 2 hours on line with TCSC and no luck getting the dash indicator to work. All wiring is double checked and correct. No jumper from BCM was required because factory installed one provided continuity with UEC body 2 connector C3 factory installed terminal. If anybody knows the solution or a dealer who knows the solution please let me know so I can resolve this fog light issue of the dash indicator light failing to illuminate.
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