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  1. Morning All, I returned the RC front leveling kit, as I didn't want to stress the UCA and angles to level out my 2021 TB. I read that removing the 2" rear blocks for 1" blocks will get you close to level. does anyone have a link for the 1" blocks that work for our trucks? Eventually when these duratrac's go bald i will swap them out for some Toyo RT's. does anyone know biggest size tired that i can go on stock tb height?
  2. Hey All, Looking to get rid of these boat rancho shocks for some Bilstein 5100's. Summit shows the front shocks on back order till mid October. Curious if there is another shock with similar design/ride quality as the 5100s. I can put 5100's in the back as those are available. Or maybe someone knows of a store that has the 5100's in stock for the front 2021 LT Trail Boss
  3. Even all, Looking to swap the stock muffler in my 2021 5.3 TB. I had a 2016 sierra 5.3 and swapped the stick muffler with Magnaflow muffler and it sounded amazing. No drone no obnoxiously loud in the cab. Curious if anyone has swapped this muffler on these generation trucks.
  4. Morning All, Just picked up a 2021 Trail boss. I am looking to install the RC 1.5 Leveling Kit RC 1.5 . But I just want to make sure the Front suspension does not get super stiff. I will be adding Bilstein 5100's on all 4's as well. I saw someone mention that GM was doing warranty on the UCA as they were failing. Is that from when a level is installed, or they are just junk with stock components?
  5. Hey Everyone, I just got a TruXP xtune tuner for my truck. I have dropped in the 87 performance tune. Also disabled DOD/AFM, corrected tire size and change throttle boost to 8%. I was curious if ya have changed your shift firmness and/or shift point between gears. I am loving the truck running in v8 only now. Curious how its going to feel when i get on it. Let me know if you changed your shift points and if you changed firmness. do you run throttle boost at 8%, or higher? Thanks!
  6. Hey Everyone, I have a 4" lift on the truck currently. The front is lifted with spacers above the shock/strut. I just got my 5100's in and now thinking about the install, I was wondering what slot do I set the spring height on the 5100's? Do I use the bottom selection so the spring is not compressed anymore, or do it shoot for the mid or top to remove the spacers? how much lift does the 5100's give by their self? Thanks, MH
  7. I bought Bilstein 5100s for all 4 corners. I know the back is very easy. Just wondering how the front is. What do i have to remove to get the shock spring out? just unbolt Upper ball joint?
  8. I am looking for some taller spindles. I have a 4" tuff country lift installed already. The lift replaced the UCA with longer ones, however I feel the Upper ball joint is still at a steep angle. If I swapped the Spindles out with a taller spindle, it should correct that upper ball joint angle right!? Does anyone know where i could get the taller spindle?
  9. Sorry I sold it some time ago. Just getting back onto the thread as I am trying to decide what my next upgrade is for the truck. this was not a direct swap replacement, but not expensive either. unbolted the gm muffler and welded new muffler to flanges and bolted back up. Exhaust guy charged me $50.
  10. here is a before and after pics. Going from Goodyear Duratracs 265/65r18 to Toyo RT 285/75/R18. They Filled the void perfectly!
  11. Yeah I have the 4" Rc lift(UCA,Spacers) already on. I would like to swap the stock spings with RC spacers out for A coil over kit that will give smoother ride. The 285/75R18 are already on the Truck! these tires are awesome!
  12. Yeah Buddy, I have the RC UCA's with Bora HC wheel spacers already on! Which is better for the money? Fox, Icon, King ?
  13. I finally got some 285/75R18 Toyo RT's put on. They gave me about 2" more clearance from the stock tires! they ride great with a soft feel. The thing i would like to do now is replace the stock springs,shocks and lift kit spacer for fox Coil overs. Would the Fox coil overs that give the 3" lift replace the spacer need?
  14. I have a 4" lift already. and rather scraping that to install another suspension lift. I was thinking I could just add a body lift to it as well. Does a suspension lift + Body lift Combo work?
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