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  1. He called me after my order went through and I mentioned I saw a post on a forum and that is why I decided to go on their website (I did not say the forum or you by name though). But that phone call was after I already paid for the cover, so it did not play into the price he gave me.
  2. I bought a tonneau cover from AutoAnything and for whatever reason it wouldn't be able to ship for a couple weeks. I saw your post and went online to TonneauFactoryOutlet and spoke with Morrie.. He beat AutoAnything's price (that was already priced matched from around the internet) and the cover will be here Thursday.. I could have even picked it up today if their Houston Warehouse was a bit closer to me. I ended up cancelling my AutoAnything order and buying from him
  3. I went with the textured finish because like y'all I was worried about the gloss finish pitting/chipping. I thought the gloss finish would match my truck a little better, but I am very happy with the textured ones. I've only had them for two months so I cannot speak about the longevity. I guess y'all probably need someone who went with the gloss finish to comment.
  4. I agree, does look a lot better! I tried to look through your posts for the answer, but do you have the pace edwards switchblade tonneau cover?
  5. I had my aftermarket sub and amp installed professionally since I'm not savvy with things like that... They did not cut any wires the first time around.. it made all sorts of distortion randomly. I took my truck back to the audio shop and they said oh you must have the active noise cancellation. They cut only the wire to the rear microphone and it now works perfectly. I did not check to see if only that wire was cut, but I have no reason to think they lied to me about it. I'd rather have my amp and sub than a rear microphone...
  6. Yep, Silver Ice 6.2 did... http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/177343-another-mod-today-baby/ I'm thinking I'll go with that as well.
  7. Still got it? Is it this one? http://www.airaid.com/search/product.aspx?prod=203-111 Edit: I see your other post FS
  8. If you don't mind sharing, what shop are you doing this at? I am in the Houston area and I had planned on doing something similar to Silverado Ice 6.2---> http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/179280-updated-exhaust-vids/ Except I think I would use a different xr-1 muffler. Part # 40946. It's oval and length is 22 inches. Is this something y'all would want to test also?
  9. I think those trucks look good. If it was my truck I wouldn't have as wide of stance though. Color of the truck also plays into my opinion. This truck is awesome imo and not much different than the ones in the video. https://www.instagram.com/p/-Czk9ENdTt/?taken-by=southerntrucks I want to hear what y'all think about this girl, since if it was a dude driving this truck y'all would probably say he was trying to compensate for something.. https://www.instagram.com/p/7V5s4vtddc/?taken-by=southerntrucks
  10. Not the exact set up you're looking for, but it might help... I'm running 305/55/20 Nitto terra grappler g2's with 20x9 +18 offset wheels with the readylift 2.25" leveling kit. Like others on this forum running a similar set up, I had slight rubbing with the front tires on the back of the wheel well carpet while cranking the steering wheel in reverse (more so if i was on an incline). I fixed the issue (from what I can tell) by doing what others have done with zip tying the carpet back. This provides another inch or so of room (only a guess). You might want to compare the specs. on the G2's vs the KO2's since are probably not the exact same width & height. Hope that helps some.
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