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  1. You can get the unlimited data in the U.S. for $15.00 a month if you ask.
  2. I hate to say this, but I had the same issue right before my lifters went out.
  3. Mine sounds like the mirror also, how did you fix it?
  4. Thanks, I will check that, but the noise sounds like its coming from outside the driver's door.
  5. The hood release inside the truck or under the hood?
  6. I have a 2021 RST and have the same issue, mine started a few months after I got it and it's driving me nuts trying to figure out what it is,
  7. The Continentals are great at everything but snow, I had a set and awful in snow. The Tirerack reviews also say the same thing. Continental TerrainContact A/T (On-/Off-Road All-Terrain, 265/70R17 115S) What We Liked: Strong wet traction, composed ride, taut steering. What We'd Improve: The ride is a little firm and winter traction is underwhelming. Conclusion: The standout performer in this test if you don't see much winter weather.
  8. Your dealer is incorrect, the stock 20 inch tire size on a Silverado is a 275/60/20 the same as the AT4.
  9. The 20" wheel comes stock with a 275/60/20 tire which is a 33" tire, the 18" is smaller 265/65/18 which is a 31.6" tire. Also, an available tire option is a 275/65/18 which is a 32" tire
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