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  1. I don’t even notice the AFM on it at all. Like not one bit. I can never tell when it kicks in and it doesn’t make the truck sound different that I’ve noticed at any time
  2. Sorry man I haven’t been on here in a while, no I don’t have any revving vids. I can guarantee you won’t go wrong with the Atak that’s all I know. I love it. Just make sure whatever you go with that you delete the resonator too so you can hear the turbo whistle good.
  3. Thanks man. Have you deleted the resonator at all? Idk what the afe exhaust consists of. After I did the muffler swap with the Borla Atak exhaust I couldn’t hear the turbo. I deleted the resonator and bam, she whistles Dixie now. Everyone tells me the turbo is really loud on it, I hear it out the window quite a bit but it’s not the same as hearing it go by. No there’s little to no drone, can still have a conversation with a passenger easily and not have to raise your voice. It’s really only loud when you get on it. Just normal driving all you hear is the turbo spool up and down mainly. Just got my 35’s on her yesterday too and it looks so good I couldn’t be happier!
  4. I’ll let you know after I get the alignment and tires on Saturday, been super busy and haven’t been able to get it in yet. Right now it’s probably lost 1-2 mpg. Not sure if it’s from the weight of the lift and aerodynamic change or the misalignment. I get about 19-20 on the highway goin 65 at the moment.
  5. Got it lifted today! Just waiting until I can put the 35’s on later this week. Drove it 20 miles home from the shop and it rode great. Need to get an alignment, but other than that the ride felt pretty much as smooth as before.
  6. I don’t need a huge motor, I hardly tow, I just have the truck for the times I need a truck. I haul a few round bails for my step dad here and there, but that’s about it. Always comes in handy having one.
  7. Yup I agree! I plan I’m getting the scorcher blue For it to adjust the boost in the turbo, and also afe’s cold air intake. Should be plenty of power to make me happy! I don’t need anything crazy. If I can get 40-50hp out of the combo of the two, I consider that a win and would definitely suffice for me. I just got it lifted today, still waiting to put my 35’s on. Looks good so far though!
  8. That gave me a good giggle haha have you done anything to the exhaust on yours? Just curious how you like the sound. I put a Borla Atak muffler and deleted the resonator on mine. I actually get compliments often on how good it sounds. I like the uniqueness of it.
  9. How is the truck doing with the lift and tires? How’s take off and acceleration? I’m about to put the same exact specs on my Sierra 1500 turbo 4. Did you regear it?
  10. I actually get quite a bit of compliments on the sound of it too. It almost sounds like a smaller Diesel engine. Love listening to the turbo whistle
  11. I have a 2.7 Sierra and I feel your pain. I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to get the most of a truck regardless of engine size, I feel like a lot of people on here are just bias against the new 4 cylinders because it’s not a huge v8. I love mine! I put a borla atak exhaust on it and deleted the resonator and I like the sound and I’m about to lift and re gear it. If you want performance I know afe just released the scorcher blue for it. You plug it up and can increase boost with it. I think this truck is incredible for just being a turbo 4. I also have a pedal commander on it to change throttle response. Barely touch the pedal and it takes of quick.
  12. Yeah I know they kill economy, was just wondering how bad on this particular Engine. I was looking at going from the stock 275/60/20 to some 35x12.5’s. I haven’t been able to find anything on the internet on anyone doing it. There’s gotta be someone lol
  13. Is anyone running this set up on a 2.7? If so how is it handling the 35’s in terms of fuel economy and power? Really curious too because of the 3.42 gear ratio. Feel free to share pics of your ride too. Love seeing 35’s on these new trucks.
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