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  1. What tuners are guys putting on this engine? I keep seeing a tuner being recommended but from who?
  2. Man there is really zero information out there on mods to this 2.7l. I REALLY wish i could change my mind and get a 5.3l. So frustrating. Has anyone even done a tuner on a 2.7l? And will it void the warranty?
  3. Except for the Borla S being wheezy and whiny and the Flowmaster super 10 sounding the best. ALL the others sound almost identical to me. I think the Flowmaster super 10 is the best.
  4. I am just wondering has anyone done ANYTHING to their 4 cylinder, turbo (l3b) engine. I have scoured a couple forums and it seems as if i have the only 2.7l in the US. I really want to improve the sound a little bit if possible, and maybe add a little horsepower. I have been debating muffler, cold air intake, or a programmer. Any ideas or suggestions??
  5. What about just upgrading the muffler? Has anyone at all done this?
  6. Has anyone put a CAI on the Sierra with the 4 cylinder turbo engine. I cant find hardly any information on mods to this engine.
  7. At work.... thinking what do i want for my truck for Christmas?!?!

  8. Yeah, I'm not that tech-savvy and I'd rather not cut any metal!
  9. i had other members tell me that with a 2.5" level a 275/70r18 was the biggest that i could get on there without any cutting. i just dont wanna buy anything and pay for shipping then find out it wont fit.
  10. so the tire calculator says the 305/50r20 is 32" in diameter but the Chevy dealer and the lift manufacturer state that a 33" will fit on the truck. id like to get as big as possible. are u sure the 305/55r20 wont fit??
  11. Thanks man, and very nice truck by the way. My wife just bought an Acura TL AWD and we chose Metallic Griggio, same color as your truck. And i couldnt have two identical color vehicles in driveway, LOL or i would have the same color.
  12. I just bought a 2011 Silverado LTZ. I have a 2.5" leveling kit that im going to install and needed to know what tires to fit. I mainly had a question bc one of the tires i like is a little over 33". The 305/55R20 measures overall 33.20" and the section width is 12.00" which is what had me concerned. Im guessing theyll probably fit, but id really rather not do any cutting. If this wont fit i may go with an 275/70R18 instead of the 20 all together. i may like the extra sidewall anyawys. What are your guys thoughts that have debated back and forth between 20" vs 18" on a truck with only a
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