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  1. i just stepped on the gas and all of a sudden engine power reduced popped up with a check engine light what would be the problem ? 2019 2.7 silverado
  2. yes the drain plug is 3/8 just recently changed my oil
  3. Have a bone stock 255/70R17 on my 2019 silverado lt looking to go wide and tall or just recommended agressive tires
  4. whats a good turbo to upgrade from stock ?
  5. Will it be possible to upgrade the 2.7 turbo curious
  6. whats your though on putting on a cold air intake 2.7 silverado from afe
  7. will this be only for the 5.3 and 6.2 models or will it also be available for the new 2.7
  8. using premium unleaded gas 91 on my 2.7 Silverado. should i use it or 87 with 91 im getting 16mpg
  9. whats your opinion on 91 fuel grade on the 2.7
  10. Thinking of getting an cold air intake from afe and an exhaust from them as well with nitto grapplers or put some of toyo tires open country a/t
  11. Wondering what should tire size i should get dont wanna be running stock and what performance mods would be available has anyone modded a 2.7 19 silverado
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