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  1. I have a question on the L59 5.3 flex fuel engine fuel/intake system. Up thru 2004 the L59 has a return fuel line that returns to the fuel tank. The 2005-06 has no return line back to the fuel tank but instead has a different fuel pump that apparently regulates fuel to the rail. I have a 2004 truck equipped with the L59 engine (with return line). Is it possible to swap the fuel pump to the later style, abandon the fuel return line, and run the 04 like an 05-06 L59 5.3? The reason I ask about doing this is I want to swap to the 2007+ NNBS or TBSS intake manifold and that
  2. It turned out the sending unit was the problem. I replaced it with another one and the dash gauge is now reading a normal ~200* temp, which matches the ScanGauge II and the laser thermometer readings. The touchy throttle did seem to subside as well. I suspect with the ECU receiving the incorrect engine temp, it was throwing the driveability calibration off. Thank you for the replies above everyone.
  3. Recently bought an 03 2500HD Silverado with 6.0 gas engine. Ever since I've bought it, it runs at 160-170* Since I was not believing the gauge cluster temp gauge, I plugged in my ScanGauge II and it coincided as far as engine temp. Is there only 1 temp sensor on the lq4 6.0 that provides data for the dash gauge & for the EFI management? That sensor is on the front end of the driver's side cyl head, correct? Initially I was thinking a prior owner dropped in a lower temp T-stat, but I have my doubts now. I have checked temps on this engine with a laser pointer handheld
  4. Anyone know if the 03-05 Silverado SS trucks have anything special that would swap over and be an improvement on an 03-06 SUV, Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban, etc....outside of the engine and instrument cluster? I ask because a Silverado SS has appeared at a local pick a part. It appears to be a theft recovery with no engine or interior but is otherwise a roller chassis complete. My thoughts were better brakes.....or rear axle...or suspension components? One thing I did notice that is different from regular Silverado trucks is the rear bump stops. Thanks for contributing to the info on
  5. Gentex Autodim, Homelink, LED Map Light, Compass, Outside Temp FULL feature mirror. This is the crown jewel of Gentex mirrors with all the available functions. This particular model mirror is rare because it has all functions. This is the same mirror as the 50-GENK60 GENK-60 that Gentex used to sell as aftermarket, no longer available new. 341 It comes complete with mirror, harness & outside temp sender. This mirror was never available from the factory in a GM vehicle, but it is adaptable into almost any vehicle. $220
  6. FRAM Air Hog (like K & N Filter) Panel Filter-Washable and reusable - fits 99-06 and possibly later years Chevy Silverado 1500 2500 2500hd 3500 Tahoe Suburban GMC Yukon XL Sierra truck Cadillac Escalade or Denali $25 Also selling a Genuine K&N filter for same application, K&N part # 33-2129 $30 Available for pick up in Orange County, CA or will ship UPS.
  7. A hybrid '06 Silverado X-cab 1500 4wd recently showed up in my local pick a part yard. I went to check it out because when I saw 06 X-Cab 1500 4wd, that is the right vehicle that could possibly have an L33, 5.3 HO engine. Once I got there, I found it was a hybrid truck and didn't have the L33 engine. Anyway, there were some interesting things on this truck that I have questions about. First was the gi-normous "trans" cooler on the core support. It was factory and is like 3-4 times the size of a typical 1500 trans cooler. After further investigation, I see this cooler was not going t
  8. Sorry for not following up after the helpful replies. I may try replacing the sending unit, but still can't get a solid line of sight on it. I guess replacement is just done by feel since I know where it is located and the harness apparently clips on. I will also have to take a look at the back of the valve cover gaskets as there is no obvious leak from the front, side or top of them. Thanks again.
  9. Looking for a bunch of parts to freshen up my high mileage 2004 Tahoe Z71. -Stock or other shocks, the red Tenneco factory shocks are fine or others considered. -Good upper control arms that are fresh or low mileage -new lower ball joints -Pitman arm -new or very low mileage inner tie rods Please let me know what you have, where you are located, and how much you are asking.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. I will check those out. Also, good idea on the vinyl flooring scrap to keep the garage clean. That oil pressure sensor is almost impossible to see back there. Is the crankshaft sensor just as difficult to access in the truck?
  11. Have this oil leak that recently started dripping with a vengeance. This is on a high mileage 2004 5.3 in a Tahoe. The engine will be coming out soon for a refresh or replacement, but this oil leak is making a big mess wherever I park, so I'd like to address it before it the garage floor stain is permanent. With the engine running, I can see the drip come from above and somewhat to the rear of the starter, near the bell housing, but not quite on the bell housing. It is coming from higher up in an area that I can't view. Want to take a stab at where this leak is originatin
  12. That appears to be the shield that is below the A/C accumulator(not sure if that is the right term for the part) that sweats when the A/C is on. The shield is there to divert the water away, but my 04 Tahoe allows the water to drip right on the exhaust when not driving. You can hear the sizzle of water rapidly evaporating when the water hits the exhaust. I've tried tightening up the shield to the firewall, but it still leaks. Have you only noticed the water when you've had the A/C on?
  13. So I dumped in a bottle of the regular Bars Leaks almost 2 months ago to buy some time before tearing into the 5.3 to fix it correctly and to my shock it has reduced my coolant loss to zero. With it working to stop the coolant loss, it makes me think I may be battling only a compromised head gasket and not a cracked head. Anyone have first hand experience that Bars Leaks could plug a cracked head that will expand and contract with heat cycling???? I'm shocked it worked, but it's nice to not have to monitor coolant level as much now, and it gives me time to find a suitable repl
  14. 1999-2002 Chevy 2500HD gas, complete 7 gauge instrument cluster. Similar to GMC Yukon Denali and Cadillac Escalade or Silverado SS which all have 7 gauges clusters. This cluster has the additional Trans transmission temp temperature gauge that the normal 6 gauge cluster does not have. This gauge instrument cluster should work in '99-'02 GMT 800 vehicles. Cadillac Escalade GMC Denali Silverado SS $140. OBO
  15. GM Chevy GMC 4.8 5.3 6.0 LS New Water Pump AC Delco Factory Pump. New in box. AC Delco part # 251-743 GM Part # 19256261 $140
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