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  1. I had a 2001 8.1 Suburban. Yes it can pull just about anything you need to pull. However, mpg was 10 mpg at best. That is towing or not towing.
  2. Thanks for all the info--that helps explain. Did you every have your torque converter replaced?
  3. Chad--has this happened to you? Also, is there a plug and play tuner or does it have to be taken to a mechanic?
  4. That is the plan--I talked to the service manager at the GM dealer--he says the flush normally fixes the shudder-thanks for the info
  5. so what I am experiencing is a shaking of the wheel while driving--like running over rumble strips--not all the time. Also--the problem is not near as bad or noticible when I am in manual shift mode
  6. Just talked to Carmax--they are sending to local GM dealer as it still under GM's 5 year powertrain warranty. I actually know the service manager at the dealership--so I will also see what he says. My only worry is that it wont fix it--but it seems like so far it has for most people
  7. Thank goodness for this site. I just purchased a 2017 Chevy 6.2 liter LTZ. It only has 19k miles on it. I noticed a small vibration through the steering wheel. I thought it had to be the road as most of the 100 mile drive was smooth. On the way back, the shakes were more often and more noticable. I even felt a couple of "clunks" while slowing down to make a turn and then when I sped up the clunk happened. I had not idea what I was experiencing unti I found this site and all the issues with the transmission of the 8 speed 6.2 transmissions. Here is my question-- Carmax gives a 30 day money back gurantee--If they can fix it through the trans flush and/or torque converter replacement--do I buy it? I love the truck and i really want the 6.2 as I am coming out of a 2007 Duramax and I feel like I will miss the power. Most of the posts on here seem to say that it can be fixed--however, I do not want to be in the minority that it cannot be If they fix it and I notice no issues--should I buy it? thanks for the help
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