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  1. Not really looking to build a powerhouse, just a stock driver, so lack of modifications for the 8.1 isn't an issue. Lack of parts for repairs would be though. I did read about the cam position sensor going bad being quite the headache in the 8.1. I did read the 8.1 has some oil consumption, but I'm looking at buying a 20-year old truck, I expect to burn some oil. I know E85 isn't really the devil, I ran it in my Tahoe all the time, and I run E15 in my Honda whenever I can find it. Like you said, its miss represented. Happy hearing good things about the transmissions right off the bat. I'm dealing with issues with my businesses F-250's transmission right now, and it's not something I'd like to revisit.
  2. Thanks! I realized this morning there is a 2500 forum, sorry for dropping this in the wrong place. All of the adds make the mobile website hard to navigate. We're fully expecting single digits while towing. Outside of towing, I was really hoping for 15-ish on the highway, but the nature of a 8.1 big-block makes that seem unlikely. I'm mainly curious how bad it'll be.
  3. Howdy folks. I realized this morning after logging on my desktop that I had asked my question in the wrong forum last night. I didn't realize there was a 2500-specific forum. Anyways. My wife and I are planning to purchase a 2000 - 2006 Suburban 2500 4x4. I know this is a forum for the trucks, but they share the GMT800 platform, and I'm know very little about the heavy duty gas engines on this platform. The truck will primarily be used "around town" for short hauls and around the house projects. But, with my grandparents and great-grandfather moving nearby, we will also be using this truck to drive to visit family out of state (we're in VA, we have family in CT, NC and TX). My wife and I also plan to purchase a camper in 2 - 3 years, and this will be our mule to tow it cross country. Some brief research found that the 6.0 engine is good to tow 10k, and the 8.1 is good for 12k (ish, its a ballpark don't nitpick me). After some checking, I figure most things we will tow will fall into the 6k - 8k range, however I have a work truck that needs towing from time to time, and that's pushing 7k before I put it on a trailer. I believe the 6.0 will do fine for most of what we want to do, and I am leaning in that direction. What kind of fuel economy can I expect out of a 6.0 or a 8.1? Do either engine (or their associated transmissions) have any major issues? Are either of these engines capable of running E-85 (yes, I'm aware ethanol is the devil, I just want to know if it can be run). Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey folks! I'm new to the forum, and seeking some input from the folks who own these. My wife and I are looking to purchase a Suburban 2500, specifically a 2000 - 2006 model with 4wd. For the next 2 years, the truck will primarily be an "around town" truck, but will also be used to drive my grandparents and great grandfather to Connecticut to visit my mother. The reason we're looking into a 2500 is because we plan to purchase a camper in 2-3 years and take several cross country trips with it, and this will be our tow mule. The truck will also get used to tow other vehicles, firewood, and other remodeling projects around our property. Short research has shown me the 6.0 is good for 10k towing, and the 8.1 is good for 12k. While I don't feel it's needed to purchase an 8.1, I want to get some feelers on any issues either engine has, and maybe some pointers on fuel economy expectations. The truck will be stock. No lift or leveling kits. Most aggressive tire I plan to run may be a Discover A/T, but more likely the H/T will fill my needs. Towing wise, my F250 weighs 6700 pounds (it has a service body). It'll probably be the main culprit of being towed unless I buy another project. We're planning on a 24'-27' toy-hauler style camper that weighs 6k - 8k empty. Any advice on the 6.0 or 8.1 (and their transmissions), pro or con, is appreciated!
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