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  1. My 16 Denali lights are pretty good, not as good as the 4 SAE approved Rigid driving lights that I put in the grill but acceptable around town
  2. Does the back seat lay completely plat after the change or is it slightly raised?
  3. I'm looking for a replacement grill for a 2015 Sierra Denali, I want to mount 4 Rigid light into the grill and want to retain the factory grill for resale so I don't want an insert, any suggestions would be appreciated
  4. I can't see any difference between my Denali that's arriving next week and the Denali "ultimate" mine is coming with all of the features listed, admittedly I added on some of the features rather than them being standard. Now I just have to figure out how to mount the Rigid Dually fog lamps in place of the tow hooks
  5. Bank servicing across Northwest BC, pretty big country up here
  6. Yes it's not an issue of doing anything on the circuit board, the unit will need to be re programmed through a dealership, at this point your unit thinks it's just the way it was when it left the factory, you need to be able to tell it that it now has AUX inputs, I had to have it done when I added an audio input so that I could hard wire a Sirius radio into the unit (XM doesn't work where I am) took them about an hour to figure out which codes fitted my config but it works like a charm now
  7. I ordered one from the dealership, $45 delivered in Canada, but it's slick
  8. Hi son in law is a GM service manager, he mentioned a while ago that it's pretty common to have problems with the window controls if they get any fluid in them, there really isn't any seal on them to stop water or other fluid from draining into the switch mechanism, I'd start looking there if I were you
  9. I use an old Iphone 4 which has no value at all but runs anything that I want to, if the Android has the ability to act as a hotspot you could even run any internet based apps as well
  10. which levelling kit?how long did it take you to install it? and did you get your tow in re calibrated?
  11. I'm missing something, is there a link for an EZ down tailgate MOD?
  12. Fair enough, I'm looking for something on the driver side of the firewall, although I will have to come through the firewall with cabling for a front facing camera when it arrives, thanks for the help
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