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  1. So for the last 5 years i've tried to come up with a good way to dock my phone in the truck. I don't have a center console just the arm rest with the three cupholders. I have a Motorola dock that has the big suction cup on it but i don't like the idea of putting in on the windshield since it's so far away. I tried sticking it to the textured panel under the radio but since it's curved it just peels the mounting pad away and falls off. Where have you guys mounted your docks for easy reach, simple wiring for plugging into the aux audio port, and a clean install. my dock has the 1/2" ball receptacle so if there are any mounts out there that work i'd like to hear about those too. In the end i may just pop for an android auto head unit but that's $$$$. What are the options?
  2. I know I'm bumping a year old thread but my roller is seized too but I can't figure out how to get it out. It looks like there is a big Philips head bolt but that won't budge. Any tips? My wife's traverse is also seized on the divers door Sent from my DROID RAZR HD using Tapatalk
  3. Board inside of fuse block was burnt and the defogger relay prongs are shorted hot. This board looks simple but I can't get it to work right again so it's definitely a new fuse block for me. Wonder if the board went bad first and caused the fuse fire or if the fuse fire failed the board? My guess would be board failed.
  4. Found the problem. The picture is of the fuse for the rear winder defogger. I think is melted the fuse panel somehow and shorted the fused leg of the mirror heaters to power. The only way to turn them off is to remove the fuse. Removing the relay does NOT shut them off. The other leg of that fuse is jammed in and i can't get it out. Does anyone know if the fuse block can be opened up once it's pulled out? I don't know if heated mirrors is worth a $200 fuse block replacement right now.
  5. Now that I think about it, it's probably a relay stuck as they wouldn't draw a constant power if the glass was shorted. Anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram?
  6. So my trucks been draining the battery. Thought it was a bad battery until the brand new AGM battery died too. Did a load test and found it was pulling 2.6 amps when asleep. Started pulling fuses and found #51 underhood for the heated mirror was all of the draw (but 0.006A). How do i go about finding the short? Is the rear defroster on the same circuit? Do i have to pop the glass off or is there a harness connector some where that i can use to determine which side it is and / or unplug so the other works for now (it's really cold out). Any chance that it's just dirty or something or am I definitely buying a new glass? How do you pop the glass out? Thanks
  7. I'm going to piggy back this thread since i have the same truck. All stock 2010 z71. I'm a little annoyed because only one of my dualers is bald and the others have at least 10k left on them but looking at toyo AT2 coopers AT3 grabbers and bfg's. I'm mostly all on highway but don't want to go with a highway tire for looks. It seems the coopers have less of a AT look to them than the others. I don't mind upsizing to 275/65/18 but my main goals are fuel economy, quiet, and snow performance. Of those four what are the quietest that still look good? I'm leaning to the Toyo's but the coopers are a lot cheaper with a $80 rebate.
  8. our Traverse has telescope. And for the guy that says the airbag is aligned for safety So i guess that the seat moving in and out and the tilt on my current ride must not be very safe. If i move the seat forward an inch then my legs feel cramped. Was just checking if anyone had ever done anything with it. Even just moving it out permanently. I find that the wheels in a lot of cars are too far away for my comfort. Must just be me.
  9. Anyone ever looked at or thought about how to movethe steering wheel about an inch closer and make it look good and work? Do the LTZs have a telescoping wheel option? I'm just not comfortable in the postion i need my legs in with my arm rest etc. any thoughts?
  10. Ok, several years ago I was the engineer designing and implementing many of the whip style antennas on most Chrysler and Ford Vehicles, my company didn't supply much to GM but we did work on and quote the GMT-900 antenna. I did most of the development work on the H2 side mount antenna (FWIW). I am not an RF engineer but learned enough from ours that i can answer the questions. First, the mast antenna is 31" long for AM reception. 31" is the height of the 1/4 wave of the mean AM frequency. therefore it is tuned to that freq. Second, it is a ground plane antenna meaning it requires the interaction with the ground plan around it to function properly. That means the A pillar, hood, and fender all affect the recetion of the antenna. If you look at the H2 or the older Jeep Liberties they have a side mount antenna where it sits below the plane ofthe hood. You'll see the mast on those vehicles is more like 35" long because the bottom 4" of the antenna are not funtional due to the hood and fender blocking the reception. FM frequecny is 100 times higher (1mHz vs 100 mHz) therefore the FM reception is much less affected by the ground plane around the antenna. That's why you are seeing the FM reception not hurt too bad by relocating the antenna. It's likely that you AM would be trashed by moving the antenna. If you don't listen to AM give it a try, it should work. however, by adding the single axis wire to locate you are in effect increasing the lenght of the whip. I'd recommend using Co-ax (75 ohm RG-58 is what is used on the GMT-800 and 900; Ford and Chrysler use RG-62, or did 5 years ago when i left). On the glass antennas, you can't just add glass to replace a whip. They are tuned and amplified electronically. You'd need that module too. XM and onstar act in the 3 Ghz range which is why the xm antenna can be a little puck, because the wavelength is very small so the antenna can be too.
  11. I can't edit my original post. Too Old. Mods can do as they see fit.
  12. once we get a good list then we can cut and paste them all into one post and ask the mods to pin it. Post #3 is all about fog lights. I haven't read it because i have fog lights on my z71 but it lookes like the info needed is right here.
  13. i think he meant the mast antenna. Those are a dealer prep item so i'm sure they just forgot to put it on or someone stole it off the lot since thiers got bent or something.
  14. I'll start: Steering Wheel Radio Controls Add On: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=69369 http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=69054 http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?...100236&st=0 (make your own harness) Complete Wheel Part Numbers 15917933 is the steering wheel with TITANIUM inserts 15917931 is the wheel with the BLACK inserts Add-a-DIC-tome http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=63291 http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=113704 Full Panel - 19159438 Switch only - 15947841 Adding a Cargo Light switch http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=107730 Adding a Center Console - Part Numbers http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/index.php?...st&p=634172
  15. Can Some of you Super-modders post up links to the best mods here in just a summary format the puts it all in one place. This way it could potentially be pinned and make a real good reference. Thanks
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