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  1. "Pump rub"?

    I agree with carkhaz316, though for reference mine was closer to the 2 o'clock position if I remember correctly. Been awhile, but hope that helps
  2. "Pump rub"?

    I can attest to the Merchant product. My '99 had that happen after I got the pickup. I actually caught it after it had rubbed a hole but before it cratered the Tcase. I bought a new rear half case off Amazon and the kit for the shop to do, haven't had a problem since. Yeah it's really hard to find, it's just a small pinhole leak that took awhile to track down. For me, my torsion bar was wet which helped me find it. Hope this helps.
  3. New Truck Owner

    ChuckTuna I did forget to mention that I have rear air bag helpers to counter sag that came with the pickup. Those were immensely helpful to towing, and if you do go that route (if at all) I would suggest on board air to make it easier to adjust. Half tons can be pretty soft, but I don't have experience with the newer GMs and their suspensions. Have a good one.
  4. New Truck Owner

    ChuckTuna, Hope your search goes well! I think the 5.3 would be fine pulling that weight, I have one in my '99 with 3.73s which if I recall only has 270HP. Any of the pickups your looking at will have nearly 100HP on mine and at least 2 more gears, and mine does the job fine. I pull loads routinely in 6000# range, few times at 9000#. 2WD vs 4WD is really a matter of usage, I'm not familiar with California, but for myself 4WD is useful in winter and can be useful even for moving trailers when your not on the pavement. With the AFM/DFM, I can't voice an opinion, but my dad's '09 Dodge 1500 with their version hasn't given him any problems if that helps. I'm young and no where near as experienced as others on here, but hope I helped some!
  5. I have those on my half ton, but can't remember the weight capacity on them. I could check in the morning if you want. Otherwise, do they have those AT51's in E range?
  6. ABS issues

    nowicksl: No I didn't get this repaired. Between college and work it's kept me too busy to take care of it. Additionally, I blew out a brake line and had to have all the lines replaced (thanks rust). Yeah I have the same problem with the lights, could it be a bad ground? I don't know what the tire calibration will do, give it a try, can't hurt. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me can chime in. Honestly, it doesn't bother me really that much, especially since the pickup is getting tired, I just know I'll have to pump without ABS. Wish I could be more help.
  7. Engine Surge

    Mike, that's a good idea I'll check those, thanks sdeeter, no I have not. That would be a good idea, l should of done that when I was checking the air intake tube. It's been a little tough, as I've been up at college with no place to work on it except the parking lot. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Engine Surge

    Is there a way to check the regulator? I've checked the fuel pressure before, it checked between 55-62 PSI on the gauge. All in all, it's a good suggestion, it wouldn't hurt to replace it since the truck has 192000 some miles and that hasn't ever been switched. Any other ideas?
  9. 1999 5.3L V8 I've been battling a idle engine surge through the winter. It'll surge a couple hundred RPM, between 500 to 900. Runs rough, but usually doesn't stall, it only stalled on me once in a parking lot. If I hold the pedal to maintain an idle it'll run smooth. Only occurs in the winter, eg. 10F or colder, usually on startup but can occur afterwards. Once it warms up it smooth out and the surge goes away. Tough to determine because it's intermittent, even on similar days in the winter it may or may not occur. Never have had the problem occur in the summer. Replaced MAF, fuel filter, air filter, PCV. Checked the air intake, have not detected vacuum leaks (not smoke tested though). Codes P0171/P0174, I scanned it and pulled up the freeze frame data from the latest code setting, which if I remember set a couple of weeks ago: LOAD: 3.5% Coolant Temp: 63C Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 1: 35.2% Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 1: 24.2% Short Term Bank 2: 32.8% Long Term Bank 2: 24.2% Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure: 34.0kPa RPM: 908 Vehicle Speed: 20km/h Air Flow Rate from MAF: 9.39g/s Throttle Position: 5.9% Not sure what it could be, Idle Air Sensor or intake gaskets? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  10. Opinions on Kumho Tires

    Have those tires on my 1999 Sierra, only in 265/75/R16. They work great, haven't had any trouble in the snow with them, good on road manners. They wear really well, I've had them roughly 20,000 miles, includes a mix of towing hay in the summers, and they still have plenty of tread. They replaced the worn out GY Wranglers that came on the truck, hated those tires. For the price, they're a great tire, I'd buy these again for a half ton.
  11. ABS issues

    Oh ok, thank you for the clarification. So I guess my plan will be to first repair the EBCM and go from there. It'll take awhile since I'm away and can't get to my brother's shop, so thanks for the help everyone! If anyone has anymore advice or knowledge, please let me know, I've been troubleshooting this for awhile.
  12. ABS issues

    Ok thanks for the heads up. I might have to just have my brother take it in to his shop where he can put it on a lift. Is the ABS pump located inside the EBCM?
  13. ABS issues

    That be a good option too thanks. I suppose thing will be rusted on pretty good.
  14. ABS issues

    Right I remember seeing that under the cab on the frame rail. If I recall some on here sent it to module master's? Would that take care of this?
  15. ABS issues

    Hi all, new here and had some questions. I have a 99 GMC 1500 4WD with the 5.3, and am having problems with the ABS. I bought the pickup used a couple of years ago, and as a heads up I'm up in the salt of MN. Currently the antilock system is inop, and eventually I'd like to get it fixed. The ABS light comes on all the time, and the Brake light is intermittent. It has set the codes: C0241, C0242, C0245, C0246, C0251, C0252, C0265 which if I recall correctly are related to the EBCM; and C0267, C0268, which should be related to the ABS pump. I understand it's a lot of codes, and I've been trying to discover the problem for awhile. My question is to myself it seems to point to the EBCM? Please correct me if I'm wrong, any information would be appreciated. If you need any more info, let me know. Thanks!

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