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  1. Lots of good stuff already mentioned. Here's what I keep in my extended cab: Jumper cables, spare towel, hand tools (just two of those Craftsman kits), tow strap, pocket knife; hat, gloves, bibs for winter live in cab. Other miscellaneous items (eg. hitch, grease, shotgun, etc.) all ride in cab. Keep spare oil, brake fluid, coolant, WD40, 5 gallon buckets, small carry toolbox, old work boots, other fluids, etc. in the bed. Hope this helps and thanks guys, you all reminded me that my tow strap is broken actually ha.
  2. Truck longevity

    Man you have a nice, clean, pickup there! I don't know what you use it for, but with the high mileage I wouldn't worry too much. You seem like you take care of you're equipment, which helps immensely. The 5.3's are great and are a dime a dozen, can't imagine they'd be too expensive to overhaul or swap. Wish we didn't have salt so mine would look like that! Just coming up on 200k and the body is really letting go unfortunately.
  3. 5.3 Idle Surge

    Thanks all for the help. Looks like next will be the gaskets to replace. I'll try to give an update if that did the trick, but it'll be awhile. Need to get the parts around and to a place I can work on out of the wind, but hopefully should do it.
  4. 5.3 Idle Surge

    Update: Ok, had some time and got some brake clean. Truck wasn't surging but the fuel trims were still out of whack. When I sprayed near the intake manifold, basically where the injectors are and where the manifold meets the head, I was able to get about a 20% drop towards normal on the fuel trims. Spraying the PCV line didn't affect it at all. I'm leaning towards the intake gaskets being shot?
  5. 5.3 Idle Surge

    Yeah that's true, don't know unless you give it a shot, thanks again. Well I'll try spraying again this weekend with the scanner, make work with what I have and see what I can come up with
  6. 5.3 Idle Surge

    Oh gotcha makes sense thanks for that. Haha honestly that stuff would probably be over my head anyways, I'm just a DIYer not a mechanic like my brother
  7. 5.3 Idle Surge

    Would you mind clarifying a bit I got a little confused? Those are various modes counting misfires and my scanner can't read them correct?
  8. 5.3 Idle Surge

    Ok I'll try that again but with the code reader on when I get a chance. Anyone have any idea what the $07 and $0C codes are? Those are the last two pictures on the original post
  9. 5.3 Idle Surge

    For clarification I checked and yes the MAF was a Delphi unit That's what I'm concerned with too, since it's trying to compensate so much. I checked while driving and above about 1500RPM the short term fuel trims would be ~14% or less. I'll have to try the spray trick again, I tried before with ether and couldn't find anything. However, I was just listening, I wasn't watching the scanner. Thanks again, if you guys have anymore suggestions, I'd really appreciate that
  10. 5.3 Idle Surge

    Ah makes sense. Thank you Here's the other screens from that first startup. MAF I'll check but if I remember it was a Delco or Delphi
  11. 5.3 Idle Surge

    Did check fuel pressure awhile back, held around 60 PSI if I remember (Sorry been awhile since tested). What are ISD and/or ISC motor? Do I have a TPS, this is a '99 still with a cable actuated throttle
  12. Hi all, I've been troubleshooting a engine surge for awhile now that only occurs during winter, usually below 0. It's a 5.3L, occurs during the cold at idle. Above 1500ish RPM it smooths out and runs fine. Does it usually on the first start of the day. If I shutoff and let it sit awhile, it'll start without surging, but after awhile it generally starts to do so, usually at operating temps. It's intermittent, so been frustrating. I've already replaced MAF, fuel filter, and PCV over time. I had some spare time and rescanned it again today since it was doing it again. Still unsure, been talking it back and forth with dad scratching our heads. I've seen on here people mention intake gaskets? I already tried spraying them with ether but couldn't get a noticeable effect? Could it be that, or the fuel regulator, or some other sensor? I'll try attaching some pictures from my scanner (Creader brand, don't know if that helps). Codes: 171/174 (lean banks) which are what I've been focused on, the goofy ones were $07 Fail and $0C Fail, I don't know what those are? Thanks for the help, I can try to clarify if the above didn't make sense. adfadfdsfafdafdad
  13. "Pump rub"?

    I agree with carkhaz316, though for reference mine was closer to the 2 o'clock position if I remember correctly. Been awhile, but hope that helps
  14. "Pump rub"?

    I can attest to the Merchant product. My '99 had that happen after I got the pickup. I actually caught it after it had rubbed a hole but before it cratered the Tcase. I bought a new rear half case off Amazon and the kit for the shop to do, haven't had a problem since. Yeah it's really hard to find, it's just a small pinhole leak that took awhile to track down. For me, my torsion bar was wet which helped me find it. Hope this helps.
  15. New Truck Owner

    ChuckTuna I did forget to mention that I have rear air bag helpers to counter sag that came with the pickup. Those were immensely helpful to towing, and if you do go that route (if at all) I would suggest on board air to make it easier to adjust. Half tons can be pretty soft, but I don't have experience with the newer GMs and their suspensions. Have a good one.

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