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  1. After considerable investigation and experimentation, the only thing I've found that mitigated the 70cm band noise was relocating the antenna now mounted on a front fender bracket away from line-of-sight with the infotainment system which I determined using a mag mount antenna that quieted the radio when it was on the cab roof. Unfortunately, I can't put the antenna on the roof as I want to park in my garage and a rooftop antenna won't allow that. Interestingly, if I attach either of my two handheld Alinco dual-band transceivers to the fender-mount antenna they don't pick up the noise nor does my Yaesu FT-857D that I use mostly for portable operation. Apparently those radios have better front-end noise rejection. I called Yaesu tech. support about the problem but they had no suggestions that I hadn't already tried. I guess the only remaining thing is to investigate whether the truck's infotainment system can be shielded or choked to eliminate or minimize the noise.
  2. I recently installed a VHF/UHF dual-band (2m/70cm) ham radio, Yaesu FTM-7250D. in my 2016 Silverado and have determined that the infotainment system is causing quite a bit of noise in the 70cm (440 MHz) range. It's definitely coming in though the antenna as it stops when I unscrew the antenna from its NMO mount or unplug the antenna coax at the radio. The noise stops when the infotainment system is off or if I pull the infotainment system fuse while it's on. Has anybody else here had a similar problem and how did you solve it (if you did)?
  3. Can the center seat be removed by itself without removing either the passenger or driver side seats?
  4. Yes, I considered that option but thought a forum member might be willing to get off his Cheeto-eatin' backside and measure his truck for me.
  5. I've got the chrome bodyside moldings on order for my 2016 regular cab LS and wondered if anyone had the location dimension from the bottom of the door as in just hook a tape measure on the door bottom and use a taut tape to the bottom of the molding.
  6. I've ordered a camper shell for my 2016 Silverado (regular cab, regular bed) and notice that, due to the locations and forming of the stake pockets, it appears that the clamps holding the sides of the camper shell to the bed will be located about 10" from the front of the bed and about 18" from the rear. For those of you who have camper shells on your trucks, is this consistent with your experience? Any photos would be appreciated. Also, have any of you added strips of thicker metal under the bed rail where the clamps are positioned to better distribute the force of the clamps under the rail? Thanks.
  7. Just removed the front license plate bracket from my new 2016 1500 LS. Three small, barely noticeable holes remain, two on top and one on the bottom. Much better.
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