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  1. I've seen those pictures on another forum. Very professional and nice looking install BTW! Looks like you have 1 antenna mounted towards the front of the cab. Try unscrewing the coax from the radio on that one and see if it makes any difference. ......... Just checked mine and I don't have any RFI on the UHF 440 band. Tried it with the squelch off, the truck running, with the truck off and with the MY Link system on and off. It made no difference. FWIW I went by the up-fitter guide and ran the power wire in front of the radiator to the driver's side. I put both antennas behind the B Pillar and centered on the roof. One antenna is a quarter wave VHF for the fire dept and the other one is a dual band VHF / UHF for the amateur radio. The antennas are about 18 inches apart. I ran the coax for the antennas down the passenger side C pillar and tried to keep them away from the side curtain airbag as much as possible. I also used 6 gauge zip wire to an after market small fuse block. The radios are powered from the fuse block and their ground wires are connected to the same 6 gauge ground wire.
  2. I'll double check mine. I don't think I turned on the My Link radio the night I test drove it after installing radios. Have any pictures of your radio and antenna set up? How did you run the power wires?
  3. I just installed my Icom ID5100 and haven't noticed any RFI so far. I read some wheres someone else having some issues but can't remember if it's on this forum, Radio Reference forum or another forum. How do you have the radio powered and where is your antenna etc installed? The up-fitter guide from GM recommends routing the power wires in front of the engine and the antenna installed behind the B pillars.
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