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  1. Mine just started crashing and rebooting every few minutes one day last week. I had gone to Best Buy and bought a new pair of wireless earbuds and when I got in the truck to leave I plugged them into the usb slot in the console to charge them on my way home from Best Buy. Almost as soon as I plugged them in I started getting a message saying my SD card wasn’t working or was removed and the radio would crash every few minutes. Didn’t attribute it to the headphones though. I actually stopped by the dealership on my way home and they made me an appointment to come by the next day. When I got home I unplugged the charging cord for the headphones and everything stopped. Didn’t think charging headphones would mess with the radio and stuff like that because I’ve always had a pair of headphones charging in my truck for the last year that I’ve owned it. For some reason the truck didn’t like the new headphones. Anyway, be careful what you plug into the USB ports.
  2. I usually keep my wireless headphones charging case plugged into the USB outlet in my center console all the time. I got a new pair of wireless headphones about a week ago and when I plug the charger in, with or without the case plugged into the charging cord, I started getting the SD card removed and SD card not functioning messages constantly. Also the radio would randomly crash and restart. It was plugged in for about 30 minutes when I realized it started doing it when I plugged the cord in. I unplugged the charging cord and all my issues went away. Crazy that plugging something into the USB would cause the electronics to go haywire.
  3. My truck (2019 Sierra, 5.3, 8 speed) started making a whining sound about 3 days ago. It’s coming from under the hood for sure. I can rev it and hear it and it does it when the truck is in gear. Sounds like it’s supercharged. It also seems like it’s getting louder as the days go by. I’m going to try to bring it in next week some time. Hopefully they can figure it out. I don’t have much faith in my local dealer.
  4. Mine has done this several times. Service ESC, Parking brake, and traction control I think. Then the transmission shifts funny. If I turn the truck off and on again it will go away. Don’t have much faith in my local dealer so I haven’t brought it in yet.
  5. I think those sounds play through the radio and that’s probably why you are hearing them amplified. I’m not sure there’s a way to stop it though, someone else with more knowledge might chime in.
  6. I was washing my truck a couple weeks ago and noticed a small leak on the driver side of my back window. Took it to the dealer and they “fixed” it. Got silicone all over my rear window and bed cover and scratched the spoiler when they removed it. Luckily, they didn’t mess up the interior of the truck any. And the window doesn’t leak anymore (yet). So I complained and they told me they would fix the spoiler and clean the job up but I ended up buying a new painted spoiler on eBay and just replaced it myself. Cleaned the silicone job up while it had it off. It sucks when you can’t trust a dealerships work.
  7. Truck looks great man. What did you drop the front with?
  8. We have yearly emissions tests where I live in Louisiana. Anyone know if this intake will affect the emissions? I know I read it’s not CARB compliant.
  9. You have to drop the inner tailgate (the small part) and remove the black plastic squares to remove the handle. It’s bolted from the inside. I did mine myself. Took maybe 10 minutes to remove and install the handle.
  10. I found a picture of the front fender on eBay. It’s all just little push in clips that hold the flares on. No double sided tape. There’s like 15 to 20 clips in each flare. I pulled from the bottom and once one came loose the rest pulled out fairly easily. It’s hard to explain but once you start pulling some of the clips will pull away from the flares and stay in the fender. I used a plastic trim tool to pop them out. They are a tight fit so when I pulled mine off it bent the metal on the fender around the holes the clips go in a little. Nothing too bad. I just tapped them back flat with a dead blow hammer.
  11. You’re probably not pressing them in the same order, maybe hitting one button slightly before the other one I’m guessing. On my truck, if I drop the small gate first the big part of the gate will not drop. I’m guessing that’s a feature to try to stop the gate from hitting something below it. So if I accidentally hit the button on the small gate first I have to close it and then open the larger part first. If yours is like mine, maybe you are hitting the button for the big gate slightly before the small one when it works and when it doesn’t you are hitting the small gate first?
  12. In 2012 I bought a brand new Denali with the 6.2. A buddy of mine had a 2010 Sierra with about 30k miles on it when I got it. He had a tune and a cat back exhaust on it. With about 500 miles on the 6.2 we decided to race the trucks. We ran about 10 times, went from a roll and dig multiple times. He was right next to me every race with me barely beating him by a half a truck or less. I was very surprised. Fast forward to about 6 months later I had around 8000 miles on my truck still completely stock, his truck was unchanged too, and we ran them again and I would beat him badly, the 6.2 would walk away from his truck until it would hit the speed limiter. I definitely think the truck “woke” up after a few thousand miles, only way I can explain it. I would not have believed that would happen if I didn’t experience it.
  13. Just got finished installing the painted flares on my truck. For anyone looking to install these, the fronts were a little easier to pull off than the rears. Once you start pulling them the clips pull out of the slots on the flares. Most of them stayed in the fender on the truck so I had to pry those out with a fastener removal tool. Some of the clips did break. When I got all of the clips removed I had to straighten out the holes they go in because if they are not flat the flares will not sit close to the body like the ones you pull off. Figured that out the hard way and actually had to pull the driver rear one back off and flatten the holes because it looked like crap. The metal is soft and is fairly easy to flatten back out. I used a dead blow hammer to tap the metal around the holes back flat. The ones I had more trouble getting flat with just the hammer I used the back of a screw driver and tapped the point with the hammer until the metal was flat.
  14. Anyone have any tips for removing the stock black flares? Looks like they just pull off but they are on there pretty good and I’m worried I’ll damage the metal underneath when I’m pulling on the flares.
  15. I have the factory 20” wheels with Bridgestone tires and it cuts out at 98 mph.
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