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  1. I used the yellow/black and yellow/gray wires for my install. I put the yellow/black wire on the negative post, not 100% positive that’s correct but i had no issues and it sounds good.
  2. I have the same antenna on my 2019 Sierra and I listen a radio station about 50 miles away, I haven’t noticed any loss of reception with it. It’s far enough away that in my old truck when the aftermarket HIDs would come on I would lose some reception and sometimes not pick up the station clearly at all. Haven’t noticed that in this truck. I almost want to say it’s picking up the station better than it did with the stock antenna but that just doesn’t seem like it’s possible to me.
  3. I have about 3000 miles on mine so far. After the first 1000 miles or so I had some hard down shifts into first. It seems to have cleared up now though (fingers crossed). Haven’t had it happen in a while. It’s really smooth now, probably one of the smoothest gm transmissions I’ve had. Always seems to be in the right gear, and I can barely tell it’s shifting up or down unless I’m hard on the throttle. I haven’t had anything done to mine but I bought it at the beginning of July.
  4. Thanks guys. I have the Bose system so sounds like it goes behind the rear seat. Does the rear seat need to be removed to install the plug? I like the idea of the plug better for a “cleaner” install but if it’s easier to just splice into the wires in the kick panel I’ll just do that.
  5. Where exactly does the harness plug in? Is it plugged in behind the rear seat? I’m about to put a sub in my truck and trying to figure out if I want to just splice into the wires or get the harness.
  6. I got the ones on a gm website and the first time I put the driver side window up it went back down on its own. I put it back up slowly and then let the truck sit in the sun for a few hours and haven’t had any trouble since. Here’s a link to the ones I got. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/exterior/2019-sierra-1500-window-vent-visors-crew-cab-channel-dark-smoke/19417480-p-92301893.html
  7. I would like the ability to turn the chimes off completely. I have the Centerpoint system and the chimes are in the amp (or so I've been told) so the chimes play at the same time. Also, the reverse sensors make 2 different sounds on top of each other and not at the same time so it sounds really screwed up. I actually like the fact that the steering wheel controls switch through the XM stations instead of presets.
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