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  1. Any update? My truck is making a real high pitch squeak in the rear now over quick bumps at slow speeds and can also be heard going over speed bumps. Also noticed the squeak goes away after it’s rains but once it’s dry again it’ll come back. I just torqued my ubolts tonight to about 80 ft-lb. No luck on the squeak. Should I try replacing the leaf spring inserts?
  2. They used a glossy wrap instead of satin and it looked better to me since the door trim piece in between the doors is a glossy finish.
  3. Finally got it vinyl wrapped yesterday. The shop didn’t do a terrible job but there’s a couple spots where I can barely see the chrome on edges of trim. You have to look hard though. Ended up getting my window trim wrapped and the fog lights.
  4. Trying to decide if the deleting the door handles, side mirrors, window borders and fog lights is too much. All there would be after that is the wheels, front and rear bumpers and obviously grille. Thoughts?
  5. Yeah I’m leaning that way. Today on my phone I played around with color on a picture of my truck and deleted chrome with a few different iterations. I came up with deleting the door handles, door trim border, side mirrors and around the fog lights. There’s still chrome but it’s not all I see now when I look at the truck. I don’t mind chrome at all but I just want a different look. I’ll attach the pic. One is off what I listed above and the other pic is with the door handles with chrome still which isn’t a bad look either. Let me know what y’all think. Ignore the messy painting on the pics, lol it’s the best I had to work with.
  6. Hey everyone, I’ve got a black 2020 GMC Sierra SLT. I love it, however I’ve been curious as to what it would look like without the chrome going around the doors windows. Has anyone deleted this chrome and would be willing to share pics? I can handle the door handles and side mirrors but the chrome around the windows seems a bit much.
  7. Are the headlights on the sierra better/brighter than the Silverado version?
  8. Has anyone deleted their chrome window trim and door handles on a black GMC Sierra SLT? I’m just curious what it would look like before I do it. It didn’t look terrible to me at first but now it’s all I see when looking at the truck. (Chrome)
  9. Hello everyone, I’ve got a 2020 Sierra SLT in onyx black that I love except for the amount of chrome on it. I’ve been looking at a chrome delete kit for the window trim on Amazon that has really good reviews and is made specifically for the newer body styles. It’s essentially just a wrap that goes over the existing trim and I was going to get a local shop to do it. Has anyone done this yet to their Sierra? Curious on if it will even look good. Please include pics if you have. I’ve attached a picture of the example on Amazon but was wanting other examples. Thanks!
  10. It’s constant and doesn’t matter speed or whether AC is on/off. Has any one found a fix yet? Truck is fantastic regardless.
  11. Noticed wind noise in my 2020 SLT yesterday, haven’t tried any tricks mentioned on here but man is it noticeable. My relative has the same truck except diesel, and his does it too.
  12. Like I said earlier, I can just hear way too much road noise almost to a point I can’t see tires being aligned making that big of a difference….? I could be wrong and hopefully I am.
  13. I’ve had bad tires before and it sounds like they’re not making an aligned contact on the road but when my 115K mile Ford is quieter than my brand new GMC, something is off.
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