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  1. Trying to decide if the deleting the door handles, side mirrors, window borders and fog lights is too much. All there would be after that is the wheels, front and rear bumpers and obviously grille. Thoughts?
  2. Yeah I’m leaning that way. Today on my phone I played around with color on a picture of my truck and deleted chrome with a few different iterations. I came up with deleting the door handles, door trim border, side mirrors and around the fog lights. There’s still chrome but it’s not all I see now when I look at the truck. I don’t mind chrome at all but I just want a different look. I’ll attach the pic. One is off what I listed above and the other pic is with the door handles with chrome still which isn’t a bad look either. Let me know what y’all think. Ignore the messy painting on the pics, lol it’s the best I had to work with.
  3. Hey everyone, I’ve got a black 2020 GMC Sierra SLT. I love it, however I’ve been curious as to what it would look like without the chrome going around the doors windows. Has anyone deleted this chrome and would be willing to share pics? I can handle the door handles and side mirrors but the chrome around the windows seems a bit much.
  4. Are the headlights on the sierra better/brighter than the Silverado version?
  5. Has anyone deleted their chrome window trim and door handles on a black GMC Sierra SLT? I’m just curious what it would look like before I do it. It didn’t look terrible to me at first but now it’s all I see when looking at the truck. (Chrome)
  6. Hello everyone, I’ve got a 2020 Sierra SLT in onyx black that I love except for the amount of chrome on it. I’ve been looking at a chrome delete kit for the window trim on Amazon that has really good reviews and is made specifically for the newer body styles. It’s essentially just a wrap that goes over the existing trim and I was going to get a local shop to do it. Has anyone done this yet to their Sierra? Curious on if it will even look good. Please include pics if you have. I’ve attached a picture of the example on Amazon but was wanting other examples. Thanks!
  7. It’s constant and doesn’t matter speed or whether AC is on/off. Has any one found a fix yet? Truck is fantastic regardless.
  8. Noticed wind noise in my 2020 SLT yesterday, haven’t tried any tricks mentioned on here but man is it noticeable. My relative has the same truck except diesel, and his does it too.
  9. Like I said earlier, I can just hear way too much road noise almost to a point I can’t see tires being aligned making that big of a difference….? I could be wrong and hopefully I am.
  10. I’ve had bad tires before and it sounds like they’re not making an aligned contact on the road but when my 115K mile Ford is quieter than my brand new GMC, something is off.
  11. I hear the same whirling sound going over gravel too and I didn’t hear it that well when I test drive a brand new one off the lot after the level. I know the brand new one had 15 miles on the tires whereas mine have 14K miles on them. Same tires but mine aren’t aligned either. Could that cause that much noise reverberating in the suspension? It feels like it’s absorbing too much sound from what the tires are riding on, gravel, semi rough roads. Perfectly paved and the sound is very minimal and what I consider “Normal”. Just wasn’t sure an alignment could play that much of an impact.
  12. Thanks for the response. Yeah that makes sense. You think an alignment will help with the sound issue at least? I’m going to have the tire shop check everything while they’re down there and that nothing was damaged in the install of the leveling kit.
  13. The tires are OEM with 14K miles on them. I just purchased the truck used so I’m unsure about the rotation schedule or if they’ve been balanced yet. Hoping an alignment cuts down the road (tire) noise a little more. Just seems way more noticeable than before the level, every little rough patch in road can be easily heard.
  14. I called the shop and talked to them about it. They suggested getting an alignment which I’m getting on Monday.
  15. It’s not a squeal, like I said in OP, on a perfectly smooth road, the noise goes away, but as soon as the road gets grittier, the road noise becomes very noticeable, more so than I noticed before leveling the truck. I drove my fathers diesel 2020 half ton gmc and his has the 2 inch lift and it was very solid and not as noticeable road noise.
  16. It has not been aligned yet. For comparison, I drove the same truck except it had the 2 inch lift (not level) and it was night and day difference. The steering felt heavier along with the front of the truck. That’s why I was thinking the weight has shifted towards the rear. The whirling noise could have been there before the level and since it’s a new truck I’m just not used to the road noise it normally makes. Getting an alignment on Monday, along with tires balanced/rotated. Hoping it will correct the issue. I can live with it but I’m considering lifting rear now to force more weight back on steering.
  17. I had a shop put a 2” RC leveling kit on my 2020 Sierra and ever since then the road noise is has been very bad. It’s like all I hear when driving it now. Just a whirling sound all the time that goes up and down in frequency. Never noticed it as much without the level. On gravel roads, the suspension is not deadening any of the sound from the road, just a constant whirling. However, on a perfectly smooth road, it’s as smooth as ice and I can’t hear anything hardly but once I get on a smooth but grittier road the same whirling sound comes back. I was wondering since there’s not as much weight on the front now if that’s why I’m getting so much road noise now. I haven’t gotten an alignment yet either but seriously think that wouldn’t help as much as I’d hope. Any ideas?
  18. Bought a Sierra a few days ago and noticed a knock when barely moving and turning the steering wheel. Intermittent sound, and not every time. Curious what y’all thought.
  19. I just bought a 2020 Sierra SLT X31 package and I’m wanting to put a leveling kit on it. I’m wondering if I need to go with the 2 or 2.5 inch level. I want it to be perfectly level. I know things settle once they’ve been installed so whatever leaves me with a leveled look is what I want. TIA
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