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  1. Yes, but I would not recommend doing so. GM sells it by itself (part # 84176756) but the clips that attach it are really not meant to be re-used. About 1/3 of mine would not completely snap back into place. If I remember correctly, there were also 2 small screws or bolts that secured it though. In the end it worked, but if you look really close in a couple spots you can see a very small gap near the edge between "chrome" piece and the one it attaches to.
  2. I am getting creaking and whining noises when turning at low speeds. I started the below thread on it a while back. I haven't had it into the dealer yet, I'll probably do so next month. If you get your truck in before then and they manage to fix it, please let me know what the fix was.
  3. Anyone had their truck into the dealer for this yet? I thought mine had mainly gone away, but a few hot days and its back as bad as it was originally. The worst I get it is pulling out of my warm garage in the morning into cooler air and driving over the slightly different grades between my driveway and street.
  4. I'm getting fewer pops as time goes on. I just hit 1,000 miles.
  5. It doesn't really bother me either. I am just going to bring it up with the dealer, along with a handful of other issues the first time the truck needs to go in.
  6. Thanks for listening to it. Anyone else getting the noise I am in the video?
  7. I was hoping that we all had the same noise and that it was "normal" for these trucks somehow. Not that we are getting several noises and steering columns are being replaced!
  8. Here is a video of mine, you will probably need to turn the volume up high. Is this the same noise any of you guys have? IMG_2356.MOV
  9. Maybe the same noise, but different causes. Cold water on hot metal might be having the same effect as my driving over un-level surfaces at low speeds first thing in the morning. As long as it doesn't get worse I'm not going to worry about it. I know the dealer would just give me "could not recreate" or "normal operating characteristics" of the vehicle.
  10. Hoping my goes away too then, I only have about 700 miles on it so far.
  11. Ya, I try not to go into the dealer at all unless necessary.
  12. Did you figure out if it is doing it all the time and you just never noticed it or did it stop?
  13. If they say it's "normal" ask to drive another. Let me know what you find out.
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