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  1. I have a 2020 silverado with the 3.0 duramax that I purchased Nov 2019 and I bought the module to override the auto start/stop. I've had the check engine light come on 3 times since I bought. The las two were due to a sensor. My question is, could this be related to the module not letting the engine perform a regen? I ask because some guy on YouTube said his truck didn't turn off when he was stopped at the light so he knew it was doing a regen.
  2. 2020 Silverado with the 3.0 duramax. #1 key fob in my pocket, turned it on and for some reason the radio display showed key fob #2 was used to open the truck, then 2 seconds later it switched to my personal profile. It's been doing that every time I get in and turn it on. Anyone else going through this?
  3. I've got a 2020 silverado with the 3.0L duramax engine, bought it back in November and recently had a 4" lift installed. Lately I've been hearing this "thump", like an acorn falling on the roof. It does when it's been out in the sun for a while. Anyone else having this problem or know what it could be?
  4. So I recently bought rough country's tow hook to D-ring conversion kit. I have the 3.0 duramax engine and I couldn't remove the driver side tow hook because of the intercooler. Anybody have an idea on how to remove it? I think I might have to remove the entire front bumper. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. 32's. Checked the other day.
  6. So I'm getting a leveling kit installed on my truck soon and thinking about running 33x12.55R20. Anyone running 33's and how does your shift points feel? Also is anyone making an exhaust for the 3.0 duramax or a tuner? Any information will help.
  7. I'll have to get in my truck when I get home this evening.
  8. Hmm, I haven't read anything like that. I don't drive my truck everyday, I have a company vehicle, so if there is an update, I wouldn't know.
  9. These new trucks are very sensitive when it comes to its electronics. The other day I was messing around with my truck, turned it on then shut it off to see if the factory lights had fixed the issue, turned it back on and the back up turned on after I shut the door.
  10. All I did to mine was replace the factory incandescent bulbs with led's. Didn't think much of it since my 2017 had no issues with them in.
  11. I'll call my salesman tomorrow and maybe take it in to get looked at.
  12. I put the factory lights back in but the radio still stays on for 30 seconds after I close the door. I even disconnected the battery for 30 seconds and it's still doing it.
  13. Could it be because it's a newer truck with a diesel engine and different wiring?
  14. My radio just dims and stays on. it does turn off though.
  15. So recently traded in my 2017 Silverado for a 2020 with 3.0L duramax engine. I swapped out the reverse and license plate lights for LEDs. Manual says not to because it will cause problems. I don't know how true this is but I have noticed that after I turn the truck off and open my door, the radio dims and stays on. I know all my other trucks the radio would shut off after the door was opened. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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